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  1. I just had this idea spontaneously so I couldnt research anything about it but I heard that you can practise sport while dreaming lucidly and at least get results in terms of technique (I dont know about muscle growth). So if you could master lucid dreaming you would have a lot more time for mastering anything that is important for your life purpose while sleeping. Any experts? Is this realistic?
  2. I didn't look into it so I have no facts to back this statement up: Jobs concerning social areas in society generally earn less money than jobs that concern areas that are about planning (maybe competing?) and more masculine attributes. So living out your female energy is generally harder than living out your masculine energy (so women in todays age tend to be more masculine). If you compare a whole society to one individual human that is 50% feminin and 50% masculin (I have the idea that humans are partly masculine and partly feminin from the book the way of the superiour man and since there is 50/50 man and women in society it could be compared to one human that is also 50/50) that would mean that this human has some issues on its feminin side like for example not being able to accept itself. A solution could be dividing Jobs into 2 categories (feminin/masculine, social/creative(?)) and then paying them according to their true value to society by acknowlegding that a society needs 50/50 feminin and masculine. Your thoughts?
  3. @MsNobody were the Egyptians "green" or does that have other reasons? And I thought they had a male Pharaoh?
  4. @Leo Gura Where do you get your thumbsnails from btw?
  5. @SoonHei what I mean by spontaneous is, I was watching garbage videos on YouTube and all of the sudden this shit comes to my mind and suddenly I believe I have found a way to drasticly improve western society. I had a vision in my mind how I could implement this shit in our world myself, like it's my life purpose to become some political leader and bring balance and health to the society and give consciousness to the society in the way a person that has a shitty life and gets on selfdevelopment would become more conscious.
  6. @Psychonaut try to accept that you just wrote this to get attention, that's okay. Reading that text I got the feeling that what you need is attention but you subcounsciously believe you are not allowed to express that you want attention. Im not a psychotherapist though, just what occured in my mind after I read that text.
  7. @Hellspeed Yes okay, but I meant this more like a tool for your mastery in your career/life purpose then in a spiritual way.
  8. There is a whole section with books about emotional mastery on the booklist.
  9. I want to fix my sleeping schedule because I currently go to bed at around 5am and wake up anywhere from 2-4pm. My goal is to go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 8:30am. I have already tried not sleeping an entire night so I can go to bed the next day at the time I want and that worked for 3-5 days but then I always went to bed a bit later until I finally was at around 5am again. Now I wonder if it is better to take it slow and wake up a little earlier every day and go to bed a little earlier as well or if I should try the "hardcore" method again and just dont sleep for a night, go to bed early the next day and wake up early and just focus more on that until it becomes a solid habit. Advice is appreciated
  10. @Leo Gura So do you think NoFap is a bad idea?
  11. I think it helps to focus on the current moment. If you want to read a very good book, i think, about the current moment and emotions and some more, deeper stuff I recommend 'Becoming Supernatural' by Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  12. @Viking I really have no idea how to do it XD, gonna watch the video
  13. @Viking I am in the same spot as you, but two days ago I managed to talk to a girl.When I said that she is beatiful, she answered with a smile and then I instantly asked if I could have her number and she stopped smiling and said no, XD. I don't if that was because I asked too fast for her number or because I was too insecure. I guess it was because I wasn't confident enough though. But I didn't manage to do that completely alone, I was with a friend who pushed me to do it and I drank like a sip of beer before so I was a bit more relaxed. Don't want to relay on the alcohol though, so next time I'm going to do it sober.
  14. I once had a discussion with someone about what the purpose of life is and I said that it is to produce children and she said that your life purpose is to create your own life purpose. And now I had the thought that you "only" create your life purpose to have sex anyways because finding your life purpose is also finding your identity and women (or feminine people in general) are only attracted to something or someone with an identity (which is masucline). So in the end the purpose of life is still having sex and shit, isn't it?
  15. I'm coming from your video The Grande Model Of Psychological Evolution and I had this thought while watching it since you compared it with a pendulum: If every stage is like the side of a pendulum which ist swinging (your stage develops), then doesnt the pendulum stop swinging at some point which would maybe be enlightement? Because the more you go up the stages the more they come closer to each other (yourself and others) and in the end it would be in the middle.