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  1. @Serotoninluv for me i feel it is , something that i need to surrender to . Surrender to being an asshole ahahah
  2. @Leo Gura How he knows what don't work ? You never know what works , until it works... the ''time wasted'' is not so much wasted , because without ''wasting'' this time , he would never know
  3. The greatest barrier is accepting that when you reach enlightenment ,maybe you are gonna be an asshole... and surrender to that. Because , in reality , you don't know . I found it interesting realizing that , and that's a great obstacle ( for me ) . You can't fathom what you are going to look like , and you hold, in the background , the idealization of a good thing , and even demonize enlightened masters who maybe don't live according to your idealization , claiming that they are ''not fully enlightened because of YXZ '' . But , maybe you're gonna be the same way , or even worse . That's what you are signing for ...
  4. @Strikr No , it does not depend ... Sorry , you are an ignorant fool . Go back to your meditation
  5. The Evil is in the belief that you can discern what is evil and what is not . Evil is in the discrimination of good and bad as a justification of some kind of activity...
  6. @Strikr If it's not you , we can punish you the same way , it's not you tha's being punished kkkk
  7. I think the misunderstanding is that people relate the thought with control and say : ''look , i control my hand ( move their hand ) '' , but what they don't see is that they didn't control their thoughts that says they control their hands , is more like a habit .You can Just make a habit that you control the sun rising just by saying this since the first day you were born , you will believe that shit ! hahaha
  8. @How to be wise there is only mind , the ''mind-body'' problem is really a ''mind-mind'' problem . So i agree with you , the answer is that there is no problem kkkkk
  9. Really nice explanation of conciousness by science . Very premature , but interesting http://theconversation.com/could-consciousness-all-come-down-to-the-way-things-vibrate-103070
  10. @mochafrap I see Attachment as a holding of an separate identity . As an example : the ''I exist'' thought , is a attachment that holds the idea that ''you'' - as a separate self - exists , and ''you'' believe that if you are not attached to that , you simply die , your identity fades , which is the same thing . Thank you for the reflection
  11. @lmfao If nobody talked about non-duality/enlightenment with you , would you still be doing enlightment work , meditation , etc ? I think talking about this things are crucial , to a point .
  12. @hikmatshiraliyev I don't know , why you search for something at all ?
  13. How you find an answer which you don't know what it is ? Who validates the answer ? For me , comtemplation , to be valuable , you don't search for an answer , you just investigate , if you are trying to grab some answer , maybe it is just blocking your comtemplation .