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  1. Consciousness = reality = experience field. The word "identity" implies that you are pointing to specific differences of this experience field. To lift an arm is to take control and make one experience from this field. And if he can control this identity's experience by lifting his arm but you can't - to say that control doesn't have connection to identity is just wrong.
  2. I definitely agree with this. I started to reread my notes on all of his old peak videos from 2016-2018 and now knowing this fact it really sounds like he was trying to convince himself that what happened to him was normal and you don't need to judge it and at the same time knowing that it wasn't. The most shocking part in retrospect was how he was demonizing marriage and saying that raising consciousness is way important. In that time I thought it was cool but now I think it's just sick. As living alone as a 40 year old man, meditating all day and taking drugs is more important than try to build loving relationship, start family and love your children.
  3. It's the best strategy to dive in non-dual awareness to raise your ability to love and heal, but be honest – these imagined distinctions, which is world and emotions are too strong to overcome with retreats and psychedelic trips. Because in a core we human beings are animals and we respond to environment like animals. You won't be able to surpass human biology with spiritualty and Truth. Sounds nice in theory but this thread was evidence that it won't happen in practice.
  4. Actions speak louder than words. And this situation needs to be understood with some emotional intelligence regardless what Leo says. If it wouldn't be such a big deal, he would mention it years ago because he has mentioned rape suspiciously many times as an example of love/selfishness in his teachings. He said he wants to become a more loving person in forum and also in real life. This could be a big step forwards and a huge relief from his side, even if he consciously denies it.
  5. So it sounds that you as a loving father could watch how stranger uses his love stick to your daughter, because THE STRANGER IS LOVE. What a catch for every woman you are!
  6. ...said a stranger following your daughter from school...
  7. Maybe there was some (unconscious) connection to first actualized.org logo choice
  8. "There is no difference between one God and infinite Gods. " "you are dreaming others' suffering. You are even dreaming your own suffering" So what's the difference between dreamed suffering vs real suffering? Or of course, the answer will be – the difference is what I am dreaming. Problem with these statements is that they don't explain anything and we are back to square one, before we even started to ask existential questions. Or in another words, we are just as clueless about reality as 5 year old child who hasn't spend a minute thinking about these topics.
  9. Before video of infinity gods the main idea for years was that solipsism is real which means that you were dreaming other's suffering and I definitely remember Leo posting here also along those lines. But know we are back down to earth admitting that it isn't like that.
  10. Why are you pretending to be retarded @Leo Gura ? He asked precisely Dreaming includes these experiences. And all you can say is - you are dreaming? What he will be dreaming after he shots his head? Experience WON'T GO AWAY. You released a video - the power of not knowing. Looks like you need to release another one - "how to gather balls to say - I don't know".
  11. What is this answer different from saying I don't know? You know pretty well that you got extremely lucky not to be born (dreamt up) in some other, further part of Russia so know you aren't sent to Ukraine warzone as cannon fodder.
  12. I agree. Leo is saying that other gurus are vague about not explaining that solipsism is true. But he is doing exactly the same thing explaining from one side that his bubble of expierience is true and then that true is only your bubble to who he is pointing to.
  13. Those who didn't see the video watch his old Life is a dream episode and you won't miss anything
  14. I see most people building families and that's very meaningful for them, but in personal development language it means chimpery and pissing their life away. But to juggle balls home alone and going to clubs hitting your 40ties is ok. Interesting...
  15. Don't want to spread a toxic red pill idea but the truth from what I've experienced - NO, a woman can't love you as a person. She can only love how you make her feel. She bonds with you chasing your validation. And only player's behavior (not nice guy's) allows her to do that.