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  1. The insights i have are ridicilous...they are so many and so perfound So... I became aware how karma works. Karma is when you act unconciously Its when you are programmed to act in a way that you do not choose. BUT! When you became more concious of your subconcious programming you suddenly know why you act, behave ,choose in a certain way. And when this happens karma slowly deteriorates...literally NOW I GIT THE MEANING OF LIFE IS A DREAM...and how each dream has its own rules... Karma exists from an unconcious human being. But from an awakend person doesnt. And as you slowly become concious LITERALLY the laws of your reality changes.... Know i understand why some yogis have phycic powers... Its like the video about free will vs deternism..... Its not one or the other... Its that from a spesific point of view or conciousnews or vibration or level of reality free will exists or not exists..... And i am not talking about perspectives... Because literally karma acts in a person not because they believe that karma exists but because the are programmed. So it is not a perspective ... its from what dimension its in(video about infinite in leos blog with how infinite is a dot)... WTF....MAYBE I HAVE TAKEN STEROIDS FOR INSIGHTS HAHAA...I THINK I AM GOING TO MASTURBATE.... Byeee
  2. [I think that the meaning of being free from karma , means being free from all the habitual conditionings of the mind ,being free of the deep unawareness that people go through which puts them in a bondage and makes them act in a reactive instinctual away and when this unawareness is collectively taken ,the people work within a chain of cause and effect ,which is the bondage of karma. I think being free of karma means being free of this deep habitual bondage that we go through in our daily lives. ] What you said there is exacly what i was trying ti say Also i fucking love how you write your messages. You must be a well-balanced human being.
  3. Leo i just want to share my opinion about your retreats. Not that i know better than you but because i have SOME knowledge about physiology i wanted to let you know that: •Your sleeping schedule in your retreats fuck up your hormones. To explain: you have excessive stimulation of your sympathetic nervous system which is role is to release stress hormonee like cortisol. When this happens everything that is related with this system (brain) make your brain act in the same way. In simple words, your brain produces MORE THOUGHTS.(PLZ DONT SAY BRAINS DONT EXIST HAHA ) • I dont know what you are eating in your daily life but if your are not eating based on your Metabolic type® you stress your body too much which basically does the same thing as the above ( plus you become sleepy , foggy , not clear thoughts , and cant concetrate). Also this happens when you are not rotatings the food you eat snd you eat the same foods in an given categorie ( Rotation diet) • sometimes more is less and less is more... why i say that.... i would suggest that you walk for 15 minutes between your sessions (slow walking and if you can syncronize your breathing with steps 3-5 steps inhale-3-5 steps exhale... and i said more is less and less is more because i know that if you walk in its session you will loose time for your formal sits... •Lastly, it will really help you having some energizing zone exercises ( based on chakras) which are literally 1-2 minutes, that stimulate your brain in becoming more active at concetration! All the above is from the work of paul chek but because i use all of his knowledge practicly they really really really help me.... If you want to thank me go buy his book how to eat,move and be healthy. P.s it will BLOW YOUR MIND if you have a small working out routine how much it will help you with your retreats. Meditation is very yin (energy in) .... if you dont balance it with yang (energy out) you have sympoms like heavyness sleepingness tiredness lazyness and many many more. I dont believe that i know any better than you i just wrote this article as an idea for some tips for you retreats. I hope you have a great day leo!
  4. I swear this insight made me question every single teacher and person that exists including me. Ok so... Every single being on this planet has some characteristics. (Childhood,family,school they went,and much much more) And throught our lives we read,listen,have experiences that justifie beliefs we have and how we see the world. And i am not talking about small stuff...i mean like some "spiritual beliefs that we take in order to have some guidance on where we want to go. For example, recently leo made 3 videos about self-deception. Look now how easiiiilyyyy somebody can become inpacted in a negative way with this information OR the information sound compelling and justifies all your previous consepts. In childhood we have a dynamic that its called "when its not ok to be ok" (teal swan video) Which is basically when someone feels joy and at the same time someone subconciously wants to put him down by manipulating him in subtle ways (like saying....ohhh you dont have the responsibilities that i have or dont get so excited because you will be disapointed) and much much more examples And now listen how the video (self deception) can have a negative impact. Say that you feel happy and satisfied for who you are. And after hearing this video you subconciosly believe that whenever i feel happy or secure or you believe something hardcore that means that behind that there is something that TRICKS YOU. The same happended with me with fitness. I had soooooo convincing opinions about stretching and yoga and good it is to not be tight...anddd believe me you couldnt argue with me...and all of this happened because i was HYPERMOBILE and i was inclined to love stretching...but that made me get injured..and the same situation can happen with videos like self-deception. Because you have an inclanation to believe that something tricks you or something you feel is not true (childhood trauma) What i am trying to say is that some things sticks to our conciouness because we have an inclanation to those things and that can trick us. And the problem becomes more complicated when we talk about things like self-deception because the fact that we came across this idea is because we had an inclanation for it. So self deception brought us to the idea of self deception. And we cant escape this. Its like accidentally you came across the idea about why beliefs are illusory and the exact same time you had a trauma in your childhood about not trusting your own beliefs. I am sooooooooooooo convinced that even enlightned people can be influenced with this consept i am making. And of course what i am saying is an inclanation i have on sticking these spesific dots and come to this conclusion. So i am not escaping it. So even if you have the most compeling idea in the world (even if paradoxically its the idea of self-deception) find out what MADEEEE YOU CAME ACROSS THIS IDEA. BELIEVE me even the self deception idea can come across their lives because they ATRACT THIS KIND OF IDEA. Paradox ,huh? What made you question your beliefs? What made you have an impulse that ego is illusory. And am not talking about spiritual-bypassing here..... I am tallking about why somebody will respond like "Ohhh its just your petty theories" "Oohhh you dont exist f*** you hahaha. To close, even the fact that you believe such thing like "beliefs are subgective" watch out... This information may have arrived to you because your mummy told you when you are young. "Ohhh you are young unicorns dont exist" so you didnt trust your beliefs. And dont be afraid i know that i am making bold claims. Dont let my language fool you that i am 100% sure of what am i talking Byeeeeee
  5. I like how you wrote this. I am not trying to say that some ideas are not valid. The idea of self deception its great. As you responded correctly to nahm its that people will use this idea in the wrong way. And i am not saying it from a point that they misinterpret the idea of self-deception. Im saying it from a point that its not something that will be helpfull to them IF for example they do not EVER trust them selfs.
