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  1. Here's two pictures I took last year on a mushroom's hunt at 1'800m alt. in West Switzerland. They're growing like crazy at this period! I still have more than half dried in a box (didn't feel like tripping much). Look at those cute glittering magic tiny nipples of power aren't we lucky... Especially dedicated to you, Leo my dear
  2. You can put everything that you want in your personal BS category. Tarot, astrology, psychic readings... What else you got? Numerology, geobiology, chiromancy, biodynamy ? It's as you wish. But what does it mean, calling it BS? Aren't those fields worthy of study? If this is helping some people at some times, why calling it BS ? I learned astrology by myself and it further lead me to study mythology and symbolism. When I say to people that I can read astrological charts most of them get very excited and ask me tons of questions, it's always fun to see. Like they say why not using the tools we got? If someone tells you anything just say that "it's merely for fun"
  3. Hey you were in Shankra last year ? Awesome! Our tents were near the violet floor and we were Psykovsy-ed for ten hours straight. A week after the festival we could still hear the BOOM BOOM BOOM hallucination in our heads. So cool In Oregon ? Wow no. Never been in the US ... I'm not a big traveler, I rather go in Israel for the DOOF You travel a lot don't you ? Will you come back in Switzerland soon ? +1 for Shpongle I didn't knew Astrix's album. I'm listening to it now and I love it! Very tribal! Thank you
  4. SHAKE YO ASS THAT'S WHY !!!!!!! ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
  5. ENFJ -A (only four protagonists here?) I've been somewhat annoyed by this result. Being 90% extrovert and 80% feeler is in inadequacy with my goals. This confirms how I'm all about people, people and people, not knowing what to do with myself when I'm alone...
  6. On a very cynical level.. I like to think the more we beat the meat the more good it gets if we stop on time, you know, before desintegration
  7. Let them feel... If there was only one answer to Martin's question, I think that would be it. To me, anything can happen to a child, really anything, for as long as this child has someone to rely on. Only one person allowing him to express his feelings and giving him understanding through his life is enough. For long lasting traumas meditation and breathing practice would indeed be very helpful. But if not taught in school, there's little chance the kid will know about it.
  8. I was thinking about this topic of "playing roles" for a couple of days and wow! now here it comes on Actualized.. I should be surprised. While listening to Leo's video here are the five major roles I've found I love to play : 1. the people pleaser/good person, the good ol'fella that will listen to your neurotic bullshit all night long to be "understanding" with you. Keeping my opinions to myself (especially if they are harsh) and not wanting to do or say anything that could make you feel bad, not wanting to be considered as mean. No, my door will stay open to everyone even If I'm left drained and misunderstood at the end. [ Avoiding confrontation has been my leitmotiv since childhood, as growing up in a dysfunctional violent family, the more I polished myself into being non-frictional the more I felt I could bring harmony in this social misery. This has blended my personality to the point it took me seven years from the moment I got out of this house to finally get in contact with my true self and be saying "I need to live for myself, like any animal does, only taking my own values and feelings to account".] 2. the positive one, the playful one, always saying something cheerful or something wise to balance negative feelings you may have. [Same as before, it has to do with pleasing. Having been wrecked by negative people I can't be serene with the idea of spreading negative thoughts or feelings around me. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one" Well, people need positive beings around them so I would better turn any stressful situation into a funny one. But by doing that, I often end up cynical and put any bad emotion I'm on the verge to feel under the rug. I'm reluctant to express them to anyone and this makes me feel extremely lonely at times.] 3. the lone wolf eccentric that no one can fully reach. I clearly have my own agenda and I take pride in thinking that my twisted path is leading me "elsewhere", far from my fellows and family. [As far as I can remember I've always been a private tribal nerd. I felt connected to life but not to my human entourage. I think that the lone wolf role is protecting my identity/sanity. I get so easily overwhelmed and distracted by other people's feelings that I fear to appear too available and tend to consider most of them as life suckers.] 4. the intellectual perfectionist, wise, who takes pride in knowing all sort of things about all sort of things, who loves to answer questions, who cares about giving the most accurate answer... So accurate I often end up using big words that no one knows, or I get so far in my story that no one is following me and I just make a fool of myself. I want to explain things so much I get caught with details in conversations, sometimes missing the whole point or the primary intention, making me feel like an anal person who can't just let the fuck go if I appear stupid sometimes. [I used to be way more spontaneous about my expression. I didn't cared that much onto knowing exactly what was this, or that... to take action. I used to be more amused and thrilled by mysteries. I used to write quickly.] 5. the victimized artist. Poor little bird full of talents that no one took care of, whose parents were too neurotic to treat with minimal decency. Disgusting son of alcoholics that no one believed, obligated to learn to fly on his own... Oh my little soul! I have lost so much time of my life in apathy, so drawn in depression to keep on going to school, to have a decent job and to be financially independent... I am so lame man. I wouldn't shine because that would create shadows somewhere. Oh! If only I had taken an art class or anything, I'd be an amazing painter by now. Poor little fed up thing, afraid to show his creations and to be categorized by mean people who wouldn't understand anyways... Woosh... That was fun I love this forum! For most I couldn't remember a time in the past when I wasn't in those roles... I remember being a selfish, assertive little brat with no care for authority, picking fights with other brats, dangerously creative and extremely stubborn. And now I realized I've spent the last ten years trying to be anything but that. Since I grew up feeding my right brain in excess, I'm currently working onto unleashing my left brain. I hope to become more of this fearless child I recall. Thank you for your reading. I'm not a native speaker but I'm still a fucking perfectionist. I hope I haven't left horrible mistakes somewhere.