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  1. So that's 2 lottery winners on which you have based that assumption on. That's pretty stupid isn't it.
  2. Only if you want to be fake, and lie to yourself and to the other person simultaneously.
  3. Good video. Resonated a lot with what i'm experiencing atm.
  4. Lolol somehow your profile picture made this more funny.
  5. Yea i definitely know what you mean, but i feel like that requires a state of no ego, as ego would pick that up as "now i can be lazy and authentic", which is exactly why i become a bum when i do it... It's a state where i don't pressure myself into doing the things i don't want to do, which can be seen as fake. So how do you do this ?
  6. I've tried this before, and all that this is doing for me is making it even more worse. At that point i watch porn and fap all day, eat junkfood, watch YouTube videos, sleep in late and wake up late, neglect even the most basic personal hygiëne and just end up in a very bad place.
  7. Cool. Thanks for sharing.
  8. So i just stumbled upon this guy called "David Goggins", and watched this interview: Pretty cool interview and all, but what would happen if this guy awakened to the truth? I honestly don't feel like he did all of this, if anything out of pure authenticity. It seems like he's been through a lot of pain, and ran away from it like a madman, and i feel like that's the only thing that fueled him to get to this place. He definitely looks healthy and young for his age, but i don't know about his psychological state. I think he's holding up a big mask. I mean, the title of his book is called "can't hurt me". That doesn't sound healthy to me at all. What do you think?
  9. Porn/fapping and internet.
  10. Then why are not all monks enlightened?
  11. Lol same. I've been watching porn at least 2 times a day since last week.
  12. Why do you think you need discipline to do something? You only need discipline if you hate what you are doing, or what you think you should be doing. Thus it's not authentic and fake.
  13. Don't try doing it though, it won't work .
  14. Try not being conscious and aware.
  15. You are already dead and you are already god.
  16. Yes, only because you see it as another call to action from and egoic perspective. Being happy with whatever floats your boat is not something that you do, it IS something that occurs when you surrender. BUT, you cannot practice that.
  17. There is no purpose in anything. Don't neglect that, but try to actually see if that's the case. Looking for a passion and a purpose are all distractions of what is here and now. Who knows what you are here for? It doesn't matter. If you need to find a passion or whatever it is in this lifetime, it will happen regardless of you seeking for it like a crazy madman. Chances are because you are doing this, you might even overlook the simplest small stuff that would lead you to something that comes close to a purpose. Not everyone needs a passion or purpose or whatever. Why not wake up every morning seeing what wants to shine through you and make that your purpose?
  18. Hahaha i love it.
  19. I used to hate the daughter of my neighbor because she was always being loud, yelling and making crazy noises. For some reason i'm having crazy hot dreams about her all the time lately, and started getting attracted to her like mad. Too bad she's in a relationship now .
  20. You might want to contemplate on why it was so disappointing/heartbreaking for you.
  21. Hi, So i've been thinking about implementing a short morning exercise routine right after waking up. Something like pushups, squats and crunches. Would this actually be worth doing, or is it not enough for it to be beneficial? My main goal with this would be to start the day fresh and awake, and maybe build some discipline over time.