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  1. I think that's pretty good
  2. Wtf I wouldnt apologize, she should. I don't know how much you stared at her, but you are a 14 year old boy, that's instinct and you can't always control it. I mean you didn't touch her or anything and she could also just have said something. Fuck that bitch Edit: have some self-respect
  3. @Yannik Could you give me access to the 7 days as well?
  4. Hey, I wanna understand spiritual talent cause I read something about it here and there on the forum and it interests me, but I still don't really understand it. So: -Is it the same or different from talent in other fields where the rule is generally practice over talent (from what I learned)? -Does it have an effect on psychedelic use, for example do people with more spiritual talent get better results from psychedelics? -Is it random or does it have a cause (I heard something about karma) -Does Leo just use it as an excuse to demotivate others and keep his image of a very special person alive? (That's just a question I have because the first time I read something about spiritual talent it seemed that way to me, but I don't really understand it and maybe I am just projecting or something, don't mean to be offensive with this question) Edit: maybe not purely for this but partly -What could people with great spiritual talent offer this world? -Can people with less spiritual talent never become as good at spirituality as people who have more spiritual talent?
  5. @bejapuskas Well, with psychedelics I can't say much since I don't take them but with being good at spirituality I mean like being closer to god or I guess rather being aware of that. I am not really into spirituality yet so can't really say what spirituality is.
  6. Well, I guess it's just that you understand death isn't really that bad and they don't but part of you wants to be accepted by them and tries to adjust to them.
  7. Is this supposed to be a joke or do you mean at stage coral there is only you and you are aware of it? haha
  8. So is it still possible for the world as a whole to get pushed back on the Spiral Dynamics scale when parts like Russia overtake parts like America? (just theoretically) Or generally any lower stage country or whatever gets rid of a higher stage one? That's what I want to understand. So that means if the higher developed part is dumb then yes?
  9. Just for my understanding.. Can higher Spiral Dynamics stages be defeated or extinguished by lower ones? Like Russia vs America? I guess yes, but I'm not 100% in the Spiral Dynamics game and from what I heard so far it seemed like at least those who are a certain stage won't get back down on a lower stage again. But does that also mean people on higher stages are also "more powerful" or immune to those on lower stages. (might sound like a stupid question idk but can't hurt to ask)
  10. What's this about?
  11. https://www.amazon.de/Willpower-Rediscovering-Greatest-Human-Strength/dp/B0821LL1GR/ref=sr_1_5?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=willpower%2C+die+macht+der+disziplin&qid=1596380985&sr=8-5
  12. Here I will write about my journey and gather insights that I find along the way for me to remember and maybe share with someone if that person randomly see's this and it's valueble for him/her as well. My life purpose: Being the perfect fighter and fascinating people with it. To be more specific: I will be a boxer and fascinate people that watch my fights either live or in recorded form. I want to leave behind video tapes of my fights that people can watch that will leave them speechless. I want to be so good that people begin to wonder what they are actually capable of and also just have a form of entertainment that thrills them. Also if I manage to actualize this dream I want to deliver a message to the world. Specifically I want people who are down to nothing, ready to kill themselves to know this: I was at this point and I actually almost killed myself once. I didn't have anything good and I just wanted to die because I thought I would be free then. What I did then though was saying to myself: before I kill myself I will focus everything I got on one thing, I have nothing to lose anyways, I can still kill myself after. So "before you kill yourself you can still search for one thing that you dedicate your life on and focus everything you got on it because: YOU GOT NOTHING TO LOSE ANYWAYS" (I am not saying that this is what you should do but I want people to think about it) EDIT: thank you Leo btw for your life purpose course I love mastering something and understanding it deeply (excellence is my top value at the moment). I think my zone of genius is thinking deeply into one thing and understanding every aspect of it and how the little details play out in the bigger picture of this one system. Also I think operating infront of certain death (if I fail) or something like that may be another zone of genius of mine because I find that I am most clear and feel most free when I am in such situations. Plus I believe I might also have a zone of genius which is connected to copying things I see or maybe understanding things I see (maybe that's just a common personality trait that I learn best by looking directly at what I am studying or something, like learning by seeing or something). If you read this journal feel free to comment, that's part of the reason why I write this stuff down here, so wise people can comment wise comments or just funny bullshit thats also cool haha. +If I actually actualize this purpose and become a famous boxer... my name is Florian B................ so you know who it is if you see me on TV in 5-10 years hehe
  13. @Leo Gura I often notice such word play and also noticed sometimes that different languages combined can create some word play which actually seems to actually point towards something deeper. Is this actually a "joke" made by god? Edit: wow some part in me is laughing right now because it seems like I am actually talking to myself about stuff I did myself and it seems so funny
  14. @Rasheed thx for the reminder. already knew about this and wanted to use it but forgot about it.
