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I always loved all art forms(music, movies, books etc.) but since I started meditating I started to have one question in my mind-"Is art really needed for us?"

I started to have doubts about it, for instance, when I watch a movie I think that the whole production of this movie costed many hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars.. and then I think that this money could be donated to help some poor societies in need. Also, when I read a book I start to think about trees that were cut down in order to make this book happen. I never had these types of thoughts but since I do more and more meditation I start to think about these things. I start to become independent of many things, such as art(which I always loved).

I don't know.. what do you think about it? 

PS. I still like listening to music and watching a movies, but I just have these doubts and I don't know what to do with them ;)

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Art is the expression of an idea, like talking. Talking is an art form since you are expressing an idea. I personally see communication as a valuable aspect of being a human being, and the variety of art forms just makes the connection between each other much more powerful. 

Instead of saying your sad, make someone empathize with your sadness by making them sad with a depressing song. It's more effective, because the message is coated with the melody, which provokes an emotion, it's entertaining. 

The problem with most art i see is that artists are focusing too much on the entertainment part and completely ignoring the fact that what they are doing is expressing an idea, not just provoking the release of chemicals in the consumer's brain purely for the sake of entertainment like it's cocaine. 

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