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  1. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of you. Everything that someone else thinks of you, is a projection upon you from their subjective reality. The same goes for you. Everything that you think about someone else has nothing to do with them, but everything about you and your subjective reality being projected onto them.
  2. How is wanting any change at all, not going against yourself?
  3. Make it a purpose to enjoy the present moment at all times. Which doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel sad or unhappy about it.
  4. My why is just to start the morning fresh and awake, as i feel a lot sluggish and lethargic when i wake up as early as i want to.
  5. @OctagonOctopus@Michael569@Zec Thanks for the replies!
  6. Do you think this is a problem on the girl side or your side? Do you think that you contribute to the possibility of girls treating you like trash, as in allowing them to do so?
  7. You are not gonna have sex with every single girl you meet either. You will always have a preference. You don't eat chocolate when you like vanilla. Well, seems like you won that fight as a sperm as you are here now. Why not win another time by getting yourself a girlfriend.
  8. You are not gonna lose your desire for romance and a girlfriend by ignoring it, or putting girls into a bad daylight. Stop being a victim to your own fears and inadequacies and conquer them one by one.
  9. +1. Is not everything already flowing naturally though? Even when he's not being himself?
  10. How? You can't choose whether you are going to distract yourself away, or go into it and feel it whenever a situation like that occurs. If that would be a possibility, we would all just simply choose to go into every feeling everytime and empty our bucket on free will.
  11. Can you choose to accept or ignore a feeling whenever you feel like it?
  12. Why is there something wrong with that? You won't stop being self-conscious by trying to be less self-conscious. You won't stop being less self-conscious by accepting that you are self-conscious while being watched either. It's just what happens. Both are resistance to what is.
  13. I have the same problem at the moment. I can see myself being a Psychologist/psychotherapist in the future, but as soon as i open any book about Psychology, and it starts getting into deep scientific concepts and stuff i tend to get bored very quickly and feel meh towards it.
  14. You can try to do whatever you want. If he's not interested in your healthy stuff than he's not interested. You don't push someone to do the things that you like, just because you think it will help them. You love someone because you love him for who he or she is. You don't go and change someone like a piece of clay into a mould until you like what you see. That's not love. It's very easy. You either accept him and all his flaws and how he is, or you don't. If anything, he could even try and change for you just because you want him to, but that would be fake and that's going to bring tons of misery.
  15. When you care about self-actualization and being healthy there are sacrifices to be made. Get a steady sleep schedule, and plan accordingly. Sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time everyday, weekends included. Yes you are going to miss parties, and you are going to need and learn to say "no" to your friends and family. But, if you even have the slightest vision about what this can bring you long term you will know this is worth it.
  16. At least he's not freezing to death and his coffee stays warm .
  17. Maybe because you were unconscious of it's manipulation on you until recently.
  18. What about quieting down that mind that is obviously confusing the hell out of you ? Also watch this if you haven't already:
  19. No, this is not good at all. Don't do that. I've been there. Change things up very quickly, and take full responsibility for everything that's going on in your life right now. Take radical action towards change and a better life. Your ego is using the free will/no free will concept as an escape from doing the things you should do, in order to get your life sorted out and on track. I've been there, it won't work. It's very dangerous to play this game, cause the ego likes it a lot, cause now it has a solid good sounding reason to be lazy and do nothing, because: " hey i don't have free will look!" It won't do you any good. You will end up totally fucked up this way.
  20. Well, i left it behind me for 120 days before and i could tell the difference in freedom for sure. The question however, is this sustainable long term? Can't keep counting days forever, and sooner or later masturbation will happen anyways, at least that's how i feel about it. In the end i will always go from being very rich to very poor in 5 seconds of pleasure. Ya i know. I'm not even looking for those at the moment. Ofcourse they may come if they want, but i'm not pursuing it atm.
  21. If you can recall some of these events by memory, you can visualize them and your body will kinda get back into that state as if it was happening now. By doing that you can feel whatever is left in the bucket from those events and process it.
  22. No, it's just a show based on low consciousness values. It's a paradise for the ego, that's why people watch that shit.
  23. Guys, i'm really starting to think total abstaining from masturbation is impossible. The idea of not watching porn forever sounds do-able. Not masturbating forever? Not so sure. Maybe when i have a girlfriend in the future this will work. I feel like i'm making my life a fuckton harder than it should be by focusing so much on Nofap, failing again and again, losing my "benefits" again and again. I'm basing my actions and motivation in life on NoFap atm. If i'm on a good streak i feel good about myself and than i do whatever i need to improve my life and sort myself out. If i relapse however, i feel like shit for at least 2 weeks and do at lot less of stuff, and feel very lethargic. Maybe i brainwashed myself by relying too much on NoFap benefits...