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  1. Ok This compulsion to believe or not to believe...that’s what should be discussed.
  2. Nothing wrong with gathering around and discussing the conditioned consciousness as it is, but to hold a piece of cheese ? out in front of a confused face with an unconscious mind, while making a dollar doing so, only contributes to the problem of that conditioned consciousness. I mean it is obvious that this dependence on authority actually nourishes fear, confusion, conflict, within this conditioned consciousness.
  3. @How to be wise Joseph is referring to responsibility. We can rationalize all we want, but the fact remains, catering to the illusion even with “good intent” still caters to that illusion. This is understandable no?
  4. FREEDOM for sale, it’s so absurd.. We are all together in this ..It’s a too, and from, relationship that must take place. We both meet one another mutually on the same level...as two or more people looking to understand/observe what is actually taking place. All of this psychological freedom-spirituality for sale is an abomination. An indication that one doesn’t actually understand that they are all alone.
  5. Indeed Indeed...as a million books ? cannot contain that which is brought about by just ?One unitary HOLISTIC insight (i.e INFINITE INTELLIGENCE).
  6. Is this asking of “how to be creative” the very reason Creativity is not ?
  7. Do we see the problem actually as it is? Are we looking at that problem through the image(what we should or should not do according to that which thought has put together)? As in guidance from another; ..some knowledge that will free “me” from that which has enslaved “me” (knowledge-thought). Psychological time. If we look at the problem through the lens of thought(guidance-advice-teachings), doesn’t that actually imply not looking at the problem as it is, but instead looking for quick fix answers as a means of escape. Could this perhaps be feeding that very problem? Is that actually subtly evading the fact of the problem, and therefore everlastingly sustaining that very problem?
  8. Is it worth while to explore into this supposed division between “the me” and cognitive dissonance?
  9. Are we willing to stay with the problem as long as it takes to understand it? Or do we keep looking for answers as to a escape the problem?
  10. Seems we are always trying to convert disorder to order, instead of simply not feeding that which is the root causes of disorder. The “trying to convert disorder to order” is the very nourishing process that keeps that disorder alive. It’s quite subtle and sneaky
  11. how do i deal with cognitive dissonance? On the level of relationship... Do we see that “the i” that is looking for ways to deal with cognitive dissonance is actually perpetuating cognitive dissonance? Do we see that every action that arises out of this contradictory notion that “i” am fundamentally distinct from cognitive dissonance will breed such unending contradiction(conflicting desires)? This confusion will continue as long as this false division between “the me” and this cognitive dissonance is left undetected(not seen through).. This pattern of contradiction will keep feeding itself into more and more confusion. There will be countless desires in conflict with one another. “The self” is trying to cover up pre-existing desires with new ones to try and establish order within itself.. Can we see that we are continually limbing the branches, so to speak? If not ripped out by the root, action will be incomplete(contradicting). One desire in opposition to another leads to this confusion, conflict, disharmony. Can we get at the root, so that this contradiction(cognitive dissonance), doesn’t blossom into a ?storm of psychological conflict?
  12. Action expresses itself quite obviously in whether or not one is “here NOW”. Certain things we say to others, how we treat one another, in person, or online, as in verbal antagonism-(subtle form of violence), is a sure indication that one is slave to the past(thought). A slave to the past carries the past with them to the present and into the future. Therefore The Now is totally missed. Isn’t it interesting?
  13. There is always this blind dismissal as long as this division is Not seen through. Sounds like an intelligent action
  14. Key question to reinspect. The idea of subconscious mind is the product of such a pre-assumption. Its quite interesting indeed, isn’t it?
  15. Thought/self being biased. It’s main intent is to maintain psychological security, by all means necessary.
  16. I have never heard of it. It sounds made up..a construction of thought. Seems like a convient philosophy for the self-thought to seek security in. I’m not familiar with such concepts/theory’s. I don’t look at the self/thought through pre-existing concepts, theory’s, abstractions invented by thought, therefore I can’t really speak about this law of attraction. Maybe someone else can speak about law of attraction, friend
  17. Looking through the lens or veil of “i”, “the i” will pick and choose what “it” sees, and what “it” chooses not to see. Very selective this “i”.
  18. Oh “I” would say “I” infact love to do so...This maintains the continuity of “i”. Sneaky sneaky indeed
  19. What subconscious? Is consciousness cut up in separate and distinct parts? Perhaps something to go into.
  20. Asking “how to”, is simply implying, what kind of information do I need in order to end psychological time(the illusion of i)... But this need to accumulate information to solve “my” problem is the very reason for the problem. The structure of the i and this process of accumulation are one and the same movement of time. To accumulate information and appy it (thought), implies that “i” am dependent on thought to solve the problem. But this problem arises by identification with thought(the past), which projects its content into the future), to come up with an answer. Identifection implies a resistance to uncertainty/impermanence. Identification is basically clinging to familiarity. Clinging to the known, which the known and the knower are one and the same movement of time/thought. As long as we cling to this information-content(thought-time), that which is timeless, is then put out of reach in a “future moment”. The thing is we depend on thought to free the self from its burden-suffering. But this dependence has created that very burden-suffering. To be psychologically free, thought (accumulation of information-content/time), has absolutely no place. Freedom is only when this movement of fear-self/time ceases to feed its own movement by depending on itself to end itself.
  21. Asking “how do I”, is inviting time/thought as a means. To do so implies “I” will over a period of time (progression of narrow/partial insights), or by means of the application of thought, will gradually combine my many insights to come to the whole. Just the movement that nourishes the very structure of “i”/thought.