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Hi, I am being encouraged by my family and doctor to get this vaccine:





Everything I have read trying to get me to take this vaccine is scaremongering. It all focuses on the severe illness that I could possibly come down with.

A while ago I watched a Teal Swan video which was incredibly against vaccinations.

As a result I am unsure whether or not to get this vaccine.

I am a fit individual with a healthy diet and no immunity problems. Hence, I would prefer to trust my immune system and not get the vaccine, which I fear could have unnecessary side-effects as many vaccines do.


I am not asking for certified medical advice. Just if anyone could give any opinions, perspectives and/or personal experience on the matter of vaccinations, I would appreciate it. It could help me to decide on whether or not to get the vaccine.


Peace :D

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@texter  I wouldn't! I highly encourage you (and everyone else who reads this) to read up on the dangers of vaccines instead of blindly listening to doctors and/or pharma industry without informing yourself properly. Asking your doc about side effects won't give you the whole information because they either like to conceal it or they don't even know themselves. Know both sides of the coin and then you'll be able to take a well informed decision prior to a vaccination because you can delay or deny one but once you've been injected you can't go back on that decision anymore.

Here is some general information (there's A LOT more out there but this is what I found with a quick search)




I'm be curious to know which decision you'll take in the end.

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Hi @Annie

I decided to get the vaccine.

I spent hours and hours mulling over this decision. I had a strong intuition against getting the vaccine. I definitely would not have got it had my mum not been pressuring me to get the vaccine.

During my reserach, I read a lot about the vaccine, researched its ingredients, and read all of those links you sent.

I could not find any (published) ingredients for the MenACWY vaccine which were in any way harmful. In the UK, very few vaccines contain metals such as aluminium and mercury. The only (published) ingredients for MenACWY are the polysaccharide outer shell of the 4 strains of meningitis, trometamol (a buffer) sodium chloride and 'water for injection'. These ingredients appear to be much more benign than those found in some childhood vaccines that have been given in the US.

From reading your links, I found that the UK and EU have progressively moved away from heavy metals in their vaccines.

I have decided that every time I am asked to get a vaccine in the future (e.g. travelling abroad, flu outbreaks), I will reserach the ingredients and will not consent to any injections containing heavy metals.

As far as I can see, if I am at risk to deadly illnesses, and the vaccine contains no obviously harmful ingredients, then what's to lose by getting the vaccine?

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@texter It's a new vaccine. Have there been independent controlled double blind studies made to ensure the safety? Never forget that doctors and the pharma industry make enormous amounts of money with this and like any business all they think about is profit. The HPV-vaccine was also considered "harmless" and hyped after it came out and hundreds of girls fell ill, some of them even died.
Well, at least you looked at both sides. However, before you truly go for it I strongly encourage you to let your doctor give you the package insert to read (and read it well, you now have more information after reading the links and other pages). I am extremely skeptical of vaccines and to me the risks outweigh the benefits.

Watch this:


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Some are evil and some genuinely want to help you but the problem is they are taught by a backwards system so most of the time they think they are helping you when they are making things worse and they aren't aware of it nor can easily understand because of how they were taught to think and believe their whole lives. I would stick to nature and natural antibiotics if you are worried about anything,


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