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  1. The train will splatterfy even if one doesn't observe fact, most of the time that's how it happens, without them even seeing it....or aware it's there.
  2. It's all just a story to get to the punchline....the cosmic joke.
  3. S-elf....could it be?????? Satan elf!
  4. The 'it's a trap' trap is one of the most insidious traps of them all since it supposes that there is someone and there is a trap and that someone can get caught in I wouldn't suggest there is anyone in that sort of trap.
  5. I am that I am.....and that's all that I am. Popeye the guru man.
  6. @axiom There is awareness and awareness isn't aware without observation even if you believe there is no subject-object dualism.
  7. The body uses an eye to see and awareness uses an I to observe. It's all wordless things until we use a word to describe it so if you want it to remain wordless then stop talking.
  8. Hah it was in the back of my mind since the last quote but it's all past though
  9. The only thing there is is I and everything else is artifact.
  10. Yes, every thought is new....even if it is recycled content the thought, every thought itself is new. The question is can or do we even think any unique thoughts? Hm
  11. You really geeked out on the spirituality there, I lmao most of the way through. I was working on a project and kept getting distracted listening to it because it was pretty chaotic trying to follow all the tangents but in you I sense joy, fulfillment and that you're at peace my friend which is all that matters. It appears that for your experience well being is served! Peace
  12. @Proserpina I appreciate your kindness in accepting my explanation even if apparently not everyone is convinced of my sincerity.
  13. Well, I'm grateful my awakening experiences have nothing to do with math because I'm terrible at it. Hah So long and thanks for all the fish.
  14. @Razard86 The manic posting is quite something to observe.
  15. I will start by saying I don't watch Leo's videos, maybe 2 or 3 ever, so I don't know what's in them but you wouldn't know that without me telling you. I do agree that there are many biases baked into human psychology over thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of years with regard to sex, gender and associating traits with one or the other. I have made effort to transcend these and purge the biases as I come across them in my own mind, always even still, but I often forget that even if I don't recognize my words as reflecting them they still may trigger others because our society isn't free from them. So I really do apologize for not realizing how it could come across even if I didn't intend it that way. The dogma pile comment was a joke I was using with another poster, who I presume is male but this is the internet so I may be wrong in presuming it and that joke was just a theme I was using with them. It wasn't intended to be applied to sex or gender but used because I was already trying to discuss it with the initial person and they jumped in, hence 'dog piling'. Again, I will say my initial comment wasn't intended to be about sex or gender and I need to make more of an effort to realize the internet doesn't always communicate nuance well and my words can be taken in many different ways. I do make that effort already but as it appears I need to make MORE of an effort. I also agree that there is quite a bit of sex and gender bias that is found everywhere in society. Even in supposed 'awakened' spaces like this one and I hope not to contribute to it anywhere. Please accept my sincere well wishes to you and your partner.
  16. @playdoh I don't mean ignore it, ignoring is like repressing so would be an acknowledgement of it and behaving in response to it. What I mean in have no reaction to it at all although if one were to have some action to take I would suggest using visualization and affirmations in times when not under duress of the spontaneous instances of the rage arising. If we can visualize ourselves as calm and at peace in the face of the rage that may appear then we have modeled behavior in the mind's imagination. The mind will use this visualized 'memory' of peace in the face of rage as a template for behavior. If we wait until the moment of facing rage it can be less effective than preparing for it with visualization. Affirmations may be a way to direct attention to something productive instead of contend with the rage in the moment. It doesn't really matter what the affirmation is but speaking to what you seek in behavior and not against the rage would create less tension and conflict within the mind. We hope to free ourselves of rage not fight it, the fight is what it wants. I don't even engage with trying to find out why or what it really is or if it's another emotion or any psychoanalysis because I prefer to use all my energy and intent on creating the behavior I want not trying to change what I don't want. Of course, some people may prefer to explore the why and some may need to explore it so do what you see fit. I speak from experience, this isn't just unused theories.
  17. Well, you made the point, too...the one in your head but, oh no, it's not the nail, it's someone else who points at the nail in your head as the reason why you are suffering so much. You have been story telling about me from the moment you first laid eyes on a message from me and have been obsessed with telling what's wrong with me ever since. It's quite concerning the level of your fixation on it. It's too numerous to even remember all the things you've said about me and since you think you can read minds with all those voices in your head you mentioned it must be the others you are telling stories about not your own ego creating the narrative in your imagination. You've told me there's no reason to apologize when I did to you but then you want tell me how to apologize crafting a lengthy mea culpa with all the grievances you have against me included that you cannot let go of...but it's not the, definitely not the nail. While I admit I have taken liberties of humor in some of my replies to you it seems I'm living in your head and there are so many triggers in it I can't help but trip them no matter what I say or do. Though, I know why I trigger you so much but it does nothing for your or my well being for me to point it out...I'll just leave you be to attend to your nails in any way you see fit. Yet, I can't help but be aware of the reason for the criticisms of socializing being played out in this thread with how an innocuous comment can turn into a dubious dog pile. Or should I say dogma pile.
  18. Well, if that means your the one with the nail in their head's hammer time! Break it down... you can't touch this
  19. That's what went wrong with communism....the answer is in that reply.