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  1. I just made this account to say yeah, I have this problem too, its pretty much living in hell. I don't think any of the people here understand what we are experiencing... If I never went through this, there's no fucking way i could understand if someone tried to explain it. But I feel your pain dude, being in high school I feel like I am in hell on earth... today in class I was low key just sitting there crying because we had to use laptops and I couldn't see my laptop without bothering other people, so I just stared at the ground for 45 minutes. great life honestly sometimes it hits me what my life has become, and I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to just shoot myself if I can't fix this. I can't enjoy life with this fucking curse, I have major depression and started cutting myself because I lost all my friends thanks to this disease. its just too hard to hang out with certain people once they are "aware." I know you understand what I mean by that lol. The only time it really goes away is when I'm intoxicated on drugs, but I can't be showing up to class drunk everyday lmfao