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  1. Chile went from one of the poorest countries in the region to the richest one today. 50% to less than 8% poverty. The only thing slowing down Chile's progress is that they have destroyed the system that allowed this immense growth, following the steps of the rest of South America.
  2. @Ero so what system would be more effective? Remember that culture and spirituality doesn't matter at all to people when they are poor and starving. Maslow hierarchy of needs. Which system has solved the bottom needs for the most amount of people? Capitalism. A similar question to this whole thread would be: Should Lionel Messi be allowed to exist? He is too good compared to the rest of the population. Maybe we should cut him a leg so there is more EqUAliTy
  3. When cellphones just appeared, they were expensive, and really bad compared to what they are now. Only relatively rich people could buy them. The thing is people that could afford them, had money and could invest in researching and developing better technology. Giving us today, the possibility to have cheap phones 10000x better than the first ones, available for almost everyone in the planet. Do you want no smartphones for anyone? or wait a little to have good ones for everyone? Now if they only cared about money, setting an absurdly high price would reduce the sales a lot no?
  4. First of all, Billionaires don't have their wealth in a pool of gold like some people believe, it's invested somewhere, generating jobs, giving value to people. So if you tax them a lot, you're affecting all the people working for them, etc. This goes along the idea of the "Cake". The money is a fixed cake, a sum 0 game, and if they have more, I have less. That is also wrong. If someone discovers a cure for cancer, and becomes a billionaire from it, I wouldn't mind. After all he's benefiting everyone.