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  1. Suicide is some kind of waste cleaner mechanism. Your DNA assumes the fitness of the whole will increase if you disappear. It assumes you increase entropy too much (individuals like you are a threat to the survival of the system of life) . But of course it is not well adapted to modern life and uses low level indicators.
  2. You are swimming in half-truths. Either you drop every relative concept or you keep them all, but don't mix things up. Yes free will doesn't exist in the Absolute paradigm, but neither are "script" and "depressing" for example. These terms only make sense in the relative paradigm. They are loaded with implicit relative meaning. So you can't use them to understand no free will.
  3. Hey Leo, It would be great to have your take on the subject of non-duality in current cognitive science. The most representative position of that being "enactivism". If you don't know what it is, you can read this short paper : It's written by Francisco Varela (that guy had great insights, if your are not familiar with his work, I'm sure you'll appreciate it a lot). You can also read the book "The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience" to learn more about his stance. I myself am a young cognitive scientist living in France (still a thesis student though) and from what I got from you, here's another reading that might prove to be a compelling read for you : It's actually a personal text from mine. It's not really enaction, but it has basically the same non-duality vibe. What is interesting about this is that I "derived" this non-duality view on my "own" (~ from the influences and inquiries I had). So it's articulated a bit differently than the "standard" non-duality ideas cause I was not directly exposed to them at that point. And when I eventually got exposed to them, it was somewhat "natural" to make sense of them (even though the nuances are not really the same). Cheers