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  1. @Leo Gura Interesting thought. To me it seems like logic would be something that that human mind discovers as opposed to invents. But, I guess, human logic only makes sense to humans due to our limited perception etc. Although it also seems like some basic principles would exist whether or not there are humans to discover them. I'm seeing now that it's very complicated. I'm wondering what would happen if humans died out and monkeys developed to be the new "humans" (= as intelligent as us right now), wouldn't they find out the same logic, even though they wouldn't be humans but technically a different species?
  2. @Leo Gura Do you mean that for a world to exist it still requires at least some kind of principle that it is based upon, be it any kind of self-consistent logic, or some constants or anything? I can rephrase my question: if anything's possible, there have to be worlds that are not based on any principles at all? Edit: oh, I realized that I just used bog-standard logic here. So maybe this question just cannot be answered. Edit again: or, I guess, any kind of principle would mean restriction of infinity. So no principles = infinity?
  3. I'm wondering if meditating when tired is detrimental to mental stability (or has some other negative effects) or if it's ok and even beneficial, because your defenses are down? Edit: tired not as in exhausted, but as in sleep-deprived.
  4. @HII Yes, that's how I meant it. Without knowing the specific duration of the delay due to sensory or even inner processing, let's say half a second (just as an example), you can only ever know what was 0.5 s ago, right? You still need your brain to process anything, that's at least how I see it. Another way to put it would be: can we ever perceive reality in real time?
  5. @Nahm I'm not sure you're understanding my question.
  6. @Leo Gura I'm wondering how can we perceive the present moment (which is infinitely small in itself) if the processing of perceptions takes time, so there is always a delay?
  7. @Leo Gura Very interesting. And not at all hard to imagine. We're all just possibilities. If our world is possible, any other world is possible and exists. I'm wondering, though, about logic. There are worlds with no logic, right? If anything's possible? Edit: Forgot to add: I guess logic is also just one of many principles. Some world may be based on entirely other principles (neither logic nor illogic).
  8. Apparently the local storage.
  9. I'm trying out the free version of OneNote for Mac. I' liking the font Yu Gothic (never seen it before), it stays very legible when zooming out and has nice contrast when bold. I like that it's very delicate and because of that I think no one would be able to really read what I'm typing just by glancing at my monitor (in public). I'm so used to Verdana, but it's way too clunky in the context of OneNote. In most of the fonts the characters seem to merge in an awkward way when zoomed out, but Yu Gothic doesn't do that.
  10. @Brandon Nankivell Sharing emotions openly can lead to crying. No energy needed for that. Even massage can lead to crying. Don't underestimate the "human contact" factor of such rituals. Also the placebo effect. Man, there are so many ways to explain it in a non-new-agey way, but I'm too tired and unmotivated for that.
  11. @ppfeiff What is the price for the standard license?
  12. @Principium Nexus I remember reading something very similar during my "paranormal" phase. Still reminds me of nerves. They also "enable the senses to operate". Also, the muscle twitches / spasms I used to get during "energy flow" make me think of it as electrical energy. For example, you also get cramps during epileptic seizures.
  13. I'm not thinking of them as separate things, that's a wrong assumption on your part.
  14. @Leo Gura I don't have to be in a higher state of consciousness to feel it. There are simple ways to learn how to do it, but I don't want to promote them here. My theory is that it's electrical energy (maybe electromagnetic). You seem to be adamant about definitions, but now it's a loose term? Sorry, but I just roll my eyes at energy healers. I have enough experience (of dealing with them). You seem to be new to it so you are a bit uncritical.