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  1. There's no scipture in existence that can give you the wisdom of understanding anything because the gift of infinite questioning given by the creator would not be useful. If scriptures that were written that people read told the reader information or wisdom, it would be clear to all who read it which is not the case. Btw I can't be lost if "it's not about going anywhere, being elsewhere", whether you meant lost as in where I am or if you meant lost as in being unsure.
  2. Explain what about my experience as not true and what motive does something or someone have to lie to me. Also, I know how this universe is. The only way time can work as past, present, and future is if space in it's totality was not all wrinkled and balled up. It works like past, present and future having no meaning because of the way time and space is about speed and direction of objects that are further and closer to another object.
  3. For one thing i don't believe in nothingness. And theories are not distractions. Theories= thoughts and everyone has thoughts. Without theories it wouldn't be possible to inquire about anything including meditation and enlightenment. Also, in less than 60 seconds I'm going to prove to you that everything is a miricle, then explain time etc. The true nature of time is very confusing, but we have 2 different perspectives that we use for all of knowledge and of thought. The perspective most of us use is a whole lot easier! It consists of the present, the past and the future. But if we take quantum physics and include the big bang in it we see that time somehow is not made up of now, then and ahead of us. So everything we know is either wrong or miraculously correct. Since we are able to have a concept of reality and we learn things as we go it is apparent that a very powerful force allows the learning to happen but only at the will of that force at the same time we are also each a piece of that force and the force is one, AND everything we can imagine happened in zero seconds. Without time. The continuous big banging going on creating new universes is how time is made in the 3rd demention. Time exists in the 2D world in a fashion unknown to us until we leave the 3d world and return to the outside of each universe. Our spirits are 2D located in the pineal gland in your brain. When the mind is partially unconscious, asleep, under a drug, encounters any chemical it affects the body or (vessel) the brain, and the spirit in unique ways all at the same time. The spirit travels or (out of body) at all times. When the body dies the spirit is cut off and naturally goes to it's origin. The outside of this universe and im not sure but i imagine u go to a sort of "checkpoint" and then you are taken to a new body. The easier way to think of time isn't necessarily exactly the same as we think but it's ok! Our perceptions are always at least grasping it's reality only in a small amount or a larger amount depending on the permission of itself, oneness and the greater force. Assension happens continuously as the object or (body) changes into a greater force until it and all others become one. The oneness that exists is perfectly solid until it explodes into the next universe. We won't know all things of each universe until it becomes one in a newly formed place. Alive not alive things are always learning or collecting data and each have their own perceptions/reactions. As far as enlightenment goes, meditation seems to be the way most people do so, but the individual is king of the path.
  4. The things i experienced are as follows: Telekinesis (twice: empty can of red bull and an emtpy bottle of gatorade) Biotelikanesis/telepathy (the mind and respiratory system of my dog) Past reading (estimated 8 people) Communication of the dead (8 times) 2 Close encounters of the 5th kind 2 close encounters of the 1st kind Telepathy (once) Empathic abilities: i worked in a grocery store at night and there was a woman who was completely deaf. I always felt bad for her as i worked and one night i walked past her at the end of an aisle. I felt extreme sadness for her this time and then i walked down the aisle and felt extreme pain and felt knocked in each ear with heavy objects. I was in fact deaf for about 10 minutes. Empathic/ hypnosis Once i was hospitalized at a psych ward and i had a vision that i would meet a christian man named Jacob. I returned to the hospital several times and one time i met a guy named Jacob but i knew it wasn't him. The next time i was there i woke up and saw my new roomate sleeping in his bed. I waited until he woke up and when he did i asked him his name and he said Jacob. The first thing he wanted to talk about was the 10 commandments and the new testimate which "coincidentally" i had a book for those 2 things next to my bed! So we talked for a couple hours when suddenly i noticed he had epilepsy and he had some shocks every now and then. One day i decided to ask him if he'd like to be hypnotized. He said yes and i began praying and chanting. I don't remember what i had said but i told him to wake up when i snapped my fingers. I snapped my fingers and he woke up. At the same exact time we were both in each of our beds and i felt a shock from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I saw him jump as i did. Empathic Another time i was in that hospital in the cafeteria and i was talking to my roomate John. He was deaf in the left ear. As we were eating i felt terrible pain in my left ear and was deaf again! Empathic Another time at the hospital i was in my room and i suddenly felt agonizing pain and nausea in my stomach. I seemed to know there was someone i was feeling. I almost crawled out of my room and saw a woman in the same pain because she had alcohol poisoning. I told her i felt her pain. When she said she believed me my pain went away slowly. Premonition/warning September 10th 2001 of course the day before the titled: NYC terror attack in the middle of the day, i called my mom screaming and crying that something very bad is going to happen to the world. She understood me but had to get off the phone. After the phone call i paced back and forth in the middle floor of my parent's house for hours and hours. Then i stood in the kitchen and stared at the stove clock for 6 hours. By then it was well into the morning about 6am. Then i walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. I stared at my parent's blank tv for over 3 hours when suddenly i walked up to it and turned it on. There was an infomercial on for about 30 seconds and then i saw the news of the towers. I took a look at it and told myself it was a demolition and finally went to bed. 911 was defiantly the thing that made me eerily scared even the day before and all throughout the night. 