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  1. @molosku I'll share your beautiful music with my friends. (b.t.w I hope that you will like my music in
  2. @Fushigi, my musical portrait of you in .
  3. The proposed use of the considered tool also goes beyond its boundaries, such that it becomes a linkage among simplicity (the absolute (the calm aspect)) and complexity (the relative (the wavy aspect)) of the same sea.
  4. An old discussion of mine on the considered subject can be found here. Some of its details may help to understand the way of how my investigation is developed. For example, unlike the analogy of "{" and "}" it terms of Unity (as done in the link above), currently "{" and "}" represents tautology and the emptiness between "{" and "}" represents contradiction. So Unity (the non-dual) is thing among NOthing (contradiction) and YESthing (tautology), which is not limited by its opposite expressions, nor by its members (the intermediate terms between NOthing and YESthing) represented as SOMEthing and EVERYthing. By directly (without any agent) know thing, one is Unity consciousness (enlightenment is actual in daily life, which is naturally expressed as an ever developed harmoniums phenomena in terms of superconductivity). Without Unity consciousness no universe is developed in terms of superconductivity (any two given phenomena may block each other development, instead of supporting each other development). So as I get it, Life is exactly the path of a given universe into enlightenment, where death is a temporary phenomena that completely disappears in an actual enlighten universe. Currently and in the past, Life phenomena in our universe is still under construction into actual daily life enlightenment, and this process must not be done by agents (for example psychedelic drugs) that do not have the needed natural genteelness for an actual profound AND balanced development into an actual enlighten universe. Infinite refinement is the clear signature of an actual enlighten universe.
  5. This is not enough because the basic principle is a WIN WIN situation, such that the health of one supports the health of others (it is called mutual responsibility). For more details please look at this post and also see who gave it reputations. As for psychedelics, in most cases they distort one's spacetime perception until one loses his\her free will judgment and more easily decides to drive a car, to jump from a roof as if he\she is a bird, etc. In simple words, his\her sense of responsibility to take care of his\her own heathy life and\or at least do not harm others' heathy life, is clearly decreased because of the use of psychodial drugs. Richard Alpert says: "Water, vegetables, fruits are also external. Mushroom is close to vegetable. And weed is a plant. They are as much external as fruits and vegetables." Richard, I am clearly talking about external stuffs that have psychedelics effects (as described above) on one's brain. Hsinhav, having sex does not have psychedelics effects (as described above) on one's brain. You also said: "He has already answered every bit of your questions" Hsinhav, please support your argument by providing concrete examples. ---------------------------- In other words, this post has a case. Morevover, trolls are not necessarily some human beings, as can be seen in this post. ---------------------------- Meanwhile, until Leo may honestly answer to my questions to him, I wish to say some things on this video (and especially about LSD). Leo you honestly do your best in order to direct some potential user to use psychedelics in the most possible responsible way. But here are some important issues that you are missing: 1) No matter how many researches through books, videos etc. you are doing as a preparation for using psychedelics, all you get is a perception about psychedelics, which is not the perception during direct experience of this stuff within your system. For example: You can do all the possible researches from books, videos etc. on the taste of tomatoes, but they can't provide you the experience of actually tasting tomatoes. In case of psychedelics, the difference between knowing about psychedelics and actually be under their influence, is extremely bigger than the tomatoes' example, because one's perception itself is manipulated by gross external interference of the naturally balanced delicate structure and function required for the maintenance of a healthy central nervous system. I call this gross external interference (whether it is experienced as a good or bad trip) Forcing Buds To Become Folwers simply because it rippes up your subconsciousness, even if you are not ready yet to be exposed to it. 2) By violently being exposed to your subconsciousness, your central nervous system tries to recover itself, but there is no guarantee that it can actually be recovered from this gross external interference even if you are doing your best to gradually manipulate its naturally balanced delicate structure and function. 3) More you externally interfere in the naturally balanced delicate structure and function of your central nervous system, more the chance of irreversible damage may occur. 4) Possible phenomena of such repeated external interference in one's central nervous system can be anxiety attacks, depression and even flashbacks. 5) So Leo no matter if you do your best, external interference in one's central nervous system by psychedelics does not give a shit to your videos or your guidance (and this exactly why you suggest to hide guns and knives in some closet or fill the refrigerator with some food, before you use psychedelics). ---------------------------------- What I wish to say is this: There are no shortcuts in an actual self development. It means that patience and responsibility are cornerstones of actual self development. Moreover, actual self development goes also beyond one's ego tripping, such that self patience is developed into mutual patience (known also as compassion if mixed with natural (drugs free) Love) and self responsibility is developed into mutual responsibility. Only by at least mutual patience AND mutual responsibility a given universe actually supports and develops WIN WIN situations, such that the health of one supports the health of others. Leo, you say: "Keep at it. You are growing even if you don’t notice it yet. Remember, gains in this work are highly non-linear." In my view, your statement is a partial view of the discussed issue, because the development process can be linear, non-linear are any possible mixture of the two, depending on the healthy natural abilities of one's system.
  6. @Principium Nexus You beautifully and profoundly express yourself on this subject.
  7. Let's see: Leo says: "Yes, psychedelics can kill you. That's whole point of using them!" Leo also says: "And if you feel totally stuck in your self-inquiry, psychedelics are the answer. A few trips can save you a few years of mental-masturbation on the cushion." In other words, Leo suggests to the posters here to use killers in order to improve their life. And no, he did not honestly answered (yet) to any of my questions to him.
  8. @Monkey-man I mean that the same sea is both calm (absolute) any wavy (relative), where the non-duality of being the same sea, enables its calm (absolute) aspect to be the common source of finitely or infinitely many wavy (relative) fresh (new, original) phenomena, which are created (expressed) from the calm (absolute) aspect and developed into WIN WIN (harmonious) complex phenomena, in terms of superconductivity (zero entropy). More details can be found in these posts:
  9. spoiler: leo's not gonna answer your questions neither. Leo, I do not hide under nicknames and I gave you my honest answers to your questions. Please honestly answer to my questions to you. Thank you.
  10. Unless infinity is also endless next new original things (the term "already" does not hold, which means that creativity is an essential property of reality).
  11. Hi Nham, Please answer to my question to you in Thank you.
  12. Did Leo actually told you that he is not going to answer to my questions to him? Do união do vegetal people use also LSD as one of their psychodial drugs? Please pay attention that Leo does not say no to drugs like LSD in this forum, even if LSD can easily be added to your list of heavy drugs. You say: "we can let them ..." Please tell us on what society ("them") you are talking about that without these "we" (who are exactly these "we"?) "falls into egoic traps such as adultery, pornography, alcoholism, heavy drug use (crack and heroin [I add LSD to your list]), smoking, divorces and end up destroying the life of their children."?
  13. I am waiting to Leo's honest answers to my questions to him. For the rest of the posters in this forum, please honestly answer to the following simple questions: Can you guarantee that you are more responsible (for not being harmed and\or harm others) under psychodial drugs' influence than without them, in a given daily life situation? What do you prefer, to be dependent on external sources (for example: psychodial drugs) as tools for your development or relying on your internal sources (for example: your natural brain chemistry) as tools for your development?