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  1. @Harikrishnan Skin health comes down to nutrition and toxins as your skin is also a detox organ. Your skin has a delicate pH and flora fauna environment, so over-washing with cosmetics will not do good. My skin is smooth as silk and I eat clean, drink filtered water and the only cosmetics I use are coconut oil, olive oil and soap Dont get sold by marketing bs. Eat clean, be clean.
  2. @digitalkaine There´s a difference between "healing disease" with a diet and "whats the most optimal diet for humans". These differ!
  3. @Noahsteelers34 5g daily , cycle 1 month on 1 month off yes, safe.
  4. Yes. In fact testosterone levels have been falling from generation to generation so that a 70year old in 2000 had the same avg. t levels of a 25y old in 2020. Nutrition Training Lifestyle Supplementation this makes or breaks your health and so your testosterone levels
  5. @funkychunkymonkey For sure! Its the martial art. A beautiful process full of tradition and honor, friendship and personal growth.
  6. @Richard Purdy This. There are XXX types of cancer, dont generalise. But generally (lol) read about the development theories about cancer (keywords: cells backed in the corner burning sugar without oxygen, cancer metabolizing sugar and toxins at a crazy rate to support the body instead of harm it) Cancer is a topic for itself. Scary stuff. So much money being made. Hidden cure hospitals somewhere in brazil. Its wild.
  7. @Spiral Wizard Dont fall for the demonization of sugar. Its the same as the demonization of fat in the 1970s Nono 1)Fructose acts different in the body than Glucose ("common" sugar). 2) Fructose in fruit comes with their food matrix, which is different than processed mono-sacharride glucose (white table sugar) 3) Fructose does not cause fatty liver, these studies have been done with extreme amounts of fructose (100g a day for a 500g rat) + with the lack of choline. With choline, your liver exports the fat into cholesterol for healthy steroid hormone synthesis etc. So yea, welcome to real health where sugar is quite ok, chronic fasting is bs, and most "modern" health advice once again, is hype money making.
  8. @integral Choline is huge for liver health. Creatine is the most studied performance enhancing supplement of all time. Both very important. Veganism is a nutrient deficient diet, I´m sorry but if health is your goal, strict veganism is not going to work. I have deep empathy for the ethics of it, I didnt create the rules here, but we need animal produce.
  9. @no_name For sure. But it depends on your age, nutrition, sleep, recovery methods etc. Also depends upon how high you drive your heart rate. There are training zones (google it) What I have learned in my long long journey of health and fitness is that smart gets you further than head through the wall. But when youre working out, there is no way around going very hard. But within controlled spaces. That brings max gains.
  10. @StarStruck Bro that video gave me anxiety lmao. Jesus christ these people lacking cholesterol, sat fats, a complete amino acid profile and so much more..
  11. Yes. Sugar is actually not your enemy because your body needs sugar for fuel. Overuse of easy digestible sugar is a problem However, hydrogenated oils serve almost no function besides being cheap for the food industry which throws that stuff at you
  12. @MarkKol If you want to be healthy on a budget, invest your money in high value good foods You dont need organic rice, but you definately need organic eggs. Eat * White Rice (presoaked for a couple of hours to get rid of arsenic, phytic acid) * Organic Carrots * Organic Eggs * Frozen fruit * Oatmeal (presoaked) * Beef not the most fun diet, but these are cheap clean food choices
  13. more like a techno rat.
  14. @Terell Kirby Working out is ancient spiritual practice (read the philosophers) so in essence how about you contemplate while working out - youre in excuse mode my dear BUT since I dont wanna repeat what´s already been given to you: Exercise and then do a 20min cooldown where you sit cross legged eyes closed, exhausted and find contemplative time
  15. @PurpleTree thats cool shit!