911 was also an inside job. There are tens of perfect reasons it had to have been set up by our government and over 2,000 experts that disagreed with the 911 commision report as well as myself and millions of people all over the world. But that is another story. Btw 911 happened and it's over yes, but it's repercussions are everywhere, you just have to be aware and know the truth. But im 100% sure that aliens won't allow the new world order to be succesfull but it defines good vs evil and the madness of money, power and war. Hundreds of premonitions throughout 15 years. Visons in my sleep of the future. But most of my dreams only predicted small insignificant things like tv and movies and other small things about my life when i was at school or home or on vacation. lol Out of body experiences several times.. i can no longer do anything i was able to do before except the occasional physical empathic feelings but nothing more. I do still meditate on occasion but it really feels like my whole existence as a human is satisfied with things like this. Correction! Well, sort of, i saw a cloaked UFO last week. And oh yeah the first of two times i saw a UFO/UFOs i was arguing with my at the time finace about the existance of UFOs. We were arguing for like 2 hours lol. So i said look out the window and we'll see some. 5 minutes later 5 different triangular, bright, neon blue spacecrafts appeared in the sky where we looked out the window. The big one traveled from there to a great distance to the right instantly and the smaller ones followed them! The UFO i saw last week: i saw a bird flying about 500 feet away at about 600 feet in the air right? Then i saw it gliding (totally normal) then it seemed to freeze and it's wings were wide open. Then the whole bird shiftef downward still NOT moving its body. Then it normalised and then collapsef it's wings and 'froze' again and moved perfectly upwards and then perfectly upwards/left. I grabbed my phone to record it and as soon as i touched my phone it disappeared! Saw 4 different ghosts with their identities The ketamine trip took me to a black ocean and i saw microscopic things all around me and even felt microscopic myself! I saw a very bright light above the water. I swam upward but could only seem to reach 6 feet below the surface. Then a golden angel dove into the black water and lifted me into the warm beautiful light! When i reached the edge of this universe a 2D ceiling touched my head and then i woke up. Demonic attacked several times but defeated them all by praying on water in Styrofoam cups and spilled the water in a circle around my bed.
  5. Sorry i am a new member. My name's Matt. The ketamine was applied to me over a decade before my experience and it wasn't recreational but medical. I wasn't on any drug at the time. But i truly believe it's application rewired my body and spirit. It was so facinating all the time using my abilities.
  6. I meditated for 4 hours a day for 4 weeks. The first thing i did was lay on my bed and painstakingly neutralized all my thoughts which i accomplished 2 weeks in or so. Then i began thinking again and flexed all my muscles and joints each time i meditated. I gave that another week. The final week i began to desire to be given the gift of contact with an alien or form of energy. At about the third or fourth hour of the last day i went into a heavy wonderful trance. The trance lasted for 15 minutes or so and i felt i was out of my body incredibly fast as i saw muliticlusters of quadrillions of galaxies flash by me. I ran into the unmovable and invisible wall of this universe and seemed to bounce off of it and went to the other side and bounced of of that in a different angle. Then bounced of another wall and returned to my body. Then the trance was over and i felt terribly horrified. I felt the presence of a being that boggled my mind. I had enough courage to jump off my bed and open the door. Outside in my back yard in a dark Alaskan winter i looked up into the night's sky and saw the stars above me not knowing why i was looking up almost like i had forgotten I'd been meditating on contacting a being from deep space. I noticed a small light seconds later coming down through the atmosphere. It was very very fast at first but it was strange because it appeared small but since it was so far away at first (and it was a blue orb of light the size of a basketball when i saw it hovering outside the door window, making the snowy trees behind it glow) it must have changed its size as it came down! As soon as i saw it in the window i completely lost my fear and was in a mesmerizing and utterly peaceful awe. I ran upstairs and told my dad about what i saw but he didn't believe me. Ugh.. so i ran back downstairs and was super happy it was still there. This time i opened the door and reached out my hand but i suddenly hesitated and withdrew my hand and closed the door. My theory is that all objects in existence aquire data/knowledge as they travel through space. Since i traveled outside my body several times, the paths i took in trails gave me insight about the nature of things. No object can collect all of the information and is blessed in the eternal quest for learning. Had 15 years of psychic abilities from the age of 15 until the age of 30. I prayed/ willed my abilities away to keep me safe from insanity because i experienced too much truths and it felt too much of a task for my body to endure. 90 percent of the abilities led me to astonishment and joy but i felt like i wasn't designed for too much of that world while being in my body and i learned to be happy about learning of those things and felt satisfied completely to wait for death to continue my journey. Another of my many theories is when the mass of all things is spread out to the point of an inner shell of the circle of the edge of this universe the force of gravity in the center will be like that of the largest black hole that's ever been and the remaining matter is drained into another zone. I thank the drug ketamine in a gas form for giving me a near death experience which led to my awesome experiences at the age of 15 for a doctor and an anesthesiologist to break my arm bones back into place due to a wrestling accident in practice at my high school. Whatever the trigger and how ever you attain enlightenment is up to the individual like all spiritual physics.