  6. Im so sorry but i didnt understand what you are trying to say...its just that im not so good in the english language
  7. EXACTLY! you got the point man?
  8. You had a trauma about not trusting your OWN beliefs You come across the idea "beliefs are illusory" You say "ohhhh so true." (Because you already did not trust your believes) You shooting yourself in the foot because that information is NOT helpfull for this point in your life. I passion when i was writing the topic made me talk like an angry chick. Its not your fault
  9. I dont take my beliefs so seriously even if my language or title appears that way. I am all about expressing 100% what rises up. And when i feel pride (that means bigger ego) i also express it and let it grow. Becuase trying to hide or not expressing a belief its just ego expressing itself with other forms. And believe me joseph. Just because you are not expressing something it doesnt mean that is not there. What im trying to say is dont take what i express as how much meaning i give to it Of course i respect your response and i got the point. But i just wanted to say that people who are on this forum are basically afraid to sound a little egoic or delluded. I know that all my beliefs are petty but they are there whether i express them or not. So from an act of love im expressing that way! Hope i didnt responed rude
  10. So, i was writing in my "insights notebook" about an insight i had about judgement! It was like "who i am to judge "other" when in fact what i judge is a part of me that exist on some circumstances" For example, some people say "i wish rapists die! What a criminals!" Not realizing that have addopted the character of a murderer. You got the point... And as i was writing all of this it was like "i" Wasnt writing but something other than me And from the topic of judgement i started going to "oneness",that everything is interconnected. AND SUDDENLY IT JUST HIT ME! IF i became aware of "something" that means that this "something", was already there! So you guessed it right i started becoming conciouss of the "infinite" That every possibility is there. Every idea Every thing i am looking for. And now i f****** understand what teachers meant when they said "you have everything you need" So literally, the "mind or you" has infinite knowledge availible every single moment. And the question is "Am i aware of that" And you cant become aware by trying. Because "it" is already there. When you search it ,that means that you believe that its NOT there. Thats why ego seperates you from everything. That why we think "we" have a life. Because of the opposite we are concious (we can see the whole only becauce we are a part of a whole) Thats why the ego exists Goddd i feel so free right now. The last 2-3 months some subtle things have changed in me... I dont know why?? I am not even trying... I cant even understand where all of this is coming from.... Whos is in controll? Who chooses the "next" thing? Who is choosing to persue enlightment? Who choosed to write this topic? Who feels pride for this insight? Who secretly wants leo to read this and say "you are on the right road kid" haha. MINDFUCK!
  11. You are so amazing alex. So intertaining video! Cheers from greece Marios
  12. Send me a message i can really help you with everything. <3
  13. 1.meditation 30 minutes 2. Walking 10-20 minutes 3.stretching/foam rolling 4. Visualization before bed for 15 minutes 5.getting early on bed 10-11 6. Working out (calisthenics) on my workout days Basically most of my routines are about fitness which is my passion. So i try to balance the yang (working out) with yin (stretching,foam rolling,sleeping) You are not alone
  14. I just want to say that i love the videos in the blog. The last one totally motivated me and i felt so good while i was hearing it! Sorry if this is not a solid topic for the forum but i wanted to express my graditude. I love you leo <3
  15. I totally understand what you are saying. I think that sometimes you have to do that. Sometimes you have to aim for being perfect and sometimes to say "what the f*** trying to solve a problem that dont exists" But i think you should have a balance in these two. Creating problems can be valuable my experience only of course. Again, i feel you brother <3
  16. I'm not saying that in a negative way. I was watching some old videos and i realized something pretty amazing. Because im following leo every week for the past 2 years , i realized that some things he said back then, i am saying now in my own mind! For example when i realize something about myself and then i try to come up with a strategy of how i can change that (like curing perfectionism while self actualizing) ... The strategy i come up is the exact same strategy that leo had reccomended back then. (1-2 years back) What im trying to say is that just by seeing his videos, i get influenced and that appears after a long time. And the funny thing is that i dont even remember these videos... Sometimes i feel even silly because i might come up with a theory that i take credit for it, and after a while i see an old video of leo that says the exact same thing. So, growth happens even when i am not realizing it. Im not saying that as an excuse to not taking action. Im saying that because people who have reached a plateau have to realize that it takes time to see the changes in yourself. P.s FUCK MY FYCKING ENGLISH I CANT EVEN EXPRESS MY SELF XAXAXA.... i hope you understood my point...
