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I have seen many examples of people now that are following this pattern. Heres how it goes:: Someone is confused about his life and things are not going the way he intends. So he starts doing personal development, reading self help books and watching videos like Leo's. Soon he is well informed on topics like these and start giving life advices to his friends & peers. This gains him some sort of appreciation which he enjoys. Now since he lacked any form of purpose previously and was not good at much, he plans to do something with the knowledge he has gained in the self help field. Perhaps become a self help coach or a consciousness teacher. His intention is backed by a belief that enlightenment is the most important thing and any career that doesn't revolve around it or neglect it in some way is not good for him. 

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@Electron I don't share your perception on this. It's relative. Being a life coach feels good if it's relative to more time not getting going on anything. 



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