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  1. @John West You face it seeing throught it , you will not face your fear killing your friend , your fear is a illusion , you only fear something that treathens you , the '' real scenario '' that you are saying is just a excuse that your ego is making to make sure you don't realize your fear is about a illusion .
  2. You are in hell my friend ,
  3. @Robi Steel If consciousness is all there is , how can something be outside of it ?
  4. @Tony 845 I suggest you don't buy into what this green name guys are talking hahah . Enlightenment is very simple , if things are getting much nuancic and complex , you are in the wrong track , just watch your confusion . Enlightenment is not philosophy , mathematics or worse , quantum mechanics . I think you are with the right mindset .
  5. @Serotoninluv But I thought I was already enlightened ... Everybody , by the way .
  6. @Tony 845 People confuse what they want truth to be with truth itself , and start conceptualizing about it , giving all sorts of racionalizations and new definitions , but that's just attachment , identity . They are not ready to let go yet , there are still something illusory they want to preserve and defend .
  7. @Tony 845 LSD gives you a faster conciousness of Being , does not make you fully enlightened .Also , it can be a dangerous trap and you end up like many of people in this forum , that have some enlightenment experience and afterwars tries to ''figure it out'' with their minds . Enlightenment is not a easy process , ifthis is what you are searching for with LSD you are just escaping , resisting what you need to experience right now , and you will come up deluded .
  8. @Tony 845 So tell me how you know that ? Are you enlightened ?
  9. @Joseph Maynor Great video .
  10. @rounder Okay , thank you , but why are you trying to help me ? And show where is my clinging ? @nado The thing is that only you can tell if you are doing wrong , and the watching practice is the most simple practice , but really difficult . Read something by Osho on the witness . You can find it in his site . or just google ''witness , watching , osho'' .
  11. @Joseph Maynor But it is a stage , the watching tecnique is more a allowing , because the purpose is allowing what is true to manifest. without you trying to control
  12. @DrewNows For me , it's all the same energy , the lacking energy , still trying to manipulate , that's why enlightenment is so difficult . Mystical experiences , ''God'' can be addictive , ultil it is not .
  13. @nado For me , the most powerfull tool are the watching , the ''witness'' practice . You can go all day , is very difficult , but I think is really the one that gives you enlightenment . ( Just to make sure : i'm not enlightenned hahah )
  14. Yes , as if you need some high-level concept of conciousness to be enlightenment .
  15. @rounder Why you say this ?