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  1. That's a great answer and makes sense. I was accepting my conclusion that universal awareness and self-awareness were separate things, That self-awareness is part of universal awareness makes sense., the key being, as you said, learning how to remove teh separation between the two so as to be able to experience the one expanded awareness. Thanks!
  2. Thanks AleksM - Not sure I agree with all those aspects of awareness. Once I engage my self-awareness, I disengage the universal awareness. I don't believe one can be in a state of universal awareness while engaging the self or consciousness (as I defined it above).
  3. As I've been sitting in "do nothing" I've been watching my mind explore these concepts, but as of yet it has been unable to satisfactorily define them. Right now I seem to be at: Awareness: universal among living things, can stand on it's own, does not require mindfullness, self-awareness, or consciousness Mindfullness: noticing/paying attention to (releasing to?) awareness Self-awareness: noticing/understanding/accepting your mindfullness and as well as your separation from from the universal awareness Consciousness: the processing aspect of self-awareness, i.e. thought and reaction to self-awareness, most often a projection of self into the future, a recollection of self from the past, or an emotional or thought reaction to the present. How to these different states reconcile within me? Which state do I strive for (or release to) during my sits? Do self-awareness and consciousness inhibit awareness and mindfullness? If the end goal is "no-mind" is that simply pure awareness? Thanks...