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  1. @Princess Arabia For me it felt like a miracle. I wasn't even meditating just out in nature in a beautiful place. I have been on the journey to enlightenment for a long time but the moment I discovered it felt like divine intervention. I think Leo is correct by saying in one of his videos that it basically comes by fluke luck. When I was going home afterwards I realized that if I had not put in all that work it would not feel so worth it. So I think by meditating and doing contemplation you increase the chances for it to happen but when it dose happen its spontaneous. @Breakingthewall Something came up to me after reading what you said. To taste the Infinite there are two ways: One as Leo describes is the upward movement of consciousness. Being more and more Infinite. The other Is towards pure emptiness. The downward movement. The insight is that the upward has no end , you become more infinite but never reach true infinity since you cant count to infinity. The downward (That is practiced in Zen) has an end and through it you can know the infinite. Since infinity is equal to zero. For me its experientially verified, when I focus on reality being empty or focus on it being infinite I get to the same experience. To your post now. I recently awoke to what other is after struggling a lot with solipsism. But I say other only in a sense that It has its own bubble of experience. The Self that I am is exactly the same Self that you are. So in that sense there is no other. In order for you to have your bubble of experience and me to have my own they have to be separate. The Self experiences all possible bubbles at once. But it doesn't mean that one bubble has access to another bubble. If something is unclear you can ask and ill try to be more precise. The awakening to other is very new to me.
  2. 0 = ∞ This is the equation physicists look for that describes all of reality. When two polar opposites are identical there is oneness. Why is this equation correct? Because you cannot count to infinity. By the same token you cannot have more and more forms to reach infinity. So infinity has no form. It is not just a large number. Its not a number at all. Zero as well has no form. And its actually not a number. You cant count with zero. A good analogy to this identity is : Being nowhere is like being everywhere. The sin that got us out of heaven is eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and bad. I see it as the beginning of polarity. Heaven is not a place you go. Its seeing the world without polarity. I'm saying this from first hand experience. I'm in heaven most of the day. The most significant polarity we have is: Me versus The world. When this two merge and there is no experiencer-experienced there is just luminous bliss. This dose not contradict enlightenment since your true self has no polar opposite. This is all ill say about the true self since describing it with words is like counting to infinity. I'm not joking when I say its the equation that physicists look for. The only way something can manifest in reality is by pair of opposites which come into existence and after some time merge together again. That's the way something can come out of nowhere. It is even confirmed by physics. They say all the empty space is full of pairs of opposites which come into existence for a short time and merge again. That's how it was discovered that black holes emit radiation. And that with the big band an equal amount of matter and anti-matter was created. So you can both say reality is infinite or that it is completely empty. Again its something I've experienced yesterday actually by contemplating this equation. So I highly recommend that you contemplate on this equation. As it was gave me amazing experiential results.
  3. Its like saying you are dead when your character in a video game dies. What died is your vehicle. The true self can never die. Awakening is akin to realizing you are the player and not the video game character. You are both the producer of the show and the one who is playing the part.
  4. @PenguinPablo You know who you are. With absolute certainty. That's how I define it. Its strange that that is also the place where you began your journey from. Thinking that you know who you are. When the possibility enters your mind that you don't really know, that's when you begin.
  5. I began reading Buddhist quotes. It was a time when I was a rock climber that was my thing. Competing in international competitions and living the sport. Then I realized the essence of rock climbing. You go out there to fight with yourself. So I thought ultimately the Buddha did the same thing. Minus the rock. That's when enlightenment became my goal. One day I went to the water spring near by with my guitar and when I lay down by the water I suddenly got the feeling that something very big is about to be revealed. There was a countdown feeling. And then it hit me. It was not even a split second. It was instant. To be honest then I thought it was god. It took me many more awakenings to see it as myself. I'm still struggling with solipsism badly. Because it feels so total. Like there is nothing outside it. Now I need to awaken to what other is. Thank you for reading.
  6. The deeper I connect with reality the more bliss I find. I don't find the infinite love that Leo talks about though. If you had to pick one, what will it be? Bliss or Love?
  7. @Princess Arabia Yea better if I didn't try to describe it
  8. @Princess Arabia You opened my mind to a new possibility. I would have to meditate on it. Its weird Mooji said that so many times but hearing it from you got me interested. Do you know yourself to be that awareness?
