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  1. @Lurtsi My experience was exactly the same as yours. I did the breathing for about 20 mins because it was too intense for me to continue. When i openend my eyes both of my hands were like that in your picture and i couldnt move them like they were paralized in that position. Other than that the whole experience was nice and after the breathing i felt a bit of clarity in my mind.
  2. @h inandout Yea i know how you feel but yesterday i tried doing what Nahm said above. Don't overconcentrate, just let go and relax. It felt much better.
  3. @Nahm Hahaha yeah I am saving up for that in the future when I feel my mind is ready.
  4. @Nahm Hmm I understand. You are probably right. Maybe I focus too much on not focusing just like you say and because of that I don't really relax. Come to think of it I don't think I have ever fully let go. I'll try that when I meditate next time. Thanks.
  5. @Nahm Well I usually let any thoughts that come up just go. I try not to follow them. It's like I try not to get unconscious instead I try to maintain concentration and be conscious that I am meditating. Every time my mind wonders off I try to be even more focused and I think that's is the exact moment when the pressure sometimes start in my head. When i do mindfulness meditation i do it exactly like Leo says in his video about it on youtube. First I notice things then I label them as hear,see or feel, then i say in my mind if they are real or imaginary and then I try to save the thing that I am focused on in my mind for couple of seconds.
  6. @Nahm I mix between do nothing and mindfulness meditation. I do the do nothing technique more often. Sometimes i do both of them in the same day if i have the time. And also I sometimes try to apply mindfulness in anything i do through the day. I started meditating somewhere in the middle of august. I started with 20 min but i quickly increased to 30 min. After not full two months i meditated 40 min and sometimes 1 hour and now i do it 1 hour most of the time. I think that maybe i made a big jump and that's why i have this pressure in my head but i don't know I'm just a newbie
  7. @nightrider1435 Maybe you are right. I should do a quick break if i have to. Thanks for the advice
  8. This last month maybe even longer than that I've been feeling headaches. It's like i have a really strong pressure on the front of the head and sometimes above it. But even though they are pretty intense they are not unbearable. It's like every time i practice mindfulness and try to really concentrate it becomes stronger and stronger. I don't know why they even occur. Is it because i have only been meditating for 5 months and i meditate for an hour a day? Is that some kind of a big jump and my brain can't handle it? There is another strange feeling. When I have a headache i feel more conscious than when i don't. That's why I don't really mind it most of the time. But still sometimes It's painful and I can't stop it. If someone can tell me what can be the case and how i can balance this I would be very grateful,