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  1. @Truth Addict @Malelekakis Thank you very much guys!
  2. I want to introduce my girlfriend to the Truth. How should I do it? What should I say without her thinking I'm completely crazy? Mind you she has never heard about these enlightenment concepts we talk about on here. She knows about my self improvement habits and such but she doesn't know about the enlightenment part. She's pretty open minded so that's good. I would love to hear your own experiences with this. Thank you very much
  3. Just ask yourself why do you want it. Do you want a healthy and muscular body so you can show off? So you get compliments? So you feel more alpha? If that's the case then yes it is an egoic desire.
  4. Does ''Using my feel for beauty and aesthetic to make people more passionate about life'' sound like a legit life purpose statement? I just have no idea what it means. I'm not sure about the ideal medium yet.
  5. The visual quality of the videos in the life purpose course is the same as the quality in the most recent videos. I think he wanted the course to look really high quality and bought a new camera solely for that purpose while still shooting lower quality videos for the channel.
  6. So I fell in love with this girl recently and I can't stop thinking about her. This results in huge problems with meditating because I just can't get to focus fully. Do you guys have any advice for this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Is anybody in the world working on making self-improvement work a part of the school system? I feel bad for all the people that will never know about this stuff.
  8. Happy birthday Leo!!!!! Thank you so much for everything. ❤️
  9. @Leo Gura Great explanation, thank you.
  10. Why do we take getting enlightened as the ultimate truth? Why is nothingness taken as the ultimate truth? All evidence we have is some people with enlightenment experiences. I understand that it feels like the truth, but is it really?
  11. Yeah $250 is a really good price for the work he had to put in. Thank you
  12. @Whywolf and listen to some childish gambino maybe?
  13. @Shin OK that's what I needed. I'm getting it. Thank you
  14. I just got some money for my 17th birthday and I'm seriously interested in buying the life purpose course. But first I would like to hear about your experiences with it. Thanks in advance.
  15. @Phil Thank you