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Are You An 'energetically Sensitive Soul' Trying To Follow The Path Intended For A 'narcissistic Ego'?

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There are 2 quite distinct ego structures according to Matt Kahn - the "superior" and "inferior" ego or as he explains them in other terms - the "narcissistic" ego and the "energetically sensitive soul". The descriptions are fairly self-explanatory, but the crucial part here is that most sensitive souls or inferior egos are trying to follow an old path aimed at superior egos, and wondering why they feel increasingly stuck and insecure. Actually the whole video blew my mind and it's filled with gems, wisdom and love of course, so I won't go into too many details. It was certainly eye-opening for me and an important reminded that I should recalibrate my goals and methods. Doing "the right things" at the wrong stage is not just futile, it can harm you.

Highly recommend listening at least to the first 5-10 minutes if you don't have an hour for the whole thing


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