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  1. I've watched the video, and now i know what was that, thanks for you Look, these days i've come with an insight: We are all runing away from Death, also from Truth. This a part of our nature to resist things and try to do things, try to be things, try,try ,and try. When ever you accept that reality that you(ego) will die, and you can't do anything about it, there you'll surrender, and enter the Ocean. As of your question about Fight or Flight, i could say that anything which is not right here right now, and you want, will cause that state. Try that for yourself and you'll see. Love It is the technique which he posted in this forum and pinned. Also i'm more aware when i close my eyes, and it's up to you which one you prefer. Love Yeah @mp22 keep an open eye on that, and be aware. It's self inquiry, not focusing technique. Also, try to do it practically instead of asking questions about what it is. Because only you, can know what it is, for yourself. Your welcome @abrakamowse Love
  2. Thank you I agree with that posting issue.
  3. Thank you i was a muslim from the begining , after a while i became an athiest, nihilist, then found about meditation. i didn't read a lot of books about it. i did breathing meditation for 9 months, then quit meditation. after about 10 months, I have started again with same breathing technique, and did it for about 3 months, then i was tired of it again. that's when i found Leo and started self inquiry. i have been self inquiring for about 4 months, and first month was an hour per day. in the 3rd month, it means last month, i had added another 30 minutes in the evening, 30 minutes of 'do nothing' technique, and also Focus exercise before each of those three for 5 minutes. Thanks for sharing that with us When the shift occurred, i was shocked for less than a second and let go, that was real transformation. the emerge i experienced was not as i imagined and so i thought that maybe awakening didn't occurred, but then i let go. so you say what i have experienced was Samadhi?
  4. Hello so as the title says, awakening has occured, and i wanted to share it with you. I really don't know how to start So today i started my self inquiry(Leo's version of self inquiry) as always, which i do it usually for an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Today when the timer went off, i didn't set up and just went on for more. I've started questioning very deep and force my mind again and again very hard. As i remember, my last question was "what if i don't exist?" And booom! what happened was a shift, in my perception. I've opened my eyes and my vision was different, i don't say colors were bright, but they were different than before. It was just like i am something that other things are playing on. It's difficult to write. And i did alot of self inquiry today after that, i was so detached with other things, that just doing meditation was the best and most enjoyable thing i could do. And after those things, i just sleept for 2 hours, and i thought it will disappear. But it won't. and i just finished my "do nothing" technique, and it's something i cant forget. now i'm ready with every single being of mine to do what ever coming in the path. and i've come with some insights, i want to share it with you. That's all folks, and sorry for my bad english. if there any suggestion or advice, i'll be happy to hear from you all (espicially Leo ) peace & love
  5. I had a similar experince today, but not with euphoria. I'm doing Leo's slef inquiry. It's like there is something that happening, and you are not part of it. Maybe you are like a background to what's happening. also i was fully aware of that Space, it was just like complete Space and nothing else. Through that there was my mind doing it's monkey job, but much better than before. But i think this is just the begining.
  6. Happy Birthday Leo! this is for you bro ”Dancing toward Reality“ He is always pulling our ears, saying, "Do not lose hope" Althought we are in a ditch and overwhelmed by despair, let's go dancing along, since He has invited us. Let's dance along like spirited horses galloping toward a familiar pasture. Let's toss our feet, though no foot is there; let's drain the cup, though no cup is there, because all things there are spiritual: it's reality upon reality upon reality. Form is the shadow, reality is the sun. -Rumi