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  1. @Leo Gura very misleading advice about sexuality.. the energy got to be transmuted and channeled toward higher things other than porn for a more holistic understanding about sexuality you can check "Karezza" - Marnia Robinson or "Outwitting the Devil" by Napoleon Hill
  2. You may try bioenergetics/ shamanic breathing (from leo)/ massages or if you are in a relationship try engaging in a gentle relaxed way this will dissolve a lot of tension.
  3. Hello I have 2 amalgam fillings and I want to remove them due to toxicity, can you help me with some advices? With what I can replace the amalgam? There's some chelation process that i got to follow?
  4. @MrBON yes It sounds sad and It might be true for some extent, but when I m in a relationship i quickly lose interest for It with thought that this relationship drains me of energy and time that I could spend in more productive things.. and when i'm out I crave it this happened to me often, i might be attracted to wrong girls I think
  5. I tought about it and I also agree that will not work out on long term
  6. I am 23 years old I have a new girlfriend for about 1 mouth She is pretty, i like her, but she has a tendency to be needy and complain that I don t give her enough attention and it is correct, I told her that we will talk more rarely until I change my job that I don't like anymore, and now I can see that she is not into personal development and all her free time squander on entertainment and that's a turn off for me. On the one side I want to stay with her because I like her on the other side I want to focus on my work. So I can be with her if our interests are different? And she keep interfere with my work?
  7. If you were president what you do?
  8. Will you make another retreat with 5 meo? Or an awakening live on youtube in future?
  9. Does liberation or salvation means you never get back into form?
  10. Do you crave sometimes intimacy or to be in a relationship? Or you outgrow that need?
  11. You can try to read "cupid's poisoned arrow - Marnia Robinson" it s a great book and you can understand great lessons about human pshicology like negative emotions like depression, anxiety, they all have the same root cause wich is the lack of love, and she teach you how to transmute them into an balanced, well being state.
  12. "If somebody is dysfunctional is a sign that he lack love"
  13. What kind of proffesion unitive persons would choose? it seems like they tend to be teachers, I think teaching is the most near approach to reveal the truth to others, what other proffesion might have a person in this stage?
  14. Hello! How you deal with sexual tension, when you don't have a partener? Now I am transitioning from green to yellow so I have a lot of work putting my projects together, but on the other hand I have a craving for someone to stay with me and bond deeply. When I release my sexual tension through porn is liberating for short time, but after is like i throwed gas on fire, the craving intensifies, so I am in a kind of downward loop. In one of the Leo's video he said that you can be capable to give you r self the love that you crave from outside, but how? I really want to be independent and not to rely on someone else for my well being.