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  1. Are any of you realizing the HUGE red flag this post of Leo is? If anything, saying he is the ONLY one on the PLANET who is really awake, is indicative of narcisism, ego and a huge messiah complex. For those who actually think for themselves, like Leo tells you you should do, this post alone should be enough to never listen to Leo again, at least if it comes to spiritual topics. If spirituality is important to you, continue meditating and doing your stuff, you don't need Leo for this. If him saying he is the ONLY ONE ON THE PLANET who is awake is not enough for you to immediately stop taking him seriously, you are seriously deluded and dogmatic. Following such a cult-like leader will NEVER bring you enlightenment/awakening/God realization or whatever you think you are after.
  2. Hey Leo, What if you know your biggest passion (for me it is music production), but your biggest passion does not allign with what you want to add to humanity? How do you find a balance between passion and contribution? For me personally, the thing that brings me in the biggest flow state, the thing that I feel I have the biggest passion for, is producing hip hop and trap beats, while the hip hop scene is mostly full of rappers with a gigantic ego talking about how much money they have. Do you have some advice for me? Thanks
  3. There is a video called The Mechanics of Belief which is really interesting, and pretty much about the topic you're describing.