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  1. When people lived in villages they had to be dependent one to each other because of some sort of survival function exchange. That built a deep bond because every part was interested to maintain that connection. But nowadays it’s not necessary. If there will be some sort of resentment between two friends then human nature (ego) often decides to go separate ways, not to speak what's wrong and try to make things work out.
  2. @Nahm This is what I meaned. I've read Rupert's book Presence and watched his youtube videos. And I agree with Leo.
  3. Actually what Leo is teaching now is exactly what Rupert Spira teaches. Only difference as Leo said is that Rupert still thinks there are other minds. But actually you are God and you are alone. And without psychedelics I think it's impossible to understand.
  4. @Leo Gura But from relative standpoint those are valid questions. Although all is imaginary there are relative right answers to all of those questions. For example we can tell how old a tree is although it is imaginary. Where is your humility to say "I don't know" ?
  5. But these are just intellectual gymnastics based on God consciousness. Our emotions don't respond to this fiction. Otherwise your bank account is my also - can you please send me some money? Just don't start to believe that I'm not you.
  6. @Leo Gura He is just trying to say that our emotional and biological system is much more powerful than our intellectual. You can sell this dream all the time that you have to develop your ego through understanding and study various models and become super human. But here we are. Been on several retreats, taken psychedelics and all we can do is to be in God consciousness 1% of time when we are alone at home tripping, contemplating or meditating and to be in chimp consciousness the rest 99% of time. And that's after 5 years when you started to speak about spirituality in 2015. Looks like you will tell the same thing in 2025, that you have to be working on your consciousness, study new different ego models etc... And I think that you have too naive of a look about these spiritual superhumans. Actually I'm pretty sure that biggest happiness for these superhumans and gurus (Sadhguru, Mooji, Spira, Shunyamurti) doesn't come from God consciousness but from other people who are near them in ashrams and that they can help them. So it is for all of us who can't stay away from this forum longer for a day, because wee drive happiness from this human connection, even if it's digital.
  7. @neutralempty Actually it's more Red than Orange. If it would be Orange it would imply Blue values (morality) as well and those women wouldn't cheat their husbands or boyfriends.
  8. You fail to understand that Nr.1 thing a woman is attracted is STATUS. It's hardwired in their genes. If Nr.1 thing would be personality then some fun, lazy guy in our ancestor times would fuck all the girls, and girls wouldn't want to be with high status guy who has lots of resources, and human specie would gone extinct. When you understand it then this #MeeToo thing becomes a joke.
  9. Why do you think than living alone by yourself and doing your hobbies (even if it’s self help or spirituality) is more selfless and mature than raising a kid and devote your time, money and life for him? You definitely got some avoidant attitude to such an important topic like family and raising kids.
  10. This dream is too materialistic. Even Leo himself yesterday deleted the thread when someone asked the refund for his Life purpose course. Who you are kidding? Even everybody's addiction for this forum is just never ending search for love from another chimps.
  11. humans are chimps who are closer to God consciousness
  12. @electroBeam That was nice! That's how turquoise looks like.
  13. Through whatever paradigm i'm watching - after enough time i want to eat, shit and fuck. I think so do you. And to get those things I highly doubt you can be some fountain of love, unless it's all set up on silver plate for you.
  14. I think you are romanticizing too much. Ok you can be super loving human being living alone in your appartement or in some ashram. But out of that our biological forces (i understand that it's all consciousness, and I know that detached loving state on psychedelics) makes it impossible in our everyday life and dealing with people to be that fountain of love and superhuman what you are recommending to become.
  15. Of course he has. You can't push through indian spiritual hierarchies being some lovey dovey hippie. Same was with Osho. For me this video tells much about how passive aggressive these spiritual teachers can be.