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  1. @Buba Trying to do something is the problem, you think there is "something" that needs to be done like a mechanism or tecnique. It's normal, you are realizing the futility of everthing, don't run away from it, you have to accept it, once you've trully accepted it it won't mean anything anymore, not even nihilism, it's freeing. "I will live my average life. Am I coward? Yes. But I dont think I can handle all of this" If it works there's literally no problem with it, but knowing how this usually goes chances are you'll be right back where you started. If you cant do self inquiry while you work then i suggest you work a lot and try to do it whenever you get the free time like holidays or vacations. If you get scared during self inquiry that means you are doing something "right", you need to confront your fears if you don't want to live with them hunting you anymore, whatever you try to run away from will always be twice as fast as you
  2. @Mighty Mouse I think you are the only person on this forum that i've seen from a distance that I couldn't disagree with, no matter how "offended" I got. Maya is going to continue doing her thing, there really is no point to try to help anyone here, but please do because she loves it "You are tonight's entertainment and you are friggin' hilarious, precisely because you're the butt of a grand joke that you're not in on. You are the unwitting mask, the sock puppet on god/maya's hand."
  3. @Mighty Mouse you're not really attacking anyone but i don't think that's what people are going to see with so much "boldness", they are going to get offended because there is nothing they can do about it. Are you trying to help them or just blowing off some steam at this point?
  4. @Thanatos13 This character is enlightened
  5. @Thanatos13 Positivity? Did you read my post? There isn't anything positive about any of this, there is also nothing negative, care to re-read it? I'm saying for someone who thinks they figure it all out to be in a "state of despair" just shows who is running the show
  6. @Thanatos13 It's a farse! It's a lie! It's nothingness! it's pointless, meaningless, and futille! All of this is lie, the love and hate you have for others is a farse, your memories hold no water, your friends aren't real, it is pure emptiness with nothing to truly justify it. Even your despair is a lie, how can you not see that, you are playing a character who thinks he has gotten there and is seeing the horror, the twist is there is no character and there is nothing to see here! If I got a penny for each time Irony was present in this forum I could buy Leo a wig and mildly convince him to wear it Look, i'm not defending psycs, but what makes you think your experience is any more real than the drugs? Sure, it feels like despair, but by your own logic...do I even need to finish?
  7. @Buba Don't ask me that question, ask yourself that. You have to do the work first, question it from within not from others, all of your problems are internal not external Incentives that are beyond our control, be it fear, love, desires, we don't control that. You don't have to do anything, live the life you want and have fun
  8. they are wrong Enlightment doesn't mean to enjoy suffering, it means understanding it for what it trully is. No enlightened person can have their pinky toes stubbed in the wall and not scream at least 5 profanities. Pain is an ilussion to make you believe there is an "I" that needs surviving. Also it feels like you were trying to cheat the system, don't surrender expecting "IT" to appear, that is not that works. In surrendering you are not meant to achieve eternal hapiness or to be indestructible, it means you are able to understand it and see it for what it truly is, once you know that there's nothing to worry about it takes care of itself, but it takes a lot of time and practice. And no, you don't need to live with them forever. Thinking got you into this, thinking will not get you out. The more you think about a "solution" you are creating another stories which in 5 seconds will warrant another problem to fix, that's the minds job. Also never understimate the effect of small changes, no matter how minimal, they can make a huge difference later on. You are not the mind you can't be, it does everything by itself without anyone to tell it what to do, heck it doesn't even know what is doing. Fear is an illusion to trick it into thinking it is something that is not, this "I" this is so worried. You don't know your next thought, you don't know how you are going to react to it, you don't know how you can understand what you understand, because that's not you. Not sure if you will learn from this but i feel like it can help, the key is to trully understanding what he means https://gatelessgate.wordpress.com/2006/08/01/the-worst-desire-is-the-desire-for-enlightenment/ Stop telling yourself these stories of what is the truth behind this this and that, it will only distract you even more. Enlightment is nothing, that's what it trully is, nothing at all. You need to fully understand that. It's not a bliss state, it's the truth of your experience, it's not different from what you are experiecing. If you have to ask "Is this it?" It's not it, it's nothing
  9. @StrangerWatch Here comes that scale oh shit wadup. Have you actually been in an animals body to tell if that's true? Do you think some little waves in a computer equate to pain? how could you ever be 100% sure that its level of pain are not different from ours? How could we ever be sure that its wave equate to anything meaningful? Everyone Suffers differently, that's why it is subjective, what makes me suffer won't make you suffer and vice-versa, how much of it we can take it is also subjective and we can't control it how much, and it's going to vary for everyone, waves are at best an estimate of what is supposed to be there, not a bullseye . And yeah, they don't suffer like we do, we just like to, in order of least to worst,: .Domesticate Them For The Sake Of Our Amusement, Separting Themselves From Their Families Whom They Will Never See Again .Throw Them Out Of Their Habitat Because Of Our Advance/ Amusement .Pollute Their Habitat With Our Trash Because We Just Got To Have OUR AMUSEMENT .Kill Them When WE Are Hungry .Kill Them When There Are Too Many (7 Billion people) .Kill Them When It Annoys US .Boil Them Alive/Chop Them To Bits For US To Eat Slightly Better .Rip Their Balls Off So that WE Don't Have To Get Annoyed .Peform Crazy Experiments For The Sake Of OUR SURVIVAL and the worse without a doubt .Record Them And Upload Cute Videos To Youtube is that not enough suffering to you? Again you are still thinking of this "You", you are not actually thinking of any one else, you're afraid of being the other one who is going to bite that dust, you can't deny what is, you need to understand it, not to cherry pick it and determine what's "good" and what is not
  10. @Nahm I know, i'm using symbols to explain that symbols aren't real...wait what?
  11. @StrangerWatch It's kind of you like this, do you OWN the morals? Think about this for a second, your whole "supposed" life you have been taught what is right and what is wrong, what you should and what you shouldn't do, did you choose to allign over any of the sides? No. Either something makes sense to you, or it doesn't, but notice that whatever comes to be right or wrong in the end it's not up to you. You don't get to decide what is going to have an affect "you" "ashalahamim nokoruga dejabu" search this on google and you will see what i mean how can any of this be yours if it is not yours to control? As of this moment your brain is translating every word without "you" anywhere, you are mistaken the ego for yourself, none of the opnions you have are actually yours, really think about that, you don't have any knowledge of anything in this world, nobody does. we don't choose what to put in our heads and what not to, this is all processed by the brain, something you are not. M8, fine, morality is objective, end of debate, congratulations you are winner. Dude There is no point in debating this with us because you can change the views of everyone in the world but your problems and worries are still going to be there, again, this is not about us, it's about YOU. Not external, Internal. Go do the work and don't stop until it literally kills you
  12. @LastThursday it is lack of practice, if you want to see through it you will have to face it, whenever you feel "stinged" be aware for any attempts from deviating from the fact and go deep into it. To quote Big Bill Hell's "DON'T WAIT, DON'T DELAY, DON'T FUCK WITH US OR WE'LL RIP YOUR NUTS OFF!" @Mighty Mouse What would you say stops growth from becoming the truth? Would it be an illusion of being the observer of the ego or just no full seeing it?
  13. @LastThursday the only way out is through it. The more fear you have, and the more you try to find ways around it, the more the problem will persist. You have to embrace it, even if it feels like you are going to die from it. (that's the point) I'm seeing a lot of "I" and "my" here, try not get attached to "I need" because in truth you don't need to do anything, but realizing it truthfully will be stressfull. Are you struggling with the concept of no control?