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  1. When I am talking with people. I forget what I need to tell them like college name, office name, places and after some time later I remember what it was. I have this kind of problem. If anyone already faced this kind of problem and had solution. Please mention it.
  2. Thank you guys.
  3. @Sahil Pandit yes I drink purified water.
  4. @JessiChell Thank you for suggestion. Is there any natural cure ?
  5. @Sahil Pandit I eat rice,daal, diary product etc. Maybe it can be.
  6. Hello Everyone. I finished two days without social media I deleted facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter too. Now, I have so much time. I still have craving for social media. In Nepal, all area in lockdown. hope thing will go right.
  7. @Leo Gura When you gone marry ?
  8. Kathmandu
  9. This is good idea. What is your programming stack?. I use JavaScript(Reactjs).
  10. I am looking for good resource(of web development) for moving up. I am beginner web developer. I am currently doing Internship where I learn lots of thing like how real world project work and I also built project. Do you guys know good resource of web development?
  11. I wish I could do back-end. I only know Front-End(HTML, CSS and Javascript.)
  12. I don't find armodafinil in Nepal. I asked different sources , Can they ship their product here. They said they can't and I found one sources but cost is too much high I can't offered.
  13. Awesome. when you finished European tour, How about Traveling to Asian Tour?
  14. "Do Nothing" Meditation ~ Shinzen Young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ6cdIaUZCA
  15. "The heart of the matter is this: to move toward enlightenment, you must begin with not-knowing. Genuine not-knowing is a completely open state of mind that always precedes the leap into a direct consciousness of Being."--Peter Ralston. One of mine favorite Enlightenment teacher. I started this journal only for improving my writing skill and English 2018 Goals Finding Life task or Life purpose Reading books Improve English Workout Meditation(20min) Self Enquiry Learning Programming language (Javascript, PHP, React Js etc) Making big picture of understanding Watch TTC video Working on financial freedom Understanding business and marketing
  16. I am currently listing audio book by Jiddu Krishnamurti "Freedom from the Known". He also talked about ideology trap.
  17. where Cal Newport fit in spiral Dynamic?
  18. I always failed to execute goal but I am still going to set goal. September goals: Breathing Exercise Workout(Also learning about nutrition for bodybuilding ) Meditation(20 to 60 minute depending on my mood) College (suck but I am going to attended) Learning Js ( Intresting) Eliminating addiction Contemplation (Not every day it also depend on my mood) Reading (20 to 60 minute).
  19. Don't make video on Jordan Peterson.
  20. I think he is one of extraordinary man, creative, business magnet. I liked what he is doing. I have question to you guys. In spiral dynamics Which stage he is?
  21. @SchallUndRauch Yeah I want to slow down. So there is problem I need to research on AI.