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In this journal I'd like to introduce myself, speak about myself, and share my experience.


First Realization: 
There is an utter lack of suffering. Suffering is erased. Permanently.
Why do I claim that? The core of suffering has been seen through. It is the belief in a self that can suffer. With this seeing through, suffering cannot occur.
Why am I saying it is permanent? The wisdom has been gained. Suffering has always been a certain "pathway" in the mind based on going in circles around the thought 'I'. Since it has been recognized that such thought is completely relative and fundamentally empty, there is no suffering.

Second Realization:

I Am God. In other words, I Am Self. In other words still, I Am Consciousness.
This has been growing by giving myself to selfless action. The belief 'I am the body' is based on the habit of the body moving in self-serving ways. Once we start breaking that, we continuously give our actions over to Something Greater, the Realization dawns that We Are that Something Greater.
From here, life is lived in service to the Whole, so much so, that we cannot tell the difference between ourselves and the Whole.

Third Realization:

Unity with the Power of Creation. The Realization that Nature herself, as that which moves the body, speech, thoughts — everything, cannot be separated from me. That we are forever together, non-separate, One.


The way I wrote it can sound very relativistic. Like these are distinct realizations. Not really. I write them down like this as, in my experience, people go through these realizations separately, one by one, or (mostly) not all at once.

Some go through just one of them, few through two, very few through all three. Most through none, of course.

Living "all three of them", or actually we might not even divide it anymore at this point... Living THIS is Living, Knowing, and Realizing Reality.



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Loving the ego to death? How? Where is the button?

You must love yourself just how a man loves a woman—with Passion.

That's how the love reaches the Depths of You. Love that is Intimacy. That Is The Way.

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Practicing Dream Yoga is valuable.

Here is how it goes:

First the physical body is put to sleep.

With the physical body asleep consciousness naturally moves into the subtle plane. This is just "above" the physical plane, or "layered on top of it". Here we find that activity is also going on, and we can either consciously engage here in some subtle activity. Or we can put the subtle body to sleep as well and continue onwards.

After the subtle plane consciousness naturally moves into the higher-mental plane. The higher-mental plane is, again, "above" the subtle plane or as if "layered on top of it". Like in the physical and subtle planes, we discover activity is going on here too. We can consciously engage in higher-mental activity here, or put the higher-mental body to sleep.

As all these three bodies, which seem to be a natural manifestation of the human being, are asleep, a kind of alignment is created due to the lack of activity—a pathway. This is the Pathway into the Clear Light.

The Clear Light is where we also go after death, thus learning how to remain conscious on the way to It while we are alive Prepares us for the moment of Death and Teaches us how to remain Conscious during it.

That is the Value of Dream Yoga!

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