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  1. About the no-spending lifestyle, it goes pretty well. I literally avoid spending almost any money. About the no-spending lifestyle, it goes pretty well. I literally avoid spending almost any money.
  2. Thanks I appreciate the faith in my project
  3. I just fapped today but without porn just by remembering an ex
  4. Spent about 9€ today to eat and drink
  5. I spent 16€ to my much needed medication for Bipolar Illness today and 4€ for beers since a friend allready paid me some the last days.
  6. By the way I extended the project to 7 months. I figured I could as well save money for a longer time to stay longer. The journey seems long, to get rid of those addictions and distractions but it's definitely worth it.
  7. No I’m passed this age of peer pressure but I wouldn’t say hanging out with users helps of course.
  8. I did succeed in once again not spending one single € today.
  9. It pretty much depends actually, I take em alone, with friends, it really depends. I didn't succeed at staying clean atm (would have been a wonder anyways). Strange thing is I need a cigarette so badly now I got home and am alone, while outside I didn't really need it.
  10. Glad I spent a day without spending a €
  11. Yeah one time someone asked me "Do you ever sleep? Ever?" I'm in Europe so at night I sometimes message american friends or thai friends, both in different timezones
  12. Indeed, I've been struggling with all this for many years with big spikes in dependance. Everything is far from great but it has been worse. Oh I forgot another one, messaging and my phone, I litteraly check it 1000 times a day
  13. Several drugs (well I don't use all the time but I have periods of addiction) Women / Sex Alcohol (yes I know it's also a drugs) Smoking (depends on the moments) And yes I'm Bipolar which probably explains a lot. Trying to fix all this shit
  14. ;It's indeed not the end of the world (since I have many addictions to deal with) but it needs to be adressed
  15. Interesting, well I supposes noticing the problem is already a step forward. I'll see how I react to that craving.