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  1. @Inliytened1 The real problem is your extreme arrogance. You assume everyone is ignorant, you assume nobody has anything of value to say. Why? because you are deluded, you can't listen to people who think differently than you. Your views on enlightenment has NOTHING to do with enlightenment, you are just dreaming, hard and then you want to answer the ''sincere seekers'' (how you decide who is what? you answer people that you feel superior of.. ) .But when there is someone saying enlightenment is a joke you get offended because you are really invested in this game. Until you stop dreaming about enlightenment and it's ''deepest states'' you will never realize it. This is not a easy task. It's very easy to hang around people that think the same as you. Seeing truth is not easy. Truth don't care about you. I could be enlightened and you would never know..
  2. @Inliytened1 Sorry man, but i was not ''bashing'' enlightenment, you don't know what enlightenment is, and never will know. You just want to lick Leo's balls and criticize everything that don't match with your views on enlightenment. Stop saying things you don't know, you don't know me neither anyone in this Forum, so just start being more humble. When you begin to read answers withou jugding,then your journey will be true and honest, because for now it's just bullshit. Speak with yourself, is the same as you already are doing. If calling enlightenment a joke is offensive, so it's not enlightenmnet that you want. Enlightenment is a joke, I'm not he only one saying this. Why do you think enlightened master laugh after full realization?
  3. @Shin ironically hahahah
  4. @Joseph Maynor as if there is something called ''enlightenment teaching'' hahah. I supect you are being ironic in your message hahah.
  5. @Joseph Maynor seems like he is the one who is triggered...
  6. @Shin Leo turned into our mom. hahahha
  7. @Leo Gura The same as you. I am you, forgot it? Wink-Wink.
  8. @Shin HAHHAHHAHAHA. Leo you are so arrongant, sorry.
  9. @Leo Gura You are tranforming yourself in the thing that you most criticize. You can't even consider what people say. Look out man, maybe watch the video about Self-Deception, there is a 3 parts series talking about that on youtube. Did you know?
  10. @Joseph Maynor hahahhah. Enlightenment is the ultimate Joke.
  11. @Joseph Maynor Maybe no one can touch anything hahahah.
  12. @Salvijus He says that but he pretty much move, a lot. More than it is expected for his age hahah.
  13. @Salvijus Real enlightenment is when all this ''8 states'' dissolve, you can't call it a state, is just how things are. Enlightenment is not a definition, or anything else hahhah. In reality, nothing is required for enlightenment, because things are already the way they are, there is REALLY nothing to do to get enlightenment. And is really IMPOSSIBLE to understand that, or know, or grasp, because there is nothing to grasp hahahh. This is fun! Absolute Fun.
  14. You are the most excited seeker i've ever seen. Beautiful! hahahah.
  15. @Salvijus hahahh. You didn't get enlightenment. That's the thing. You can discuss anything else, enlightenment is not one of them.