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  1. Is this some kind of high carb diet? Do you eat nuts or seeds?
  2. Just try soaking your grains for a while before eating. I always soak my oats overnight.
  3. About water. I really think it depends on your needs. Saying you need X amount of water or more water doesn't make sense to me. Fruits are about 70-80 % water. With my diet I eat my water, and if I need more I drink just a little more than required to quench the thirst.
  4. I decided to reply on this thread, because I have been on the yogic/sattvic diet for a few months now. I also eat only twice a day, with 6-8 hours between the meals. Besides what Leo said, the yogic diet also says that you should eat cooked food within 2 hours. So that's another thing I'm strict with. In general I feel great, my pulse dropped by quite a bit, even after eating my meals I can be at around 50 bpm, so I feel light. My sleep needs appear to have dropped, but I can't tell for sure if it is the diet (I believe it is). One thing I should say about this diet is that it might not fit you. It is best to listen to how the body reacts after you have eaten and when you are hungry. The yogic diet is more than skipping X and eating Y, it defines food into three categories, and sometimes the body might need duller food. At least that's what I experience; so I would say trust your intuition. Also don't jump into this diet too fast, go into it slowly if you have never been a vegetarian before. Some tips about the yogic diet: nuts are amazing. You can soak peanuts or almonds overnight to make them more digestible. You can make shakes with peanuts, or mix some with dates and coconut and cocoa to make something cake-like (really tasty). Fruits are great. I also soak grains like rice and quinoa a few hours before I intend to cook them, makes them easier to digest.
  5. You can start by watching your thoughts, because you are getting identified with negative self-talk. Another helpful thing could be to go to a hospital or a place where you can find people who are not so fortunate, maybe then things will be put into perspective. Having someone to guide you can be helpful, or if you are practicing meditation, you can find a group of people to do it with. The sangha can help you because the energy of experienced practitioners can make you more mindful and quicken the healing. Good luck