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  1. I'm almost through on the the life purpose course and I'm wondering if this is a life purpose that makes sense; I am currently in university studying mechatronics engineering, and I want to use this degree to create an automation business, a business that automates menial mental and physical tasks. The purpose of this would be to produce a society in which people don't have to work and struggle to simply survive, and therefore people can spend their time pursuing their life purposes/ spirituality/ simply being. However I think an enormous amount of social development is required in my country (I live in New Zealand) otherwise people could potentially sink into hedonism and addictive behaviors instead of pursuing higher consciousness activities, also a lot of people havn't found their purpose and so this could be very disruptive to them if a job that makes them feel useful is taken away. I want to ask if people think this life purpose is one that makes sense, even with the large way in which our society would need to develop in order for my passion to be beneficial to people?
  2. There has always been a nagging question in the back of my mind when listening to Leo talk about enlightenment. If it is the death of the self/ ego, then would suicide bring about enlightenment/ experiencing absolute infinity?
  3. I have some pretty ingrained addictions; porn & masturbation, Video gaming, Internet & smart devices. I want to do a cleanse of these things and i'm going to start tmrw, I hope it goes well.
  4. I have started out as a secular meditator, but I have recently been attending a Buddhist meditation service. I am beginning the Lamrim, which is a cycle of 21 meditations that you repeat until enlightenment is reached. The meditations focus on visualizing Buddha and becoming him, a lot of the meditations on death involve rebirth and merit, all of which I feel slightly uncomfortable with. As a result I find it hard getting into meditation and trying to actively visualize these things where I would rather just be mindful. The Buddhist service claims this is the best way to attain enlightenment, but I am skeptical and am wondering If I should stick to meditations that people like Shinzen Young teach? I don't want to immediately close myself off to these potentially beneficial techniques but i'm also not comfortable with the more religion based sides of Buddhism like the idolization of Buddha, taking rebirth and merit/ karma on faith?
  5. I broke up with my girlfriend of 6 months, we are attending different universities and I guess I wasn't attached enough to try long distance. However I really care for her emotions and how she feels, she grew to emotionally rely on me for helping her with insecurities and keeping her positive. As a result of this dependency and my caring for her I still act very affectionately towards her and we meet up and have sex occasionally. I fear severing ties with her will cause a lot of emotional pain that could damage her and me but what we have now isn't really a healthy relationship, any advice?
  6. I've had a sickness for the last couple of weeks that make concentrating and breathing quite hard, i'm wondering about any techniques that could make it easier especially since it might last for a while?
  7. Ever since coming to university I have had trouble keeping up with my meditation and self actualization work, infact it has essentially stopped and I find myself not sufficiently motivated to pick it up even though I can see the harm that it will do to me if i don't pick it back up. Any advice or ways of seeing this that i'm missing?
  8. @Saarah Oh right yea, i've tried that a few times but never made it a habit I'll give that a go too.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone!, i'll give these a go!
  10. @Saarah Sorry for the ignorance but what's SDS?
  11. @Afonso So it's just a matter of trying to clean up these bad habits?
  12. I've been meditating about 20 minutes a day for a year and a half now and have been noticing subtle changes in my life which I see as positive, but as for the practice itself I am unsure of whether I am doing it effectively. I am often fidgeting and wriggling around breaking my concentration, I open my eyes and check how much time is left periodically and I can get distracted in a train of thought for a whole session, I think the act of making it a habit has made meditation more of a mechanical practice for me than something I focus my awareness on and as a result the quality of it has been diminished. Does anyone have some advice or a different way to see this?
  13. @heisenburger Thank you this seems like an interesting technique and I will try to implement it in my life.
  14. I have an issue in my life where I will tend to spend time playing video games rather than working on personal development, this is creating a feedback loop where It is hard to find help because i'm not putting the time in to fix the issue, this is very frustrating and I find myself scalding myself in an effort to limit this behaviour but all it does is make me feel bad about it. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks