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  1. @Leo Gura I am also very impressed by how she conducted herself in this interview and am excited to watch her perspective represented on the debating stage. She is clearly displaying a deep understanding of the institutional, economic and foreign policy dysfunctions and is laying out a great policy vision for political transformation on many issues, with an undeniable systemic intelligence to implement it. However i do want to point out as freedom of the press, journalism and speech in general is a high priority for me that her take on the Julian assange situation and some other blind spots deeply concern me. 9:20 Backing away from medicare for all and opts for a more moderate plan, but to me there is no half measure on healthcare. 21:40 Sharing her views on the Julien assange wikileaks situation which made me have to pass on her and stick with candidates like Bernie and Tulsi Gabbard.
  2. Would it be possible for you at this point to completelly lose yourself into the ego again if you so chose ? I'm asking because after 6 years starting at 15yo of meditation, psychedlic induced enlightenment breakthroughs and theoretical research i now experience myself completelly differently than before which is what i set out to do. But I find myself stuck in a state that feels like what people describe as solipsistic nihilism, depersonalisation or dissacosiation from my perceptual surroundings and severe detachment from physical and emotional experiences. Everything that was once meaningfull and enjoyable to me is now just pointless and just a way to keep myself going for no reason. All i want really is to find myself and the connection to the while illusory still preferable reality of before again. (english not first language)
  3. i've been going down the rabbit hole of spiritual teachers and guru's of every kind (including psychedelics) for the last 4 years of my life. Most of them claim to have experienced or grasped the absolute truth about everything in some kind of off wordly epifany or mental breakthrough. But when they come back to the herd trying to share they're unbelievable insight they always lack the ability to eplain their discovery. Mostly pointing the finger at ordinary language for not being designed well enough to communicate their discovery. But i have to ask, what if there is no discovery at all. Everyone who followed leo for an extended amount of time knows how easily our mind's are fucked with, played around with, fooled. But maybe that's the point. think about how easy it would be for something to invade the mind giving us the high of discovery and realization, without there being any discovery or realization at all aside for a different view on things which is just as false as the previous.