  16. Sugar + fat = evolutionary desireable food, so no wonder. My guess is youre eating to little calories for your expenditure, thus naturally you want to eat carbs but you have demonized sugar because mainstream nutrition went from demonnizing fat to demonizing sugar (both are not true) So how about you give yourself healthy sugar snacks throughout the day instead of working against what your body clearly wants? Bring some eggs, fruits, carrots, and lemon honey water to work and just chill with that self torture, youre harming yourself believing doing the right thing
  17. Good! Adrenal fatigue is very real and guess what pushes adrenals? Exercise. Is your TSH high? You´d benefit much more from fixing your metabolic health first and then adding work outs
  18. Your entire diet is important, not just protein intake. Carb refeeds are essential. Imagine you only eat protein. Your body will create glucose out of the protein through gluconeogenesis to feed your body, wasting protein which could supply muscle fibres. got me? its not so simple. Also Protein = 10+ Amino Acids There are essential and non essential AAs You vegan? then Soy is the only thing which has a complete AA profile. But do you want to eat Soy all day? I dont think so (Phytoestrogens) If you wanna stop poking at the service and really understand stuff, I kindly recommend my link below
  19. Yes. But do you expect someone to tele-diagnose your micro mineral deficiencies :D? If I could do that I´d be a billionaire (or do consults from the beach only) But here for starters: Youre too much focused on brain chemistry, your mood is much more a result of your gut health, thyroid hormone level and purpose. Glutamine favors excitatory activity, its literally a CNS stimulant. So your mood swings are normal, youre basically taking a drug. In case you had a traumatic childhood etc. (THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE JUST MY PERSONAL UNREASONABLE COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE POINT OF VIEW), I´d try some medium sized dose of clean MDMA with your friends on a sunny day with good music and see if that kicks your chemistry back into normal, away from "normal" being depressed. This is risky, you need to be healthy for this, and never ever mix with other substances or any meds. Only a crazy person would do this. 10/10 Dont recommend. Alternatively go sky diving. Ok I should stop now lmao. My point is hypothetically if youre needle is calibrated on the low end it takes a big hit towards the upside, a wakey shakey, to knock it back into normal
  20. @Eternal Unity You are conscious of two factors (and shared them here) which affect your sleep, but in reality there are 10 more you are currently unaware of. So know you tweak these two variables discarding the other 8, your results will be accordingly. Got me? Need to dig deeper into it. A side effect of caffeine is anxiety btw, esp. when youre drinking coffee which is mold contaminated. So youre doing crazy stuff with your health atm, would not recommend going on like this (no med. advice) Problem with pharmaceuticals is once you have consistent blood levels of them, you might become dependent. So its not even safe anymore to do a hard reset. So therefore I would not advice this Buy some L-Theanine and take it with the coffee in the morning, stick to one morning coffee (with or after breakfast not first thing) and drink more fluids with fructose and some vitamins (e.g. honey water with lemon juice)
  21. @John Iverson You can hire me Basically your question is; "How do I get to New York?" But I (yet) do not know where you are sitting right now, got me? If youre in Florida it will be a different route than if youre in Hong Kong. Translated, your body composition, age, history, diet, lifestyle etc.etc.etc. play a role on what route is yours.
  22. @Shawn Philips I condemn you to 10 minutes on Google scholar and 15 minutes to think about what you type into your computer. https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=muscle+protein+synthesis&oq=muscle+protein+ You do not even need any empirical research (which seems to be the crack of stage orange, who then shame all other people for their "beliefs"). Just use your common sense, you strain muscle fibre, you cause microtears, you cause adaption to future load. Your body does need +1hr to digest protein. Muscle fibre is made of protein. When does the muscle adaption occur? In a span of roughly 48hours, bell curve shaped with a long tail end What is adaption constrained by? 1. Stimulus 2. Building blocks for tissue So what do we do? 1. We go create high quality stimulus 2. We supply excess of building blocks And when do we supply building blocks (a.k.a nutrition). At the rising slope of the bell curve (a.k.a the first 3 to maybe 6 hours) ?