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  1. Dear All, i'm from Italy.....anyone can help to find the substance ? please contact me at valeriodallanese at I had two experiences with bufo alvarius at the distance of 2 months, more o less one year ago. Experiences was undescribable.... First one with a huge sensation of speedy.... acceleration toward nothing. Something totally crazy, without any sense...and totally out of control. Second one, started like a cosmic collaps, and then inside a withe energy of nothing...but i didn't lost my awarness inside that. No time, no space, but no life as welll, and also NO sense at some point i touched my body to understand that there was still a body there. The experience was in some way scary and madness. (maybe was simply the reaction of the ego?) Scary of the nonsense to be nothing...... nothing at all or, like to be a grain of sand.... somewhere in the universe, in a non speific place or time. Still it is not clear to me what is GOD, and if i'm God, what i'm. I know that i still have to work with this disturbing "I". and i want to start with a small doses 5meodmt ... so i'm looking for a supplier, because i don't want to spend a lot of money, make lomg trip to go to a facilitator..... i want that the facilitator has to be the Absolute