  15. Bruh, I just went into Leos Blog which I don't do often and I clicked on the video "Requisite Variety & Creative Laziness" and watched the first 2 mins and WTF it seems to me like this is GOLD for my life purpose! GOTTA WATCH IT COMPLETELY!!!
  16. I still have doubt whether or not this is really the best life purpose for me. I still have two more options that are in my mind which I might actually like more: 1. becoming an author and creating my own world 2. something about studying physics/the rules by which this world is made of and making use of this understanding by inventing practical things I really have to invest some time into making clear which one of these actually fits me most.
  17. @Leo Gura Could you take a look into my life purpose journal to just see if it's obviously not about love and I just can't see it? Because I kinda believe it is and I am giving the world my gift with it if you know what I mean, but I also still have doubt about it and believe it's just selfish and I only want to do it for my personal gain. (it's in the journal section of this forum and just called Life Purpose Journal, I don't know how to link it sry, it's also at my last post on my profile)
  18. @Kingston actually I'm doing that right now this mindfull suffering. I'm becoming mindfull/conscious of it and then I try to find out the roots and let it go. Idk about Psychedelics, I took a little bit of shrooms once (only half a gram or so I think) and I actually had this experience where I "got it" like what life actually is and that death is really nothing and if I would fall of a cliff that would actually not really be so terrible like I thought before. When that was on only half a gram of shrooms I guess there can be much more propably more then I can even imagine how much more, but I don't have motivation for it right now and also a lot of fear I guess. I said to myself that I will get into psychelics when I am 30 but now that I think about it again I remember one of the reasons why I didn't want to do it again was because at the time I was really worried about getting a psychosis or something from it, since I smoked some weed some weeks before and that kinda fucked with me since I was very paranoid in that time in general. (didnt smoke weed since then again) Edit: by right now I meant literally after writing these messages
  19. @Leo Gura Could you actually be an awokened murderer or something like that? To me it actually seems like you could and deep down I do resonate with this but there is still something in me doubting it immensely
  20. @Leo Gura Bruh this is fucking scaring me. I don't think this will get through to me completely yet, but at least I get some better understanding of fear since I see right now how my own fears work haha and also just wanna say thank you for your life purpose course and the other stuff you made. especially the life purpose course helped me a lot and I appreciate it. If I should become rich someday (you can read my life purpose journal to know how I plan to do it hehe) I already thought of donating a lot to you.
  21. @Leo Gura But another question. If I would awaken could I still be following the life purpose of becoming the perfect fighter/boxer or would this melt away? I mean at first glance this seems like a "foul" life purpose. Not really "loving" and even though I think that I know that it is actually loving (I guess in the end it is loving regardless) because of my background motives I'm still kinda unsure whether I am actually just deceiving myself with this life purpose. (I have a journal about my life purpose on this forum where I get deep into it, so if you have some time to waste you can read it)
  22. @Leo Gura Oh man this is really making me nervous right now. I'm just so lazy about this stuff idk I probaply will just let this "opportunity" slide again. I think one of the obstacles right now is that I want to be someone special in the sense that I could easily awaken and stuff but this is actually just standing in the way of the real truth of awakening.