  9. @Princess Arabia Why would there have to be a world and an awareness of it? In my experience there is only the world. No one who is aware of it. I really tried hard to resonate with what you say and look for this awareness. I could get a taste of it only when using the mind. I was stuck for a long time thinking I've realized what I am. It could not be described in words, the best thing to say about it is that it's the closest thing to you there is. But after some examination I came to a realization that it too was a product of the mind. Right now I experience the world as one happening which I chose to call being. I could have called it "Myself" as well but that would imply a kind of baggage that I didn't want to carry on to reality. Anyway you don't have to agree, it seems you have it all figured out and if that makes you happy be happy Mooji has a similar view but I'm sure you know him.
  10. When you are faced with death the fear and anxiety are natural responses of the body. Its what you do after that matters. If you accept death fully the responses will subside and you might feel unimaginably free. I know a story about a kamikaze pilot who survived his mission and reported that the moments just before the crush were the most free and beautiful in his life. When he knew he was about to die and there is nothing he can do about it. He accepted it fully and was free. That which is afraid of death is not just the ego its a built in instinct. I think that even an enlightened master if experiencing a plane crush will have this responses at first. It's natural.
  11. @Breakingthewall Some of the times I was more open than the others. What I cant deny also is the immense beauty of this experience. I completely agree with everything you have said. Exactly. I feel the same way. I just want to read story books now like lord of the rings and lost all interest in spiritual teachings and gurus. I'm more focused on being rather than knowing. I really wanted to teach , but now all gurus seam silly to me. Maybe its just me but it feels like there is nothing to teach or talk about. Its not like in other areas where you become an expert and now you have a body of knowledge to teach. I have no clue how people write books about it.
  12. @Breakingthewall Amazing I was saying "Its the best trip I've ever done" so many times during that one. It acted strongly on my emotions as well at the beginning I cried from a track it was as if I felt the acid. Usually it only works on my mind. But my flashbacks are waaay stronger. Really I cant imagine tripping harder then my flashbacks and if there is such possibility honestly I really don't want to experience it. If a regular person would have got one of my flashbacks he would have sat in an insane asylum for the rest of his life. Its like going mad X1000. And it can happen any time. I hear voices repeating: "There is only one thing in reality, you are god, there is only you, there is nothing to worry about forever" And I feel I'm on the brink of dying. You would think that I just got it and was like "Ok now I'm god the only being in the universe". But no. When I come down of it everything is back to be exactly how it was before. That's why in my opinion psychedelics can give you only a preview of enlightenment and not make it your natural state when you are sober.
  13. I have had many times where I was sure I got it. My ego was no longer active and my experience was full of bliss. Then I got distracted by worldly pursuits , and after a while... I was back to how I operated before. The enlightenment had passed and my ego was back. Enlightenment is not a permanent attainment but rather a state of being. I use the words "state of being" here because I find no other words to describe it. The point being that it must be maintained. The ego is like a habit. To completely stop this habit requires time and great care. And it can come back. So don't stop at enlightenment. Enlightenment is a way of being. Being free of the self. Being free of the mind. "A house which is only windows, is actually no house"
  14. I can offer what worked best for me. Although I did it after a substantial amount of self-inquiry and classic meditation. Just sit. No pose. No aim. Mind goes wild its fine. You want to switch pose, also fine. The point is just to be alone with yourself. When I did it this way I could sit for a whole day.
  15. I literally wrote a whole post on my experience with psychedelics and deleted it knowing on whos web site I write it. I was hospitalized in mental institutions 6 times after severe psychosis. My first one was at age 19 when I first took LSD. Psychedelics are a Russian roulette and you can severely damage the chemistry of your brain. I'm still taking pills. I think its irresponsible advising doing the same thing that got you to this position again. Or prescribing what pills you should take. Fuck it ill tell it even if I get removed from this forum: Psychedelics are not a magic pill to enlightenment. They definitely show you something, and have a promise to show you more if you do more of them. When I took DMT I was asked : "what do you want to experience?" I answered : "Beautiful views" Then the answer was: " You need to do more for that to happen ". Then I realized, if I take more and get my wish granted I will become addicted to that experience. I've been Irresponsible and have taken LSD around 20 more times some of them where 1000+ doses. I've had some of the most amazing experiences with them. But now I have flashbacks constantly which are so intense it cannot be put to words. I can only lie down on my bed and stare at the sealing when they happen , and when they catch me off guard when I'm not home Its a nightmare. I literally cover myself with a blanket like a baby afterwards. I used to be a professional rock climber before my first psychosis. Now I'm sitting at home smoking cigarettes. Psychedelics might have opened my mind but they have also cost me my life. I see classmates getting married and I'm just recovering from Psychotic episodes only to find myself back in a mental institutions. I don't know if you have a mental illness but you should seek professional help. Fortunately there are people who have dedicated their lives to helping someone in this situation. One guy eats peanut butter and its tasty the other one has a severe allergic reaction. I've met many guys who got fucked up by chemicals in my hospitalizations. My friends are ok though. Still doing shit loads of drugs and seem not to get phased. Short cuts are never smart when it comes to spirituality. There is a reach tradition of Buddhism and zen that studied enlightenment for ages. I sincerely hope you get out of it and feel better. Welcome to message me if you feel like.
