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  1. @blazed I struggled with this for a while too. I finally came to the realization of what Leo was saying one day when I started to observe what I thought was "my perspective". Theres this thought in your mind that theres some mystical thing behind your eyes thats watching you. But that itself is a thought. The perspective itself is a thought. And the thought of perspective is just happening, there is no "You" that thought is happening to. There is nothing; and then there is everything; which is infinite. So the human sitting there reading this right now has to be there; else reality wouldnt be infinite and reality can only be infinite. Again conceptualizing it doesnt get the point across because it can only work within thought.
  2. I have been doing a lot of self inquiry the past 6 months. I usually spend 3 hours a day and on my days off work i'll usually just spend the entire day doing self inquiry. Through it all I have had a lot experiences and a lot of insights and I am always trying to connect it to Leo's theory in his videos. Leo seems to help speed this process up a lot because I am able to take things on faith and then see them for myself. But I am starting to have a mixture of unique experiences and I really don't understand whats going on. So I will try to describe them the best I can here and see if anyone can help me understand them. 1. Usually after about 30min-1hr of self inquiry my whole body in "tingling" and this feeling of not being "me" starts to come and go. After about two hours I will reach this state where everything starts to spin for about 3 seconds and suddenly I feel like I am just the air or a very strong presence in the room. This has happened many times; is this enlightenment? I mean its incredible but it doesn't really explain itself. I haven't been able to go further than this. 2. I find myself trying different ways of self inquiry each session. Sometimes trying to become everything I am currently aware of works. Sometimes trying to realize I am not the body works. But sometimes my body just tingles a lot and I find it to not be very pleasant after a while. It happens especially strong in my legs I almost cant even feel them and I don't enjoy it. Is this normal? 3. This is kind of a unique scenario for me I guess but every since I was about 13 (long before I started doing any of this work; I'm 22 now) I have been having sleep paralysis almost every night at least once. You may not know what sleep paralysis is but its basically when you wake up during sleep and realize you cant move your body and then start to have hallucinations that have a very negative undertone and it's really just horrible. I could go into a lot of detail with sleep paralysis but for the sake of keeping this short I just want to know your opinions on its connection to this work. I find when i'm doing self inquiry before going to bed I always have it. The tingling in my legs are usually a sure fire sign I am going to have sleep paralysis. Anyway thanks for reading all of this sorry it was so long I just had a lot of questions I have been thinking over and feel I am getting a bit lost in all of this. Thanks. On a side note: Am I the only who finds doing self inquiry with your eyes open speeds the process up?
  3. I've been doing self inquiry a lot. I've had some incredible enlightenment experiences and felt like pure awareness. Incredible and magnificent. But this question keeps popping up in my logical mind. Since I am this pure awareness and not this body; why then when I become enlightened am I only aware of this body's perspective? Why do I not become aware of the perspectives around me? The best I can come up with is because the perspective I am aware of is simply an illusion therefore rendering the other perspectives around me an illusion. But this would mean I am the only one who is aware of a body. I understand the logical mind cannot comprehend these things and it's really hard to even ask an accurate question referring to my experiences but I just wanted to get some opinions from you guys on the subject. Thanks.