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  1. @Epiphany_Inspired @Huginn You guys have definitely made some points that resonate with me. To start, I agree that privacy is not the right word to describe the issue and that it really is more of a control of information. I can see how much information is being collected and the majority of the time that information is being exploited by corporations for their financial benefit. What concerns me is the number of people who don't understand the power that is just given to these big data companies. Over the past few years the amount of power that has been given to these companies just blows my mind and this power is continuing to grow exponentially. If you look at today's society I believe that a lot of addictions, diseases and systemic problems are caused solely based on corporations ability to manipulate how people think and act. Their ability to control the population is driving people to over-consume to a point where it seems that humans are just seen as disposable means to generate profits. By the sounds of it both of you have gone through quite a few precautions to limit the amount of data that can be collected on you. I am curious to know if you feel that have limited yourself by not taking advantage of the technology available, or have wasted too much time worrying about your personal privacy? Have the benefits of protecting your data outweighed the amount of energy it takes to limit the amount of data you put out there? It might be pessimistic, but it seems as if its not even worth trying to control your own personal information because of the sheer volume of information that others are willing to give up. Hence the title "Is privacy a lost cause"....The only way that I can see this improving is whenever the majority of the population wakes up and learns to look at the facts and understands the effects that big data is having on your everyday life. I am trying to move past this as it kind of just seems like I am worrying about the future too much. But i feel that this is a systematic issue which needs to be improved for society to move forward.
  2. Ill have to add that to the long list of books I need to read... Thanks! @ParanoidAndroid I agree with you 100%, and I believe that people are going to be pressured to continue to give more and more information in order to "keep up with society". The thing that shocks me is how many people don't understand just how much data is being collected. How do you think it will affect peoples privacy when the digital world gets even more integrated into the real world?
  3. Emerging technologies are constantly asking for more and more information that can be used to track your every move and be used to make money. It seems that people are giving up their privacy for convenience where the data collected is much more valuable than the service provided (Ex. google, facebook, amazon etc). Recently I got Linked In after being pressured by university and it feels weird that my resume is now online for anyone to see. Even though it might help me get a job in the future, I feel like it isn't worth the loss of privacy. With the technologies like virtual reality, brain-computer interface and the internet of things, it looks like privacy will only continue to decline until even our thoughts will be public information. Personally, it seems that so far I have just tried to ignore what is going on behind the scenes and focus on the convenience of using new technologies/websites/apps. I am afraid that the majority of people will continue to just trust that these technologies will not be abused and will end up being completely taken advantage of. My question for you guys is: Where do you draw the line and say that you are not willing to give up privacy for convenience??? If you had a choice to get an eye/brain implant that could offer unbelievable benefits, would you get it??? If you decide to not get the implant, how much would this affect your quality of life? would you become inferior to those who get the implant? I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say on the topic!
  4. Thanks for all of the awesome tips! I will be sure to try them out.
  5. I am in a similar situation but I am studying Medicinal Chemistry. I feel that my degree has taught me some important lessons but getting a job in the field after finishing the degree seems to be one of the last things that I would want to do. My opinion is that even though you might not know what kind of career you want after, just finish the degree and take the time you have while in school to grow and explore your life purpose. (there may not be many opportunities like now to do self development if you get married, get a job and have kids). Just getting your degree may help you accomplish your life purpose even if it is in a different field. @Girzo Looking back I wish I had done something similar to this. There is a lot of pressure to go right into college/university but a lot of people end up finding out they don't like their program and it ends up costing time and money when they switch programs or drop out. If you don't go to school right away, just be careful not to get lazy and try to stay productive. Once you get an idea of the direction you want to take with your life then decide if an education would help further yourself. Hope this helps!
  6. We have talked about it, but it has never really solved the issue. I am just finding it difficult to say "I am just going to read or meditate now" while being in the same room as each other. I feel that I don't really get that time alone when she is still in the room and it doesn't help when I know that she still would like to spend time with me.
  7. As I have gotten deeper into self development I have found that I need to take more time in solitude and that I have been wanting to spend less time socializing and hanging out with friends. I am currently in university and living with my girlfriend of 5 years in a small bachelor apartment and I am finding it difficult to get enough personal time (playing guitar, reading, meditating, etc.). On the other hand, my girlfriend is more extroverted than I am and she is having difficulty being alone when I am not there and as a result needs to spend more time with me. Being in such a small apartment without any rooms has made it even more challenging to get the alone time that I need. I really enjoy being with her but I am finding that she is constantly looking for more attention while I am constantly looking for more time alone. Whenever I take that time for myself I feel almost selfish for not spending as much time with her and when I do spend time with her, I sometimes feel that there is more important things to be doing than to go out to dinner or killing time watching a movie or going shopping. I was wondering if any of you have been through relatable situations, and what you have done to make both sides happy? Any advice would be appreciated