  16. God is when you are desperately looking for an identity after you have lost your ego. Its normal. When the mind is quiet , I have no identification. Everything is divine. Nothing exists only as a word. If you could describe it it was something. What remains when you stop describing it exists in uncaused ecstasy. Its the biggest trap, needing to have someone that experiences this moment. There is no need to explain where this moment came from. Endless explanations are possible. Philosophy will never be your savior. Saying its a dream only makes sense if there is a waking reality. The only thing that stands between you and heaven is yourself. This words do not belong to anyone. I am tiered of wearing masks.
  17. I'll start by saying that I did have a god awakening and believed that I am god for some time.( not using dmt ) After that I've regressed back into ego playing world of warcraft. Now I'm in an interesting place. I started by coming to a place of pure not knowing motivated by Peter Ralston's book. I enjoyed seeing what is there when the mind is not active. And to my big surprise it wasn't nothing. For me the first word that popped was "being". Since it felt vividly alive. Blissful even. But there was no one there. Not me nor god. What is is to free for this kinds of categorizations. I could still get to the place where I know who I am as god, but only when activating the mind. So who are you when the mind is not active? I wont answer this question. My god is Life. There is this energy in everything, its alive and just for the sake of being alive. The point of existence is to exist. It's not moving anywhere. It's destination is here and now. I have no access to 5-meo yet I still don't see why would you call that which exists god. It's a heavy word which implies a sentient entity. And to me Reality doesn't appear as a sentient entity. I think psychedelics can be a great tool if used properly I used some myself , but if god is shown only on dmt and not present in the sober state I could not believe in such a god. Good luck on your journey! Live.
  18. There is a long tradition of master- student in pursuing enlightenment. It is like with a sportsman who ends his career and becomes a trainer in his field. But in zen they have you prove your dedication and will before letting you study. You cant just go teaching whoever after you attain what you have pursued. Most of society is not interested in this path. If you want to awaken others they must be ready. But its not all about awakening others. You can do good in the world and spread consciousness in your daily life. A few good words said in the right moment can change a beings life. An action done with a pure heart can cascade through the entire universe.
  19. @LfcCharlie4 Very beautiful words, I feel that nothing needs to change after awakening. You can live a simple life and look as an ordinary man from outside. But your inner world is changed forever.
  20. @B222 For most people reality is mental because they are stuck in their minds. They are in a perpetual state of non stop thinking. As I see it mentality is just another sense we have thorough which we can experience reality. No more important than sight or touch.
  21. You are describing a duality. Duality only comes when you use your mind. Mooji fell into the same trap. We are so used to experiencing life as perceiver - perceived that our tendency is to apply it to the ultimate as well. That which remains when the mind is not active simply exists. No need for anything to be aware of it. No need for anyone to perceive it. You can use whatever word you like to describe reality as long as it is one word: Being, Love, God, Beauty... Whatever speaks to you more. When you start thinking about reality it is mere philosophy and everyone can have his own. Its your opinion and I honor it. Yet ultimately ( as much as we want it to be different ) there is no "why we are here". Everyone can choose his own life purpose I can see that. But the point of existence is existence for existence sake.
  22. I think its a good idea. In Buddhism there is much importance to the sangha. Sadhguru can pull it off. Much luck to him. I personally was alone for most of my path, and I think being surrounded by likeminded people could have helped.
  23. @Bobby_2021 I had kind of the same idea but didn't formulate it as well as you did. My take was more on science. I thought maybe there could be a science of events other than objects. Like linking you going to a friend to you eating pizza next morning. I tried a very cool exercise that helped me understand thinking: Try to think without the use of words or imagination. Really nice thread.