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  1. @Nahm Did you read the context in which I said that ? I was ironic , and didn't understand what you are trying to say , maybe you are making some assumptions about me...
  2. @NoSelfSelf life is pointless huh ?
  3. @NoSelfSelf if dont make sense for us ''inferior beings'' , what is the purpose of you saying this ? I think you are being kind of egoic , my lord ...
  4. @NoSelfSelf Man , seriously , dir you see that what you've just said is useless? , stop aswering with this ''spiritual'' anwsers that don't make any sense in the context . this only shows how poor understanding you have ... Ok @Phill hi , you need to investigate the things that became habits in your life , things you do because you feel the need to do , and just redirected your actions into something that you wanna do (some new habit , new skill ) . Look when you feel the need to stop doing something , as if it's something wrong in what you are doing . Ask yourself '' if i am gonna stop doing this , what am i going to do '' and see that what you are gonna do is just to stick with your ''old self'' your ''old indentity'' , is a form of self preservation . But you can change your behaviour , and clear seeing is what makes more easy , not a suffering or some huge effort mentally speaking . See how you come with excuses just to stay the same , is natural , and noticing this is key . With focus intention and clear seeing you can change the course of your life , not by ''needing to change'' but choosing to change , cause the ''need feeling comes from conditioning... Hope that helps in some form , thank you
  5. but if is effective , what is the diference if is placebo or not ?
  6. Animals are not enlightened i think , simply beacause they don't know there true nature , they have a sense of survival , all unconcious , that's why animals can't do enlightment work , they would just be condicioned in another state ( like peeing in the journal ) . Humans can be enlightment cause of their ability to be self-aware , reflect upon their own behaviours , know that we know , allowing us to go deep in our experience beyond our condicioning . My thoughts about that ... @Guillem
  7. Hey eyal , just pick the videos you feel you will most benefit from , taking notes will be good . you can put in practise gradually the things you learn in the videos . Good luck
  8. @jwkspeck I think you are just becoming more and more aware of the very nature of life that is insecutiry , freedom and not loggical . Logic sometimes is just the fear of truth . Logic only serves itself . I tend to do the same thing : being afraid of the direction of my life , to follow my intuition , and feeling the need to make it something logical about that , but it's just mind's fear
  9. @Leo Gura the end goal is ... there is none
  10. @Javier enlightment is your true nature , but in reality the seeking for enlightment is no more good than the seeking for drugs or other things , the illusion it self is just the nature of life . If enlightment is a recognition , you are already enlightment , so there is no ''suppose to'' i think. .. hope its not confused hahaha
  11. the problem is that you are using some semantic of the ''infinite'' word and putting conciosness into this concept of ''infinite'' , but you don't know , that a pointer ...
  12. @egoless man , stop saying that you '' rely only on your direct experience '' , you are just making assumptions ...
  13. @Charlotte you're appealing to the authority of Leo ... aahahha
  14. @Leo Gura seeking for truth is just another name for the seek for happiness