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  1. Liberation from self suffering brings clarity to perception and yes, clarity allows one to perceive liberation. Clarity transcends the story telling and the gas lighting of people who use clever words to obscure the nature of 'what is' with their explanations and descriptions in imagining obstacles and tasks of their own creating. Being present is not any advanced conceptualizations or complicated methods, it's the absence of those. Clarity in transcending the stories, explanations and descriptions, awareness of being it, just being it. It's simple. Be peace, be joy, be love, be fulfilled... be here now.
  2. You are imagining me 'starting to get it', that's an expanding of awareness in acceptance. Cool.
  3. Why do you suppose the Buddha didn't teach of god? Oh that's right, he's not awake either, huh.
  4. You are just imagining that there is someone else being 'false'. In awareness transcend the hierarchical conceptualization of I and god, in holistic unity there is no such thing as I and god, it's in the imagination.
  5. 'God' is as imaginary as the individual 'self' is, they are both part of a conceptual hierarchy that has been primed into our psyche and once someone transcends this psychological paradigm in awareness it is realized that the notion of 'I am god' is just another facade of illusion. So just be.
  6. @Beginner Mind Don't even allow expectations of any number of hours of 'work' needed to experience the expressions of awareness, it's all available in the present moment. Any amount of time spent without it is the mind setting up imaginary obstacles it's wants you to navigate to 'get' it while the whole time it's always right here now to experience in awareness.
  7. @Leo Gura I'm aware you're unaware of it as your reply indicates but your unawareness of it doesn't limit my awareness of it...maybe eventually you will awaken to that.
  8. This is such tedious bullshit of mental masturbation. There is a backside, we can be aware of it in fullness even if it's doesn't appear in perception. The rendering of the 'game' as the appearance still has all the1s and 0s so to speak that create it even if they aren't apparent from the perspective we view from, seen and unseen are relative. Reality is 'rendered' and we interact with it in our imagination yet in awareness we can transcend just the appearance of it to be aware of the whole. Why would 'god' create what we don't perceive is not the question, it's why do we limit 'god' to what we perceive at the moment? We can't see our asshole but we can be aware of it, the backside exists even if from our perspective it doesn't appear to us. Releasing the attachment to just our perspective in imagination is the same as releasing the attachment to self and allows us to be aware of the holistic expression of unity, of infinite 'god' if you must. Yet, the yearning to see it is what hides it from view, the mental masturbating about this is trying to seek the 'completion' is not being aware of already being complete. Once one stops trying to see it, to understand it and simply be aware, in presence of being all is revealed in the fulfillment of well being.
  9. @joeyi99 @Beginner Mind Pursuing, achieving, 'mastery' even our inner work can be the mind creating restlessness and a sense of lacking or incompleteness. Resting in awareness, just being, is not 'doing' anything with our peace, fulfillment and well being soothing the restless mind will appear in contrast to it's turmoil. Then whatever we actually 'do' in life is an expression of our well being from resting in awareness, by just being present, not what we 'do' brings us well being so it isn't dependent upon any accomplishment or as gaining something we lack. We are already complete and 'full' even as we are evolving through life.
  10. Are you expecting? Well being, peace, fulfillment are expressions of awareness but awareness itself isn't those, those are an expression in being from resting in awareness. As we rest more consistently in awareness we become more acclimated to the expressions of it in being so it is less noticeable until the turmoil in life comes and then the expressions of resting in awareness reveals itself in our being. I hope that clarifies.
  11. It seems like in nearly everyone of his posts Leo is telling his imaginary self that he is wrong, not awake or false.......he shouldn't be so hard on his imaginary self.
  12. @Gsk This situation is no different than any other religious zealotry, people believe their imaginary beliefs are the 'absolute truth' and anyone who doesn't believe as they do are lost, confused, blind and deficient in some way. Try not to take it personally. Peace.
  13. If you had said when the map, the territory, the destination, the path, the journey and the traveler all collapse into each other it would have been the 'highest teaching'....haha
  14. It's very simple....stop believing what you well as what you think. By believing it is 'true' it amplifies it in a feedback loop as if it is real. So, stop endorsing, agreeing, attaching and believing it. Don't empower it in any way. When the mind-body creates it...oh and it will, it won't stop just because you stop believing, it may even get more frantic to lure you back into believing it is through it's frenzy of feely-thoughty-omg-believe-me-ness. Just sit in observing awareness of it going on as passive as you can, don't try to end it, don't try to release it, don't try to do anything with it....just let it be. If you must fill that aware space with something fill it with love, peace, joy, healing, contentment and fulfillment. Once you create and healthy inner environment anytime some of that angsty energy rises up it will dissipate quickly all that equanimity. Then all the 'what I should I do in life' questions will resolve itself with an inner life that is conducive to well being.
  15. The whole no self response to this of 'there is nobody here' often is impractical and empty rhetoric in the way we live our lives. Fear is an instinctual response generated by the biological organism to motivate behavior to protect it's own life in a primal response. The self conscious also generates certain 'fear' impulses to protect us from what it perceives as dangerous situations that may not be an immediate or current threat but could be in the mind's imagination. Then there is the fear that the ego generates to protect it's identity and this is rarely about keeping the body safe and alive but is typically more about preserving the narrative of identity. So some of the who is those different aspects of our physical experience but then another aspect of the who question is 'who' are these being generated for? To motivate 'who'? Our awareness is the 'who' that is observing all of this going on and it can initiate a course of action with all these generated influences serving as the information database to guide...or disregard if one sees fit. Even if we are of the perspective that there is no 'who' in awareness and no 'free will' that initiates any action we still have to behave in a way that allows us to navigate in the world successfully. So how do we guide our behavior if there is no 'free will who' in whoville? The bus is coming at us do we jump? The alley is dark ahead of us do we walk? The boss is jerk to us do we speak? It doesn't matter if we hold the mystical belief there is no self, that's an abstract concept meant to help free our awareness from the lure of attachment to what is generated by the body, self conscious and ego but we can still cease to attach to it without the belief concept. If we do hold the perspective that there is a 'who' in awareness we can still remain in awareness unattached as an observer to the influences generated by the body. So if someone tells you the only way to be unattached is to see it as no self they are attached to the concept of no self. After all this examination and exploration there is one thing that is clear, there is an aware being at the core of all the conscious activity for each one of us and all the mystical conceptualization doesn't erase it from aware being.
  16. I have used the word 'seeking' in a variety of ways but I think it can be useful to describe the distinctions that it can be expressed and it isn't limited to just these I suggest here. There is the 'seeking' as if we are looking for something in the context of not having it or not being it. There is the 'seeking' of exploring in the imagination the potential of consciousness expanding. There is the 'seeking' in the sense of introspection, of self examination. There is the 'seeking' of awareness in observation of what is. When does it end? That depends on which one is being considered. One doesn't need to even begin and another doesn't ever end.
  17. @Prevailer I didn't say or think awareness and consciousness are separate, they are facets of a whole.
  18. The subjectivity is in our experience of our spiritual life, how we perceive it is specifically attuned to our perspective and doesn't necessarily map exactly on anyone elses. The forum can be a place where we can explore our spiritual life with like minded people even if there is a diversity in how we express our path.
  19. Was someone really banned for 'questioning something about Leo while he is away'? Huh. It's unfortunate to see @Lento go, a compassionate contributor should be valued on a forum such as this and not sure the 'infraction' was that egregious if it was only that so I +1 @Keyhole