  17. I want to make something clear because i have discovered that it has become a pattern to most people SEX IN NOT A DISTRACTION it CAN be a distraction...But... As i walk the path of personal development and enlightment i am becoming more aware that i demonize and cutting off things without even realizing it! Leo does a good job in inspiring us and helping us but there is one problem....HE IS MORE AWARE THAN MOST OF PEOPLE... that means that whenever he talks about something he has already emboded it! What im trying to say is that if you want something so badly that it distracts you from everything GO FOR IT! I dont mean chasing sex for all of your life.. I am saying it as a transition phase From leos point chasing sex is literally a distraction! And he is right! But that does not mean that is a distraction for YOU! I make excuses of how things have to be and how i have to be a "good spiritual seaker" In my case i want so badlly sex not because my DICK gets hard. But because i want connection.... And people with "higher conciousness" will say "You are just disconected from yourself" No M********** let me experience first hand what chasing sex does to me... Even that means doing one night stand (people will argue in this one) And of course i dont mean just go and do pick up (although i can help some people) BUT just open yourself up...and become aware that you may demonizing things unconciouslly. I always said "i dont demonize sex" but whenever an opportunity occured i denied it and felt like it is not what i want .i was LYINGGGGG AND I SAY IT AGAIN from a higher conciousness view what im saying might be silly and just not important. And you are right But PLEAZE people dont go to this trap Dont be a puppet of "higher conciousness beings" Chase money sex appearence... BUT dont get lost in it! Im becoming aware that i just try to empower my self with this topic but it might help some people who are stuck Good luck guys!
  18. Im sorry my man. I didnt want to be harsh. Yes i have seen the video and i remember what he was saying. I rushed to respond because my emotions were strong that minute. It was like a catharsis..i just wanted to express my self.. Once again sorry for that response.
  19. Im not talking about awareness here. Im a talking about not suppresing what you want... And i say it in a deep level. I dont mean not suppress something in terms of "your mind" I mean not suppresing it physically and emotionally. The best video to articulate what im saying is "comprohension has many degrees" Just because you think you are not suppresing , that doesnt mean that you are not suppresing And i talk about sex because SEX IS IMPORTANT for people who have suppressed their sexual enegy. Sexual energy is not entirerally sex but sex is the easiest way to access it.... Someone will think that this is a shallow topic AND THATS AN INDICATION THAT YOU DEMONIZE SEX OR WHATEVERR (MONEY,FAMILY,RELATIONSHIPS) Not many people can handle advanced ways of living. I learned it the hard way. Suppressing your UNCONCIOUS emotions so baddly that after a will they explode. Im not talking about expressing what you feeling... Im talking about DOING WHAT YOU ARE FEELING (like having sex-and not like letting go...) I dont mean always do whatever comes to your conciousness...
  20. Dont try to deny what you are feeling (or suppressing it) Just talk to her and say that you would apreciate if she doesnt do this again. Remind her that she is not obligated to do it (not doing twerk again) and its something yours. She has nothing to do with it. But that does not mean that you have suppress your own feelings
  21. So, i decided to do a meditation retreat in my home. 3 days of full meditation First day everything went beatifull. 10 sessions of 30 minutes each (5 hours total) And now i am on my second day.(3 sessions till now) And a thought just hit me. What if my brain hasnt used to so much meditation? What if is too much? I have been meditating for 30 minutes a day for 1 and a half year. I know that i act in a place of fear but...maybe arrogance can hurt me... Any advise?
  22. @Leo Gura i was aware that i wasnt so strict about it! Its the first time that i meditate for so long. It was a test. Of course next time i will be much more strict about it Thanks
  23. @Leo Gura 1st day 10 sessions of 30 minutes 2st 3 sessions..... Today 10 sessions Important question: When you trully cant finish a session a) push it till the end (so i guess do it mechanicly) B) stop and rest for a short period Are there any benefits of just waiting the timer to buzz?
  24. @Shin i work out my conciousness. I'll give you an example. If someome hears all day bineural beats he might be damaged. So i guess (as i really understood what im really asking).. How much REST does the brain needs from session to session And is it over 6-8 hours of meditation too much activity for the brain? Of course i dont want the "perfect" answer to what im asking I just want some guidance!
  25. @Shin I dont think that i just want a reason to stop my retrretreat. It doesn't feel at all unpleasant. It is just like working out. If you workout wrong you can damage yourself Not that there is a perfect way to working out But you must have a balance. It might be 3 days of meditation but I was thinking to do it more often. Thats why I am concerned