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  1. Nope, I plan out only an hour of free time online each day.
  2. @Leo-Tzu ASAP Science is pretty interesting, and TED talks are really cool, any favorite videos/talks?
  3. I have a lot of YouTubers/influencers (that might not have their own channels) that I watch but a few would be: (obviously ) Improvement Pill Elisha Long Elliott Hulse What I've Learned KreativeVein Aaron Doughty Mantak Chia Alan Watts Who are your favorite YouTubers?
  4. Damn I never even knew about the fact that he was the most hated man in the world, I just remember hearing about him from some PUA videos.
  5. Yup I got that, it makes a lot of sense because I haven't read fiction in a while and being put into that magical world was amazing and at the same time had some lessons to teach me.
  6. Yeah they have a lot of lessons that we can learn -- now that I realize that I might try out writing fiction (haven't done that since elementary school haha) just as a hobby.
  7. Thanks for that guys, you guys are right in that imagining through story has led to new creations, spreading of positive values, and is overall a good medium as long as I don't spend my entire day fantasizing about random things.
  8. Hey, just getting started in this community and it's great here, but I just had this question burning in my mind after reading Harry Potter: Are fiction books bad? I was wondering this as I just finished and then started wishing for friends like Ron and the other characters. It did bring me enjoyment in the moment and sparked new ideas and doesn't seem like a waste of time based on my gut, but the longing for a story that is fantasy kind of messes with me. Thanks for reading this and let me know because I'm questioning it right now.
  9. Good luck! It really is worth it but know why you're doing this.
  10. Yeah man grind it out and start at a job that you wouldn't want to work at, but have that purpose that you're striving for that you can turn into a business. Work at that before and after your day job and after about a year you should be seeing solid returns.
  11. I love cold showers. It feels great over summer.
  12. Yup. A great book is "The 50th Law" and specifically the chapter on "turning shit to sugar." Seeing everything as an opportunity to grow, to learn from your mistakes, to turn it on it's head into an advantage was crucial to a lot of things in my life. Good stuff.
  13. I think it's fine -- at the end of the day it helps yourself and other people.