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  1. no , you're gonna rainbow farts and butterflies wills if you do
  2. The act of seeing your hand is not conceptual , is actuality , you saying '' i'm seeing my hand '' is conceptualizing . You have the experience before you conceptualize about it
  3. @The Don For nothing to be nothing you can't say something about it , it's nothing , it is a strange loop . Logic fails here
  4. What do you guys think about this : What I noticed is that the process of creative , comtemplative thinking ,to be profound and free from self interest , must flow in a intuitive way , independent of you trying to manipulate the direction of the thought . You don't hold a thought in mind , but the whole process of thinking is going on without much of your part , in the background , and when something pops up , is more like a insight , a understanding . Is staying in that state of intuitive thinking the core of comtemplation ? Hope you guys understand me Thank you
  5. @Outer are you being ironic ?
  6. I really don't get it ... this psychedelic trips are just food for ego in a sense , you have ''insights'' but that don't change nothing about your life , you see 'God' , but without psychedelics you return to your old habits of thinking , nothing embodied . Of course , psychedelics have your uselfulness in this path of enlightment , but chasing for insights just while you are tripping don't make any difference for you , if it's just in your tripping . And that's why you have many gurus and teachers that never used psychedelics , don't have these insights , but the depth and the embodiment of their enlightmenet is real , solid , they don't chase for this trips of truths . Your need to ''understand'' truth is maybe the barrier for you to live it . The teachings are simple , look the best teachers , they are simple in his words . Just be careful with what you are chasing : truth or you need to show truth and fit in to your terms . It's easy to see that you don't exist , but very difficult to let go of what you want
  7. @MM1988 I don't know
  8. Hey , here are my thoughts about the video : Seems to me that Leo kinda have been in a very depressive and frustated state with this '' life is meaningless'' ''there is nothing to do'' . I don't know , maybe you are missing the hole point , awakening is not looking the pointless of life , it's life man , just the way it is , that ''pointless'' talk is really pointless and just serves your mind . Seems like you are too attached to your videos , and this idea that you need to share insights , live your life purposes , and can't enjoy other things in life . Because if you are really interested in truth , you can't still be expectating how life will turn out . sometimes you just need to stop choosing so much , the ''right'' way , the ''best'' way . Truth does not care about sharing ''ideas'' ''ways to improve you life'', truth is free , and if you care about this , you don't really care about truth , you are stil trying to put life in your terms , and your shouds . thank you
  9. what the fuck are you saying ? hahah
  10. what is the purpose of all this nonsense hhahaha . If you guys are really interested in ''the truth'' why arguing and trying so hard so say '' i don't exist , i'm god , i'm unity , i'm a happening '' ?
  11. @Zweistein The Mario cannot point to the pixels , only the pixels itself can do that , because absolutely speaking , the mario don't acttualy exists , only pixels exists . Them same way that you can't se ''the truth'' thinking that you are a self
  12. Is the reason animals can't be enlightened the fact that they can't explore their own nature ? If anyone can share thoughts on that , i'll be grateful . thank you
  13. @charlie cho how do you know that people pretend that they know , what if they know and you are the only one that don't knows... hahaha life is awesome
  14. if life is meaningless , who said that you can't have a website ? who said that it is a paradox . when you think everything needs a meaning , them this pointlessness seems like a paradox , but if you really grasp the significance of that , life being meaningless is what makes you free and what makes all this possible ... my thoughts , thank you man
  15. man , you are really complicating things , this will still be you ego , you are trying to ''reach'' enlightment to be happy , to feel peace , to feel joy . You are don't need to be enlightened , if you want go for it , but don't think that other things are less important , you maybe are missing the point , God is freedom , and that's what make all things possible . You don't know what really ''being awake'' is , you just fantasize about it , not different from a persom that fantasize abou a nice car . Remember what leo said , to become enlightened you got to surrender even the desire to be enlightened and that's the trick thing , and that's what will make you free . You need to be okay suffering for eternity , and in that moment the suffering ceases , and that's will ''personal will'' don't make you enlightened , it just happens ... Hope that helps , thanks man