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  1. If you have been treated really unfair by a person and been deeply hurt and feel the urge for revenge, is it good for you to act on it or not?
  2. I'm not closely following american politics or the events happening right now but I just read a couple of pages of this thread. Can someone enlighten me why Mike Pence was the target of so much anger from the people storming the capitol building?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdQ9N8uDJwA&ab_channel=Impaulsive
  4. Do you know this guy? What do you think about him?
  5. @Leo Gura How come? Have you been there?
  6. I like just randomly looking through some threads and finding some gold nuggets of wisdom here and there, especially from Leo. @Leo Gura Even if you decide to shut down the forum I'm grateful for the things I got from it and I'm pretty sure you also saved my life. Love you HOMIE
  7. @Keyhole Ah okay, I just had this impression of you from the random comments I read from you here and there. But if you are lying to yourself right now, you are in even deeper shit.
  8. @Keyhole Please slay me maybe if I actually am toxic or something, that might get me out of there. And I don't think thats compassion, thats more like letting me suffer in my own bubble if thats actually the case and I am just not aware of it. But it seems like you have this "compassion" for yourself and let yourself suffer in your own bubble. The thing that would help you if you REALLY wanted to get out of your situation is facing the truth about dating and accepting it, but that would only help you if you REALLY wanted to get out. If you DON'T really want to get out but stay in your miserable place, what seems to be the case to me, then the thing that would help you the most is propably facing the truth about THAT and accepting that you want to keep things the way they are. Actually that is the first step if you want to get out of the situation as well and the second step would be the above, but only after you really want to have success with love. That's my best advice I can give you. Maybe it's wrong, decide for yourself and do what you want with it.
  9. Ye I know I don't deserve to be abused but what I was trying to say is that the abuse I got from my mother lead to me not being able to get what I want from other girls and that made me more and more negative until I hated women and maybe you have similar problems? Idk. And now I just want a girl that is kinda attractive to have sex with once. Before I was more looking for a replacement for my mother and at the same time a girlfriend which I can have sex with but also just have a connection. But because I obviously was/am kinda fcked up psychologically from my mother that couldnt go well.
  10. @Keyhole Yo actually I don't think I can help you. I feel like you want to be in the situation you are in and just want to get the answers that fit your point of view. I didn't write the first message cause I was triggered by you, I was just trying to help you but that response kinda triggered me now. I think you project your bullshit mind onto me, fck off, I don't want to be judged by you. Hope you keep on living like that until you find salvation.
  11. @Keyhole I sometimes read these threads on here about dating for men and I see your comments like 50% of the time. You seem to want to get something from dating but don't want to accept that it is a game and then just cry cause you lose and then you tell yourself and everyone here that you don't want a man and you want to die alone. Maybe you have shame to play the game yourself? That's a problem I have and I am male. Edit: I guess I am actually kinda similar to you in my dating mind set. My goal is just to have sex once and then I don't want to play this game anymore. But I accept that dating is a game and that I have to play it if I want to get what I want but I just can't play it cause I fear I will hurt woman. Actually I have a lot of anger towards women, like you seem to have towards men, I hate women cause I invested so much energy into women from like 7th grade but NEVER got what I really wanted and after some time I felt like I was just used and abused by women. (the thing is I was/am super needy cause my mother is kind of a narcissist and I never got the love from her that I needed so I started to get close to girls very early)
  12. ahahhahahahahahahaahahhaahhaha
  13. @Nahm Ye but the significant question for me is how to lift up the emotions and I wondered if acting up on the feeling of revenge was a way to let it go. Actually just 30mins ago or so I was honest to the person and told her how angry I was about her and I think this was the best way.
  14. I don't really invest much energy into american politics and didn't do any previous research but after partly watching this interview I get the sense that Kanyne West might actually be a good leader and is a pretty consious person over all. (at least potentionally) What do you think?
  15. @Leo Gura Did you watch the Joe Rogan episode with him?
  16. Wait I somehow overread that and thought you were talking about Kayne.
  17. @Forestluv about Kayne West? But I mean even if he did I don't think 4 years is enough for that and this election might be the real start for him after he loses and gets in touch with reality. What I think about is... he loses now and has to revaluate this idea of becoming president and if he decides to keep going he might actually begin to change. I mean these 4 years might have been just warm-up. Edit: It obviously seems unlikely, but I see the possibility
  18. @Leo Gura Well yes, but do you see leadership potential in him or am I just deluding myself? @Forestluv But that means there is much room for improvement now lol And maybe he actually decides to dedicate his life to this now and becomes a suitable president in the future, who knows..
  19. @hoodrow trillson Maybe you're a massive fan of his music but not his leadershippotential and that's actually clouding your judgement.
  20. @Leo Gura What do you think? Would Kayne (just theoretically) be a better or worse president then Trump and same with Biden?
  21. I mean he definetly did say some stuff which made me think the same as you @PurpleTree. And tbh I don't see him as president the way he is right now. But I still feel like he has potential to be a great leader which shines through his ego but in the end I think there is too much holding it back egowise. Edit: Maybe he wont become president this year but will focus on this from now on and become a great president in the future, that would be funny.
  22. I just read quickly read over this post but when I saw this picture I had to laugh so hard