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  1. You are so inspiring, I'm so excited to see what you can do !!
  2. @sgn for your first comment, really? im actually asking, not saying this skeptically or sarcstically for your second comment, i kind of disagree. I definitely love and judge people at the same time. Like as Leo says the most judgements occur in family but that's where the most love is this was not intended to sound mean in any way
  3. Thank you so much guys!!!❤️❤️
  4. @Ether ok that's what I'm asking, thank you so much❤️❤️
  6. !!!!im not asking existentially though, I'm asking about before that . First according to Maslow hierarchy or needs you need love then the self actualization stuff. I mean in the world I live in, I am not enlightened . Like say people existed
  7. What??? Are you saying I might not be lovable???? @Ether
  8. What?how will this help???????? @EtherI have asked myself that!!
  9. Hi, this is my journal and it's going to show you how freaking epic I am and always have been. I started self actual using last year in may. In may, I was completely alone at school, I kept trying to string together the "right words" in every conversation I had to try to be liked. I did this for a whole year, not even knowing that I could just say what naturally came to my head and that would be the best thing to say. The most real and authentic and natural thing. I was a junior in high school last year. The thing is SHIT went doWN my sophomore year in high school. But my problems are small don't freaking get me wrong. I thought I had a "hard shell that was hard to penetrate and that others had to go through this wall to get to the real me. I felt stuck, I couldn't be me, I jet expressing myself wrongly. I had three close friends my sophomore year, one that was with me my junior yr through what went wrong, another that kind of was. I was bullied my sophomore year. Two girls looked at me like I was absolutely nothing every day for like three months. They would leave me alone for like 40 mins at my lunch table one would scream code red when I sat down who used to be my close friend. When ever I said something, it was ignored. I said it louder, I needed to be recognized for existing but I was not acknowledged no matter what. But this is was when I got my own sense of self worth. This is when a voice in my head started screaming, signaling that this was wrong and that I deserved better. That I was lovable no matter what. That I had worth. That I deserved to be appreciated. That I deserve nothing but amazing things no matter what I ever did or acted like. From this moment on, I would know my worth no matter what. No matter what, nobody could ever take my worth away from me. No matter how many times somebody knocked me down, I would keep getting back up and up and up and up no matter what happened. I would persist through any difficultyz it was this time that I realized my INFINITE INBER STRENGTH. No one at school liked me. Almost everything I got was negative cues but I stood my ground. I didn't judge those who hurt me as unlovabl or think of them as any less than I was because of what they did. I did my best to not let whatever pain I was in into me, some got in, but I dug my fucking way out of it. I was falling asleep all the time, I had no energy, I couldn't run because of medical issues which was my way of dealing with stress. I probably talked to people a total of 20 mins max a day I was medically diagnosed with provably stress I couldn't walk 5 ft without falling.My junior year I was so fucking lonely and empty and bleh and I started to solidly love myself. Like this was when I started to be able to say I loved myself and truly meant it. Even if I loved myself before I didn't take it seriously. June I found one if Leo's videos by accident then I sttted to not care what others though of me, started to live more authentically and that brought me to the happy person confident positive person I am today
  10. Living the life I was meant to live, living the life I want to live, not the life others or their egos want me to live -being free, caring what others think of me uses up so much mental energy, this mental energy can also be put towards being MY ideal self - to live a life true to myself -to have friends and a partner in an intimate relationship -to live in truth -to be more confident -to be brave, this can make you more loving -to believe in yourself - to accept others as they are too. -to be happy and enjoy life more -to be living in the real life and not peoples perceptions of reality which are not reality itself -to help become more self dependent- now t reliant on approval anymore not needing it although you might WAnt other forms
  11. Gives me more confidence in relationships, places power of being accepted into my hands
  12. @Leo Gura that wasnt metaphorical right, everyone is able to be loved right?
  13. STOP CARING WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU THIS MEANS YOU NO LONGER CARE IF YOU ARE PERceived as awkward but you are now real so things really can't be awkward. Both people have to feel awkwardness for it to exist tbh.
  14. @Principium Nexus you mean like not everyone can love everyone else right? What do you mean by not everyone can fully open up? They can't accept the love given to them? Or be around enough people to get it?
  15. You made these videos? I love these. I can see biting raw authenticity. In fact, I would want to know how you got this authentic. ??
  16. like what do i do, restrain the thought? i feel like if i restrain it it will pop up right after. even if i alter it to a positive truthful outlook it comes up right after
  17. -Dos and donts -how to find these people: a lot of people have a negative opinion of me, a lot of people see me as disinterested in people and hate me because I dont like to be around the negative forces but they dont know that im a senior in high school my friendships have a lot of bs (with a lot of ppl)in the past-do i work on fixing these which brings my confidence down or start again with new friendships although i do really like the connection with my old friends. -how to stop getting low confidence like i dont deserve it when it starts going well -i cuurectly do Nathaniel Brandens sentence completions, leos "I am completely independent of the positive or negative opinions of other people" affirmation and "I love being confident" affirmation Thank you so much:) i have been strugglin
  18. it does not seem possible or normal by any means for me to have a friend group or really good friends at school right now.
  19. I'm acting like I don't need him,(and I don't need him) I'm being mostly real around him I'm being kind to him I'm showing him my qualities but he doesn't seem that interested in me? I really want this guy. Is there anything else I can do? im a girl btw