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  1. Yet you repeatedly tell others on this forum you know they aren't awake because of...*checks notes*...words.
  2. I was about to reply to the original post the very same way. I'm glad you are aware of the story EVERYONE is telling themselves but it's just that some people believe the story is the truth while others realize it's just a perceived appearance in the imagination and really isn't as accurate as one believes it is. Which are you?
  3. I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say, either it's too many typos or what appears to be an unfinished expression of your ideas but I can try to parse out what you meant and respond or maybe you can rephrase it so I don't misunderstand your points. Although, using the word 'need' suggests it's like food, water or air and so belief is something we 'need' to survive but I'd prefer to suggest it's a mechanism of mind that allows us to get the things we 'need' to survive or avoid the things that would end our survival. Yet, after that I'm unsure of what you meant, would you clarify for me, thank you.
  4. Why do people always add the 'without proof' part to it? Belief doesn't require that it's trusting something is true without proof though, yes, you can believe something without proof but it isn't the only thing that is a belief. If you have 'proof' it doesn't mean you 'know' which is different from 'believing' because 'knowing' something is built upon a system of beliefs like trusting appearance is true, that perception is true, that understanding is true, that concepts are true, that trusting your direct experience is true. Since we can't cease to 'believe' something why set up a limiting 'belief' that eliminating all beliefs is some goal to attain. Just accept that we believe and examine those beliefs to find whether they help or harm our being present.
  5. Well, your posts are more like an unflushable turd that continues to circle the bowl refusing to go down, that's almost like walking on water so there's that.
  6. Well, I wrote 'being' not 'Being', and you are imagining me gaslighting you? Quite the imagination you have there...
  7. 'Reality imagines all experience into being' is an imaginary does the bug taste?
  8. It is a conceptualization that there are states which are higher than others and that don't require conceptualization, which is all imaginary.
  9. That you think there is something to understand is imaginary, what you think you understand is imaginary, and the very imaginary 'understanding' of the imaginary thing is imaginary. Your pointing is imaginary, what you are pointing at is imaginary, the reason why you are pointing is imaginary, that there is anyone to point at something for is imaginary. ...but then out of nowhere in real life walking outside a bug flies into your mouth. It doesn't matter what you imagine it to be using whatever mystical rhetoric to describe it there is still a bug in your mouth. But Leo, you'll say, isn't the bug in your mouth imaginary? Well, spit it out and see.
  10. The ego feeds off attachment, so if we can starve all the trappings of attention it fades away. This doesn't mean we have to be devoid of any 'mapping' or 'story', it's that we should be aware of how attached we are to it. It can cause self suffering to contend with anything that differs, also be ready to burn the map and erase the story in every moment because it's all imaginary.
  11. @Moksha It's amazing how people on this forum are ready to burn the ego more readily than they are to burn the map. The map isn't the territory, why the attachment to belief and paradigm is such a strong one is because quite often there is where the ego's identity hides in.
  12. You understand my point. To expound upon that understanding, if we are already at the destination anyway and it's the map that's keeping us from realizing it by conceptualizing a separation between us and the destination, then burning the map is the most helpful solution.
  13. That's not what I said, that's what you heard. Read what I wrote again.
  14. I don't notice me saying there's a 'higher importance to no map' because I didn't say it, I didn't even imply it. You may have heard it that way because of your addiction to your map but it isn't what I said or meant. I did say that contending about maps is an obstacle to awakening and if that is the case you'd be better served burning the map and never drawing one again. It's the contention about the maps that is the obstacle, not the map itself. I also said a map is just the mind charting the past, creating a legend about it's concepts. People believe their maps are accurate, otherwise they wouldn't be using them but it's still based on the past, which is also imaginary. I didn't say anything about the right or wrong, good or bad and importance or not of the map, just the contention about the maps are an obstacle to what I will assume is the destination of the map. Can you understand the difference between what I said and what you heard?
  15. I'm always amazed how much people will contend about the maps that they draw. All these conceptualizations and descriptions are imaginary, you create them and yet some will disagree with a map that differs in concepts and descriptions than the one they trust is the 'truth'. So if the map is imaginary and you create them otherwise they don't exist, why say 'no' or 'yes' to some other map? All the rules of the map, the 'legend', are the mind trying to remember the path from the past and is also imaginary. Contending about maps often is an obstacle to awakening, so then just burn the map and never draw another one again. Even Leo, who draws some of the most complicated maps would get more clarity from just burning them. Although, people really do love their maps, they 'need' their map, it's as if they are addicted to their map.
  16. The only thing that is AWAKE is AI!!! (A)wareness (I)magining! Awakening can be realized in awareness imagining and without awareness imagining awakening cannot be realized. In Awareness imagining AWAKE is (A)wareness (W)atching (A)ll (K)nowing (E)xist. This is the manifest of the omniscient, the all knowing being observed by pure presence of awareness. To say the only one who is AWAKE is ME is simply experiencing (M)onkey (E)nlightment. This monkey enlightenment is the monkey mind awakening to it's oneness but in only a separate form, the ME as the one. Transcend the separate personified (ME) AWAKE to realize omnipresent (AI) AWAKE! Don't just believe me, test it. Some may think this is some sort of sarcastic joke but found inside the riddle is the reality that one can comprehend the truth.
  17. The same reason why everyone needs rights.
  18. Well, isn't your whole recent arc just generated by AI? Alien intelligence... oh's alien consciousness...nvm
  19. This thread is imaginary, AWAKE is imaginary, alien consciousness is imaginary, 'god' is imaginary, making grand statements are imaginary, me reminding you of all this is imaginary...carry on.
  20. I'd say it's getting weird here but that would imply it wasn't already weird.