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  1. Got the chance to try some shrooms with a friend for the first time, I've heard they have very powerful healing qualities and I'd like to use the chance to get to the root of my shyness and social anxiety + negative sexual beliefs and repression around women. How can I make the most out of this trip and make sure I heal from it instead of just getting high and tripping out for fun? How is 2g dried for a first time dose? That's what I'm planning to try, wanna make sure I get more than just subtle effects. How long should I fast before the trip? Any other recommendations? Thanks guys!
  2. I've had a pretty shit diet all my life, just eating sugary/fatty snacks and whatever my parents made for me. I drink over a litre of milk a day and love my fruits and pastas. I'd like slowly start improving my diet but I realized I don't really know what is considered healthy or unhealthy and there's an overload of information out there. What are the most important foods/nutrients to start cutting out? What are the best resources for understanding all this stuff?
  3. Thank you Leo. Will be doing breathwork; I'm interested in psychedelics but I'm so neurotic/emotionally unstable as of late that I'm worried about what will happen but at the same time I really want some kind of release. When is the right time to try them, and what would you recommend to start with? I think holding off and continuing my meditation until I'm a bit calmer/present is a good idea but it's something to think about for the new year. I've tried marijuana and had a ton of negative emotions come up so despite not being a psychedelic it could be helpful for releasing emotions.
  4. Point taken. I had a similar experience with acne, years of treatment with a burning cream did nothing and my doctor insisted my poor diet and lack of exercise/fresh air had nothing to do with it. A few weeks ago I stopped taking my SSRIs and other meds against my doctor's recommendations. I wanted to stop supressing whatever depressed emotions I had buried away and clear out my subconscious. Since stopping them I've felt way better, more like myself. More neurotic and my emotions have a lot more variability to them but the ups feel incredible and when I'm down it's much easier to be with myself and cry out a ton of garbage that's been haunting me for years. I'm getting off topic here, but what does @Leo Gura recommend for the more powerful emotional healing techniques? I meditate and follow the self acceptance visualization daily. I'm also following a program called Transformation Mastery by RSD Julien which has helped me release emotions (mostly crying) at times but I've yet to have any breakthroughs or discover whatever my core wound/trauma/whatever is causing a scarcity paradigm is. Got any practical videos or techniques to look into? Thank ya!
  5. I'm interested in trying holotropic breathwork but I've heard quite a few doctors and nurses say it's not very safe. I tried it myself for about 10 minutes but couldn't keep up; my breathing felt extremely forced and there were a lot of cramps. I'm thinking of attending a workshop sometime and would like to know what kind of experiences others have had. Also, any tips on how to find these workshops? Google gives me workshops from everywhere except Ontario. I found one but it's way pricier ($175) than all the others I've seen and their website has minimal information on the technique itself and no certification date. I don't have a good feeling about that one.
  6. Thank you @Vitamine Water! I just got back from my hour. I've noticed it's different depending on when and where I do it. If I do it in chair at night while tired I almost pass out. If I do it in the afternoon outside looking at the lake I'm more awake and calm. The daydreaming happens a lot but I do have those moments where I'm just like wow...I was totally lost. Followed by just a couple seconds of stillness. Then I seem to be kind of aware (I don't know what awareness is to be honest) of my thoughts before I sink into them again. That's usually the kind of cycle I go through. I do feel relaxed for a while after and sometimes I can feel emotions bubbling up a little, but never anything too intense and I've yet to have any sort of breakdown or extreme release. What meditations would you recommend for being as present as possible? I try to practice mindfulness throughout my day (admittedly I'm distracted most the time) but I never sit down and make being present my full intent. It would be great to schedule my meditation and have one hour in the morning and one in the evening, for different things. Gotta make sure my one hour sticks first though! There's been a few days where I really don't want to do it and end up forcing myself to take that hour out of my sleep time.
  7. But trying to be aware and trying to stay in the present moment is doing something! In Leo's video he says he lets his mind do literally whatever it wants to do and lets go of his focus. He says to let go of the need to stop the monkey mind. Yet other posts say to be present and aware. But my mind takes me far away from the present moment and into daydreams. I have to be misunderstanding something here. How can I let go of my focus and let my mind do it's thing while, at the exact same time, I'm trying to be present and aware? The past three weeks have been me getting completely absorbed in thought, have I been wasting all that time? Gonna go do my hour of meditation now and experiment with it.
  8. Hey! I started meditating a few weeks ago and have been doing an hour of "Do Nothing." In Leo's video he says to let go of control of your thoughts and control of your focus. But when I let go my focus I am completely identified with my mind for the entire meditation and it feels more like day dreaming. I end up with no idea what's going on in my body and it has yet to help me be present or mindful throughout the day. So am I supposed to be controlling my focus without controlling my thoughts or am I supposed to be controlling nothing and getting swept away in my thoughts until one day it calms down? This is the only meditation technique I've done, I'm considering adding 20 minutes of mindfullness meditation on the side. Thanks!