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  1. I am buffled by my own existance lately ,this question keep pop in my mind,like seriously what is really going on here? Why is there existance? And out of suddent , holy shit , i get a sense of understanding , i must exist because i am the result of infinity, this thing that is happening right now infront of me is the result of infinity.
  2. What do you mean when you say "stay in awareness"
  3. The observer does not exist you cant pin point a observer because the observer it's only a mental construct idea.
  4. Meditate while driving actually feels trippy and spiritual ,i felt like i did not going anywhere,i am here and now this screen,and the pixel arising and passing, almost felt like the entire experience of consciousness floating at middle of nowhere.
  5. When come full circle ,non dual include all duality, just like leo said in recent episode,all speaking are dualisic.
  6. You are awareness, when you are looking at the wall (which is awareness) you already aware of awareness , you just don't realize yet. The wall are not saperate from awareness, it is awareness. So when you look at the wall, yes you are aware of the wall and simutanously you are aware of awareness. Based on direct experience There is an appearance(screen/awareness),and everything that appear in the screen are you ,for example like the wall, the wall are you.
  7. I really hate the concept of "you are this you are not that " Clearly there is one experience of seemless totality that we call it the self/consciousness , everything appear in the consciousness are self , my body are me, my tv are me, my phone are me, literally everything is me. Emotion happening in me and i am aware of emotion are actually me.
  8. My advice to you is listen "om mani padme hum" to neutralize the energy , it work very well on me.
  9. i have done ket more than 600 time , after i've experience approaximately 400+ i got a full blown kundalini effect, so what it does is to suck me into a mystical realm what i call it the "kundalini k hole" and i am fully consciousness observing everything about it, my third eye and crown chakra pulsing sensation like some object struck inside And then i started to feel chi energy depart from my body spinning around me,there are some interesting part of kundalini k hole, i have seen humanoid doing things like some agenda going on and then my visual field are like astral projection i cant really control where do i fly , something controling the movement, it know how to turn left and right and going inside tunnel and then found a machine like object then the "screen" zoom towards the object and do something on it, immediately my heart chakra blast off i got some weird bliss spiritual sensation every since that day..yeah thats my ketamine story ,one in a while i still do trip on ket to check out whats going on inside
  10. you are you, everything else is just experience <-- so you are trying to say there's a duality between me and my experience? isn't that the non dual truth pointing to me and experience are actually "One" therefor i am the experience itself.
  11. based on my direct experience there is only an appearance, simply this experience, i existed as this experience,the self is the existance itself,everything happening right now is EVERYTHING,the experience keep changing but "i" existed as the experience itself are aware of the experience changing. question: are you the laptop that locates in front of your body
  12. Not sure is it only me, my chakras became sensitive just by listening into solfeggio frequency
  13. Eversince I watch Leo video about "distinguish actuality and concept" , and "what is perception" kinda recontextualized my whole reality I felt like my entire life became this floating bubble of consciousness the colour was painted inside, the pixel constantly changing. I ground myself in actuality, anchor my awareness in the presence moment, strip away all the labels and believe ,observe the reality as it is, I stop asking myself what is reality/what am I, because I realize whatever answers came out it's just another thoughts & concept which equally untrue,compare thoughts and my hand and notice that my hand seems so damn real and that is truest thing ever. I used to feel uncomfortable when someone mock me and trying to make fun of me ,after practicing grounding in actuality i am able to "block concept" so whatever they try to say to hurt my ego feeling it became meaningless,to me its just a sound lolol,and also the moment when they stop talking it became a past memory and i don't cling on that concept,because in actuality "the moment they mocking me" already dissapear,it does not exists, so in actuality there is no problem, why would I want to feel bad about things that does not exist. And I realized most of the time in actuality there is no problem ,it's just the thoughts keep popping out and create a illusion of problem and constantly worry about shit ,nowadays whenever I feel my negative emotion spike up, I keep remind myself all problem it's just a concept and it's not real, in actuality there is no problem, just look at what's happening right now and notice the visual are here, the sound are here everything is perfectly normal so where is the problem? Unless there's a guy holding gun pointing at you, that I would consider as a deep problem.
  14. Thoughts is a mind fuckery thing, its like a wave of ocean rising spontanously, even the thoughts like "i am not the body" or "i am pure awareness" isnt thats just another thoughts arising in consciousness?
  15. This buddism mantra work so well on me And this really gave me chill
  16. How do u feel about kundalini? Can u describe your experience?
  17. just by reading all the comment, i felt my heart chakra activated
  18. i got to admit most of the time everything seems automatic,who is controlling the body,i don't know,but sometime i got to make an important decision to ensure life goes on, is decision making really an illusion? So the decision making appear to be real but in reality no one is making the decision? man..this is so difficult to grasp Ok lets be solid here, i am moving my hand right now, in actuality the hand is moving, so are u trying to say in reality its just the hand moving on its own but no one controling ?
  19. If there is no person making choice, how did the body move on its own? If there is no one in control, the body might just lost the ability to do things
  20. Sounds like a kundalini awakening, few month back i experience 7 chakra full blown kundalini awakening, and ever since that dat i got that head moving too, it's because it follow the movement of prana and syncronized. If u wish to know more about kundalini kindly dm me, we will discuss about it.
  21. My head move too,i been having this for quite awhile, even in non meditative state, as long as i allow it and it move, its because kundalini energy arise to your head and it syncronize with the flow of the prana, so the head probably moving left and right just like how the prana flowing.
  22. So i asked myself what's really going on here,what is reality? Reality seems to become weird and mind blowning, i realize there's a fiction going on and i am playing this character I look at my hand, what are this thing? the word "hand" it's just a word,why it is here? then i heard my ego say i am being born, as long as i can remember i was being born it's just an idea that someone told me and i belief it without doubt,what's really going on is just an appearance came into existance. Ok..hmm right now there's a appearance,i can't tell what is this,everything i used to know is just a concept,so ever since the appearance came into existance, it did not go anywhere, its just colour morphing and changing,when this particular weird shape object (i used to call it the body) goes to sleep then the appearance dissapear and reappear again with another storyline with less vivid experience(and i used to call it a dream) ,when the body wake up the appearance switch to main story line. So there is an appearance,this oval shape visual field it's just at there,there is nothing outside the oval shape appearance,even i close my eye, the oval shape is still there,this entire oval shape appearance is litarally floating,because outside the vision field is just nothing there. So there is everything and nothing at the same time, intresting. I don't know am i enlightenment yet, even the thought i am enlightenment it's just a thought Right now i understood every meaning its just a concept, i ignore all the thing i used to know, now i dont know anything, based on my direct experience that happening right now i realize there's an appearance that constantly changing
  23. I don't know what is inside or outside,i only know there's an appearance happening right now