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  1. Does anyone notice how "violent" scenes stick much stronger to the mind than "light" content? And I almost never watch it. It´s like eating bad food that doesn´t digest right away. I mean, when I watch Leo´s videos, or some other stress free like 4k drone landscapes, I go to bed and they fade as if I hadn´t even watch it. I rarely dream about them. I´m trying some lucid dreamming but I´m not really succeding...
  2. This is awesome! I wish I was in the US... Good luck
  3. I feel that in a way my family is forcing me to celebrate it. I just wanna be quiet, because I feel so good and complete, but they interpret as if I´m grumpy and insensitive. I have a big family in Brazil and of course I have a choice, but I feel like I have to play along because they are not ready for the new me...
  4. @RachQuelThe thing is, the time for the distraction is the same time we have for self improvement. The same way I can spend a week reading, meditating, watching Leo´s videos, going to seminars I can also spend a whole week painting, searching for pigments, researching art works...
  5. Hey Leo, one of my favorite videos you ever made is the one where you talk about how basically everything is a distraction. I am constantly thinking about it and trying to figure out if I should invest energy and time on some distractions or not. I don´t watch tv, stay alone most of the time because I like it, but I also love many types of art, such as painting, ceramics, I enjoy cooking, finding small fixer-up projects for aesthetics around the house... this is what I would call "healthy" distractions. Last year I lived in Mexico for 8 months and as my partner stayed away all day I had a lot of time to meditate, contemplate, read, do self inquiry... At one point I decided to start painting again, which was amazing but also required many investments, such as time, dedication, searching for tools, material and money (which caused me to accept more freelance jobs). I could dedicate many days to this "distraction", or even my whole life. My daily routine and meditation suffered a bit. I felt I was spending both my time and energy, that I could be using to self realization. How do you manage this kind of distractions? They are very time and money consuming for me but also a source of joy...