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  1. @d0ornokey thank you!!!!
  2. @d0ornokey if so I did not know flow was that beautiful. I thought something else was flow before which apparently Isn't. I would now love to look into how to incorporate flow into my life, although with continued running I'm sure I will experience amazing things like this more
  3. @OhHiMark is she okay to nurture and love the child????
  4. ^ for more reasons to be authentic for me and for inspiration of people with personal power
  5. Guys chase after respect right?? How can I show him I respect him and appreciate him???
  6. Yes. People like this do change. It might take a few years but you cannot give up on her. Remember that this is your sister and that we are talking about a child who is going to grow up. This is important. Stay on track. I had an uncle who had an accident . After his accident, he didn't listen to anyone, he was not making any sense, he was drinking and smoking so much. All his friends left, it affected his family life. But even though it took years, he is now making sense, stopped drinking and only smokes a little. We are all so freaking happy for him. It was only possible because of the people that believed in him even when he was acting crazy. Your sister is obviously overwhelmed and this is a big life change. I'm not sure about her abusing her mother that is not ok. So I didn't really consider that in. But good luck. I am rooting for everything to get better
  7. @Nexeternity thats true ok thanks for helping me understand better
  8. @Nexeternity yea I know. That's what I was thinking, but like this couldn't be an enlightenment experience right??? But like it was so beautiful
  9. @Sahil Pandit I don't have an instagram sadly but maybe you could send me a message! I would love to hear about your experiences as a runner and as someone interested in personal development as well
  10. @Nexeternity what's that?
  11. @Shiva I screenshotted that. You had a positive impact on me. Thank you❤️
  12. Like o was being propelled forward for the last 30 or 20 ish minutes. It was insane. Amazing. Best RUN EVER❤️❤️❤️
  13. @sarapr I don't think there is a rule. I think the most helps
  14. @Joseph Maynor I like that. Ok.
  15. @RichardY I don't understand
  16. @Arman I want him to like me but I want to respect him I already do but still more I want him to be happy with how I treat him and feel good about himself because of how I treat him
  17. Does anyone else get tingles when they talk to other people? I'm just wondering I kind of like them I don't want to get rid of them but is this a common thing?
  18. They go sour a lot. I feel like I can't always be liked. Like they have to go through phases of not liking me, like I'm something to accept at least jnmpvases of time and I don't know how I can overcome this. I guess I have a deserving issue because I don't have many friends right now. Any exercises you know if that might be able to help????
  19. @Leo Gura ok I get it thank you!
  20. Truuuuu I is a loop leo is a loop we all loops we all STRANGE
  21. @Spiral he's on my sports team. I've talked to him a few times. Seems like he might like me. But I'm kind of complicated. I feel like I have a hard shell that's hard to penetrate and my body language is bad I know I'm not supposed to care what others think of me but like my body language is really contradictory and he senses that. I might be too much work.
  22. Like there will be tingles in my feet sometimes a warm sensation something that puts me on the edge
  23. @Melwyn please keep going. The reason I wanted to see what everyone's positive qualities were. Was because it's easy to get caught up in my vision of who I want to be and know my natural strengths. But I want to be more aware of others so I don't put myself above others. I want to know others visions so I can see that they are equal. Or that everyone's can be equal if we are all living u to our full potential. But that is an excellent point. That with self help that we are focused on our negative qualities, we view ourself as something that needs help, not just something that is amazing as it is, but needs to be improved . Or can be improved
  24. @Leo Guraare you talking about "yourself"? Your statements seem to me to be in contradiction because you say to practice self love but don't love yourself. Could you please explain your stance?