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  1. @SaWaSaurus Yes I know - but Im staying away from writing more than a paragraph to make it more digestible for some here
  2. @Stomatopod Ok I am not repeating myself for the X time because you´re unable to read more than two sentences of a post, its hell annoying. It is NOT, for the final time, >>NOT<< about political correctness or "showing sensitivity speaking in public". I am comparing it to 1984 because, as in 1984, the straw-man of political correctness, mis-information, and hate speech is used to censor scientific debate, or non-mainstream discussions AWAY FROM ANY GENER, or LGBTQ TOPIC. (E.g. last month the founder of mRNA vaccine being banned from linkedin for sharing a pubmed article unter the veil of "mis-information and hate speech") I am comparing it to 1984 because, as in 1984, the ruling party is changing the vocabulary of its citizens to influence their behavior. Why is this so hard to understand, read the damn book.
  3. @Eph75 You are exactly the reason why I am on this forum. Thanks for the post this is quality material - answering my question. Appreciate it.
  4. @Bojan V Im sorry to hear that. You must hardcore collide with the orthodox people there. But I can assure you that I am not phobic (fearing) of any sex, gender, religion, color, or other box, people are put in. To the topic: Ive repeated this 3x times already but this threat is not about gender, sex, religion, or freedom of expression. (again these are great things.) -> Its about the censorship and dictation of which words are being allowed to use, the deplatforming of scientists in the name of "anti-hate speech, mis-information, fake news" which bears a lot of similarity to what is described in George Orwell 1984 (see my prev. post about newspeak.) @Emerald Talking about censorship and cancel culture has no touchpoint with this! Its ridiculous! Ive repeated multiple times. You see you call me a homophobe (defamation) so anything I´ve written about the actual topic (which is censorship and freedom speech) is now forgotten. I am the enemy who is not to be listened to. This is exactly the problem. Yes it is. Because now I have to defend myself from these serious accusations and I cant just discuss censorship and freedom of speech anymore. What happens now is, the inventor of the mRNA technology says something about vaccine concerns, and is immediately pulled from social media because he is "violating community guidelines about mis-information and hate speech". "Well if he mis informed and hated, good he went!" - you might say, but in fact he did not. Its a straw-man position. I´ve literally shared a story about how riding black is being banned, which is the exact same usage of "black" as in black coffee, (in german there is also black bread, yellow trashcan etc.) @lmfao Exactly this is described by George Orwell as well. @cookiemonster Of course it has nothing to do with the rights of LGBTQ - that is what I am saying - media censorship is being undertaken under the veil of it being for LGBTQ as a justification. You understand what I am saying here? This whole thread is exactly what is so concerning. Instead of talking about the issues with cancel culture, no discussion is possible, because people make it about rights for diversity, attacking people, etc. In George Orwell terms if you're opposing the ruling party you are not loving enough so you have to go to the ministry of love to get "educated". But whats really happening is you oppose party ideology so you get sentenced to death - but since the wording is different, they changed its meaning. Now If I say Im worried for the freedom of speech and about censorship, I am a "homophobe" "racist" so I need to be censored and go to jail. Even though I didnt say anything about race or gender. You get this? See even the title "how dangerous is lgbtq" is by most people translated with "how dangerous is freedom for all genders and diversity" So of course it is not dangerous! But the topic is about censorship of scientists and many more under the veil they are violating lgbtq rights. Which they are clearly not. And this is EXACTLY what George Orwell describes in 1984, which is why I made this thread. By just giving an ideology, a practice, a party etc. a universally good name such as "the party of freedom and diversity" , the "ministry of truth and love" you can get away with doing exactly the opposite of enabling freedom and diversity.
  5. You might just project that onto them - people are vastly different in their positions about serious relationships, marriage etc. independent of age. You could also just mention what you just said in the first date casually, weed out. Nur generally, just date the person, don't look at their age.
