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  1. @Aakash Zen Devil is the one who classifies ''normal'' ego people. hahahh
  2. Psychedelics, for me, is the most useful and effective ways to ''become enlightenment'' (as if it was possible hahah), but you gotta use it right, and it's scary, painful, hopeless. If you use psychedelics to ''get insights'', know things, or to just dream more and more, I think will be very counter-productive.
  3. @Garuda Was it necessary to make a useless question before he went? heheh.
  4. @Leo Gura Hmmm, describe it for me, then. Tell me more about your dream.
  5. @noselfnofun Enlightenment is dying. Will you still want it? hahaha.
  6. @Basegodmike What is human consciousness?
  7. Have you ever punched yourself in the face, by mistake, in real life?
  8. But remember that Leo's realizations are not enlightenment. Your cat is enlightened. Be careful. This realizations can reinforce the sense of separation. Enlightenment is nothing you will know, neither is what you want.
  9. @Shadowraix Exactly, reality is all you can get hahah. The rest is your imagination.
  10. @Rigel What I can tell you is that you can ONLY have a bad trip if you have emotional issues with your self, if there is something you don't accept, and, honesltly, LSD and mushrooms are the best tools for that. Loving yourself, accepting what's true about your feelings, and then enlightenment will be very easy, without all this misunderstanding and the ''levels of conciousness'' people talk. There is none. Everything that comes up, emotionally, in your trip is just subconcious emotions barried in you. Psychedelics just boost all of it, and if you can't handle you will have a bad trip or just try to distract yourself. That's why people most people who use psychedelics recreationaly, can't take it alone and think it is a different drug, different purposes. Hope that helps.
  11. @Inliytened1 What if perspectives don't exists?
  12. @Inliytened1 how can one shift perspectives, if there is no one shifting in the first place?