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  1. And what methodics do you guys use?
  2. It's like in Wild Wild Country trailer
  3. Hi guys, Do you know where I can find fast version of hum/ham mantra (1 hum per second)? I want to use it in practicies. Thanks!
  4. I've done 4 times at home and 1 session in Holotropic Breathwork Workshop. In workshop it was more effective. I didn't have psychedelic like spiritual quests but it was quite cool. The breathwork workshop teacher said that spasms are because of blockages in the body and they will go away with practice. But I dunno about it really. I should research it. And he highly recommend to don’t do this alone because you can have a lot of involuntary movements and harm yourself. You should keep that in mind.
  5. Hello guys! I do self-inquiry for some time. And often it naturally happens that I enter to Lucid Dream states of mind when I go to sleep. And the most profound experiences happen there (terror attacks, blissful states) when I simply become aware that I am dreaming and start self-inquiry there. I guess it is because you more suggestible/openminded during twilight/deep theta states and you more likely can convince yourself or be open that you are not a human body. It's a shame that I don't see them for 2 and half months I guess. I think maybe I should seriously start practice Lucid Dreams again (I practiced them 4 years ago a little bit). What do you think? Do you have experience with that? Thanks!
  6. @Leo Gura Thank you!
  7. Hi all! I am wondering if there are major differences between just using Blindfold for 4 days in some calm place and spending this time in the very dark room. Thanks.
  8. How can I do this work effectively for a long period of time? My issue that my first sessions are effective. But when I do it 5 or more times I can't be concentrated on the work anymore.