  6. See that´s what I am talking about . You do not read what I´ve actually said, you are just attaching to the label of maybe the title or some fracture of a sentence. So what happens in discourse is, when someone has a different argument - it is not accepted any longer. Now the person becomes "mis-informed", or a homophobe, or whatever label to discredit the person so their pov is by default invalid. He is no longer a participant in an exchange, he is just the "enemy". Can´t you go meta and see how this is a problem, no matter what the underlying issue is? Even when we talk about something without much weight to it, e.g. if pineapple should be on pizza. There can never be an exchange of actual information. It should be obvious how this development, in either direction of social-political views, is a problem for society. Who is "they" that you are fighting against? Well in the end its society fighting against itself. @thisintegrated I think you make a good point about yellow. According to the model, what I wrote above about the "meta perspective" cant be understood by tier I. So what happens is they demonise it I guess. But consider, If I remember correctly, approx 2% of population are in yellow, thats not so much.
  7. But censorship is happening, people losing their jobs or getting deplatformed, kicked out of universities etc. See that worries me. Its such a charged issue, instantly you attack me. It is not pettiness! (read below) I guess its because (and again this is 1on1 out of George Orwell 1984) the name of the "movement" is associated with rights for all and equality, which is a great thing. In Orwell, exactly the same happens. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministries_of_Nineteen_Eighty-Four) The ruling party establishes e.g. a ministry of truth - whose job is to "correct" newspaper articles, and write new ones ministry of love - whose job is to torture "mind-offenders" , so people who do not align with the party ideology, until they break or die. ministry of freedom etc. You get this? If the name of the organisation already implies goodness - e.g. "the party for equality and freedom" what the party actually does can be completely different, it is still able to achieve the perception of goodness. SO; Now if a women shouts death to all men while wearing a rainbow t shirt - or a scientist is deplatformed for a counter-mainstream narrative, the first is fighting for equality and freedom, and the latter is banned because "he violated the guidelines for anti-hate speech, mis-information and equality." You see if I just re-name the action, I can create a completely new narrative. I am not censoring a scientist, I am protecting the platform from hate speech or fake news etc. @eliasvelez Thats why it is not pettiness, if words are getting forbidden. In Orwell, there is "Newspeech" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspeak which leans onto this concept. I am not taking a blue pov here elias, you are not getting it thats why you say its "just pettieness". I dont give a f*ck about left or right ideology.
  8. @Superfluo What´s your point? NC is about trials, we already have over 60 trials.
  9. @LastThursday no problem Maybe leo should spend less money on strippers and more on marketing actualized.org content, hire a team, scale the business etc. but that´s just maybe, strippers are nice too
  10. @PBen534 I like the discussion, but its very clear benefits outweigh risks. There have been over 30 randomized controlled double blind studies by now. The safety of IVM is well studied. Way better than most drugs tbh. Here, check this study from 2002: They gave patients up to 120mg single dose. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12362927/ Most studies play with 12-36mg ____ Its against all ethics to not at least give people the choice of taking ivermectin in early treatment. You have to be "lucky" enough to end up in an FLCC Protocol Hospital.. Its ridiculous.
  11. @PBen534 More research is being done: http://www.ivmmeta.com
  12. @LastThursday How am I fanboy? Literally agree with OP if you haven´t noticed. Maybe read it again.
  13. @hoodrow trillson Dude thanks for bringing some sense into this. This gender thing will end up costing us our society if it goes on like this omg
  14. lol Im actually scheduling to try this and make a yt video on my channel about it haha. I love the idea of powernaps, and I dont see why it should not be beneficial if you sum total the same amount of sleep.
  15. Before the fanboys turn you into bloody corpse, admittedly his early work (the black button shirt era e.g.) you notice better content, more structure. I guess that was his prime
  16. @erik8lrl Shanghai is boring af, have you been? suuuper boring.
  17. No, if you have other arguments write them
  18. @Opo alot alot alot alot alot of money over years yes Too much to let it slip because some stupid anti parasiticum from 1970 works right So yea welcome to 2021 - where people continue to die bcs of money interests, even in "first world healthcare" gg. Anyway, Please visit, and share this website: http://www.ivmmeta.com Its an amazing job, all the data on one page. And spread the word please!
  19. @MuadDib It's not the case. Click on the link there is in vivo patient data from 20k patients for ivermectin. You can not get it in the U.S or Europe, doctors who use it will loose their license and get sued. It's not FDA approved, even though its being taken since 40 years for all sorts of stuff. --- The golden line is, there are billions to be made with covid treatment, and ivermectin is almost free.
  20. @imhumaniswear Imo No. Not compatible. Reason? You guys can't fix problems together.