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  1. Idk. Seems sketchy. Maybe U should just be safe
  2. Losing everything, not being able to ever interact with others. Is different from choosing to spend some time alone
  3. I FEEL LIKE THERES NOTHING HOLDING ME IN PLACE!!!! why should i do the moral thing? I know itll make me happy but how can i be sure of myslef??? i NEED HELLP!!
  4. @WildeChildehes really not the type.
  5. @nectar@SFRLhe didnt tell me that verbally, just hes not sure yet basically
  6. @SFRL its complicated socially. and there needs to be more of a build up to our relationship. basically when hes ready, he will ask me out, thats whats been communicated
  7. @WildeChilde we both have a crush on each other. he needs to be persuaded to ask me out. we dont talk, occasionally say hi, mainly nonverbal talking. really nice, good(i think) guy. based on what ive seen, not shallow
  8. just be yourslef. if it doesnt work out beuing yourself around them, then change friends. or spend less time arond yhem and look for new ones
  9. @Serotoninluv I KNOW RIGHT
  10. Pls not just theory, I want practical ways for me to redeem my confidence and know I am worthy of true fulfilling friendships . Thanks :))
  11. Actually @SerotoninluvI personally wouldnt react that way (im actually female, this is a fake name). I would try to go through and explain why I acted that way, as often in my life my actions tend to be misinterpreted, but if i just did something wrong i would admit to it and change it if i think its importnat/worth changing
  12. How do I stop feeling inferior to every likeable person out there? And all of them.
  13. @aurumHow does one become likeable? is this controlling opinions though and inauthentic?
  14. @DeepI'm asking how to stop feeling inferior to the people I put above me because I perceive them as more likeable. @aurumplease explain your opinion.
  15. nononono DO NOT PRACTICE CONVERSATION. authenticity is where its at in building friendships. stop caring what others think of you and dont be needy, place yourself in positive forces
  16. HEY!!!!! look at my new facebook pg, the Fearless Stars. i dont rly know where i am going with this, but i think its going to be a mode of self expression. pls advice and look at!! im so excited!!
  17. could i ever have an amazing intimate relationship if i cant get more friends or good friends???
  18. Warn her. she might take your advice. it might prevent her from something horroble.
  19. family relationships are so sos so so so important. they can rly make your life soosoosososoososoos much better. is this neurosis an internal problem ? if so, do not attach fault to your family members. they deserve a lot of love from you, you deserve a lot of love from them. if they arent very good towards you, have hope. put in the love, it will work. families are a societal convention yes but a good one it gives you asense of belonging and unconditional love. you have to ask yourself is your love rly unconditional? loving your family is a societal conevntion but this is one of them that is there for a reason. its amazing to have a rock, people who are your home will love you no matter what. and its worth the effort and any effort you are debating to put into them
  20. my social situation is rly up and down there are a lot of days with bad interactions. but i go to hs i cant avoid all these ppl and if i avoid them i feel like there is unresolved conflict and it affects my stress and mental health whethr im around ppl or not. and when my mental health is bad i ruin my friendships by being all negative energy and by trying to avoid them becuse of all the negative feelings and that i might ruin but ppl get mad and that makes my friendships worse. helpp. any meditations, hypnosis, anything
  21. need for friendship is a societal convention/lie that we grow up believing and is supported. the want of friendship is good in my opinion. friendships: -the connection is the most important, the love -the ability to express yourself and ideas -warmth it brings and brightness to your life, makes your life less dry
  22. People ! Self help community talks about how we should try to bring out our inner child. The thing is since like the third grade I have countless memories of being disliked. I made hardly any friends since then. I think it started with my move in third grade to Montgomery from bridgewater. All this conditioning that I was wierd and not able to be liked. Really got to me. I made friends easily before I moved in the second grade just like wonder if my inner child was likeavke. Like I know I'm not supposed to care what others think of me but I want friends and like how do I overcome this fear that my real self who is my unconditioned self as a child isn't able to be liked, that no one would actually enjoy my presence??